[Compilation] 180728 Tohoshinki for SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA Kyocera Dome Day 1 #東方神起 #Road

SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA Kyocera Dome first day started at 17:03 and ended 21:41 (JST) [cr: @anywhere4you], with Tohoshinki appearing in the last third (full concert set list: here)! The attendants were provided with a light wrist that is controlled by the staff to illuminate based on each group’s colour and for other light effects during some performances ^^!

Yunho mentioned how the last SMTown at Osaka he was alone, but this time he is back with his buddy Changmin > w <!! another highlight was Yunho singing during Changmin’s part in We are! by mistake XD


TVXQ! Songs Set List:

1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
2. Catch Me -If you wanna-
3. Road
4. We Are!

5. Somebody to Love

6. 운명 The Chance of Love
7. Hope (with SMTOWN)




[cr: @MM7608]


[cr: @tv2xqmocha]



[cr: @W_crown26218]


Yunho with NCT’s leader taeyong!

[cr: @moteco26]


changmin at ending group photo~


[cr: @beyoubetrue_]


Spot Changmin and Yunho!

[cr: @nct_6e6]


TVXQ leader with NCT’s leader taeyong~


[cr: @TY_LoveBeat]


arena seats plan

[cr: @yunoloT]





  • Why? Keep Your Head Down
  • Catch Me
  • Talk: Changmin, Yunho’s partner/buddy, is back~ ^^
  • We are! Yunho singing during Changmin’s part by mistake XD

[cr: @tv2xqmocha: 1, 2, 3, and 4]


  • Talk


When Changmin talked “it’s a long time when they met fan by SMTOWN in Osaka” but everyone didn’t cheer up him so
ㅎㅅㅎ You guys don’t enjoy?
•.• Maybe they don’t know

[cr: Video and Translation by @MM7608]


  • Talk: thirsty Yunho~
  • Somebody to Love: Yunho
  • Hope: Yunho helping Red Velvet’s Yeri and NCT’s Jaehyun step down from the car ^^
  • Ending Ment: Yunho


[cr: @uncommon_yh: here | uncommon yunho]


Changmin hugging Minho and Siwon half hugs both Yunho and Changmin, and Yunho interacting with the camera~

  • Hope: screen focus: here.


[cr: 韩希羽0604: here]


  • Road


[cr: @chihiro00131201 ]


  • Why? Keep Your Head Down
  • The Chance of Love


[cr: @Aya_ppd_k: 1 and 2]


  • We Are: Yunho

[cr: @adrianekato]


  • Ending: Yunho

[cr: @GoziB_37]




Fanaccount by @MM7608:

  • In We Are, Yunho keep doing We Are even it’s time for Changmin sings his part, so Changmin’s surprised face like “What!!!… It’s time for me sing now”


Translated by @joeylfy :

  • Y: I was alone in the previous SMT and it was lonely… but as you can see today, my partner is here!
    C: This is Changmin! [cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • The boys’ initial costume today in #SMTOWNinOSAKA also Yunho said “I was alone last year but this year my partner is around” ✨✨

    [cr: @Ikuko0606]




Translated by @clefaire:

  • Yunho: one SMTown before this, I was alone and lonely, and now, as you see and know it yourself, my partner is here!!
    Chami: yes, it’s me!
    [cr: @CMkeiYH]


Fanaccount by @ihavebeensober (attended cinema live viewing):

  • [7/28SMTOWN]
    (∵) I was on my own last year’s SMT, felt a bit empty but obviously, I’ve got my “buddy(or partner)” with me in this year with me in this year‼️
    (´・J・`) I’m his “buddy”‼️
    It was the first time Yunho called Changmin “partner” in Japanese😆
  • [SMT in Osaka 28th]
    “We are!”
    When Yunho was accidentally started singing Changmin’s part, CM was like(´⊙J⊙`)staring at Yunho and started singing.
    Yunho realised he made a mistake and looked embarrassedly(˶∵˶) then Changmin said “it’s Okay”




Translated by @janieTVXQ:

  • SMT Osaka 170728
    Y: Last SMT, I was lonely because I was alone, but as you can see, today, my partner is with me!
    C: it’s Changmin! [cr: @CMkeiYH, JP-KR Translated by @ryuda_t]



Translated by @mredwardsanders:

  • 180728 SMTOWN
    When SHINee was performing Lucifer, there was someone wearing a pink shirt perfectly covering / copying the dance. I was wondering who it was but it was our Changmin! (*´艸`*)
    [cr: @020602181126]



About aibou:

 相棒 pronounce like “i-bou” typically refers to guys who are in business partnership or best friends (buddies). or police partners sometimes husband refers to his wife as ai-bou too. [cr:  @beriko0214]








as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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