[INFO] 180905 A 東方神起×LINE MUSIC “Retweet TOMORROW” Event Decided for an Early Release of 3 Songs from the Album via LINE MUSIC!!

{p/n: first target (here) has already been met ^^*}

Retweet LINE MUSIC Twitter’s tweets!!

Official website updated on a Tohoshinki×LINE MUSIC Twitter event where 3 tracks from album TOMORROW will be released early via LINE MUSIC if the target number of retweets has been reached before the deadline!
Even though it isbe hard for international fans to access line music releases, let’s collaborate with Bigeasts to meet the tweets target > w <!

①Tweet 1 at 9/06 (noon)!
Exceed 1,000 retweets by 9/07 (noon) for the early release of 「Showtime」on LINE MUSIC at 9/08 at 0:00 am

②Tweet 2 at 9/08 (noon)!
Exceed target retweets by 9/09 (noon) for the early release of 「????」on LINE MUSIC at 9/10 at 0:00 am

③Tweet 3 at 9/10 (noon)!
Exceed target retweets by 9/11 (noon) for the early release of 「????」on LINE MUSIC at 9/12 at 0:00 am

▼LINE MUSIC Official Twitter Account

※If tweets target was not met, the songs will be delivered on the official release date (9/19).





Tohoshinki Official Website,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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