[INFO] 180920 東方神起 TOMORROW Album and Songs Topping mu-mo Real Time and Daily Downloads Charts

Tohoshinki’s TOMORROW and all songs have been topping mu-mo’s songs and albums real-time and daily downloads charts since the release day on 180919!

  • 180920 mu-mo digital album real time (11PM) ranking: No.1 東方神起 TOMORROW
    180920 mu-mo digital album daily ranking: No.1 東方神起 TOMORROW, No.3 東方神起 Road


  • 180920 mu-mo digital song download daily ranking:
    No.1 東方神起 明日は来るから ~TOMORROW Version~
    No.2 東方神起 運命(The Chance of Love)
    No.3 東方神起 Showtime
    No.4 東方神起 Electric Love
    No.5 東方神起 This is my love
    No.6 東方神起 Make A Change
    No.7 東方神起 Get going
    No.8 東方神起 Yippie Ki Yay
    No.9 東方神起 Trigger
    No.11 東方神起 Jungle
    No. 16 Reboot(Long Version)


  • 180920 mu-mo digital song download real time (11PM) ranking:
    No.2 東方神起 運命(The Chance of Love)
    No.1 東方神起 明日は来るから ~TOMORROW Version~
    No.3 東方神起 Get going
    No.4 東方神起 Showtime
    No.5 東方神起 Yippie Ki Yay
    No.6 東方神起 This is my love
    No.8 東方神起 Make A Change
    No.9 東方神起 Electric Love
    No.10 東方神起 Trigger
    No. 11 Reboot(Long Version)





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