[INFO/AUD/Trans] 180918 東方神起 TOMORROW Album Hidden Message Reveals Tohoshinki’s Recorded Messages! Call Yunho and Changmin at Japan to Listen to them!!

A surprise hidden message to fans buying 東方神起 TOMORROW album! The page numbers in the booklet connect to give each of Yunho and Changmin’s birthdays with phone numbers, and when fans called these numbers, recorded messages from the boys answered back *__*!!!

Oversea fans can call the numbers by adding +81 and removing the first zero, so they are as follows:

  • Yunho: +81 5068615507
  • Changmin: +81 5068613456

charges may apply.


Below are the audio messages and translations of them~


  • Yunho

  • Changmin

[cr: @Shim_Ls2v2: 1 and 2]




  • Yunho:

Hello, it’s me, Yunho! How have you been?
I’m good! We couldn’t meet right since I’ve gotten busy (preparing) for the tour.
Ah! No! We’ll be meeting a lot soon so I’m really looking forward to it.
Eh? I mean, the title this time is TOMORROW!
And, it’s not tomorrow (ASHITA), but it’s tomorrow (ASU). So, see you tomorrow!

{t/n: *ASHITA is more commonly used. Probably a play on word because of the song ASU WA KURU KARA //not sure sorry🙏🏼//}


  • Changmin:

Hello, this is Changmin.

Eh? Hello… can you hear me?
That’s weird, maybe the signal is bad… I’m hanging up!

Just joking!

Well… how was TOMORROW?
Ahh, I see, it’s great right?
Then that’s OK! Thanks for listening to it!
So, really, thanks for your continuous support!
So long~ See ya tomorrow.


[cr: @joeylfy: 1 and 2]



as we indicated above,
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