[INFO] 180926 Billboard Japan: #東方神起 Album #TOMORROW Tops Weekly Album Downloads (for Week 10/01) with 3,835 Downloads!

Billboard JAPAN has reported Tohoshinki new album TOMORROW (released on 09/19) has topped album weekly downloads for week 10/01!

東方神起「【ビルボード】東方神起『TOMORROW』が124,783枚を売り上げ週間アルバム・セールス首位獲得 安室奈美恵『Finally』は同2位にランク・アップ」1枚目/1

Billboard JAPAN Top Album Downloads (week 10/01):

No.1『TOMORROW』東方神起 3,835 downloads!

{p/n: Week 10/01 data is probably collected in 2018/09/17~09/23 just like with album physical sales}



Billboard Japan,
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