[Compilation] 181007 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~ TOMORROW ~ at Marine Messe Fukuoka

Second day of『Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at Marine Messe Fukuoka has been completed successfully! Concert started at 16:00 and finished at 18:48 [cr: @anywhere4you].

During MC, when Changmin sang some of Golden Bomber’s song, Toho band joined and played the instruments! The news reached Golden Bomber’s Utahiroba Jun, who tweeted about it (here)! They also did a bit of the TT brothers gag (here, one of them tweeted about it here), which was one of the fans’ gag suggestions yesterday on sns.

During encore the boys were wearing the tour’s blue tshirts today [cr: @anywhere4you], and shared some touching words at the ending




[cr: @hfocus0206]

[cr: @His_got_it]



[cr: @moteco26]


[cr: 珉心所向]


Goods sold out at 14:53 include the tour’s take-out bag, limited venue towel, multi case, sports towel, and the Kaki no tane snack

[cr: @anywhere4you]


fanclub goods sold out at 15:00

[cr: @marojo_]




[cr: 菜菜没有酱_]


[cr: 珉心所向]




Translation by @beriko0214:

  • CM ending remark
    At each live concert, I always think that… when I was little, I would never imagine that I will be like someone who gets this much cheer/support from many people. But right now, I am supported by many of you like this, so I am really grateful to you all. I will do my best to repay your kindness from now on. [cr: @yc____cy]
  • YH ending remark I guess I tell you something like this every time, but the more you study Japanese, the more it gets difficult. I want to speak Japanese much more fluently, but without any reason, I blank out… but I really really love you all so much.. The reason why we sing is most likely because you all watch us and give us so much support. I said this yesterday too but when you are feeling blue, I want you to forget about sadness. When you are happy, I want to share the happiness with you. [cr: @miyu02062: 1 and 2]
  • YH: While I was singing weep, I saw someone waving the light stick really big and that almost made me cry. But I managed to hold back tears. [cr: @LaluneYun]
  • As per YH,
    CM’s English pronunciation is sexy and CM’s shower scene makes YH’s heart beats fast! [cr: @yunho_love4]
  • YH was too focused into MC… CM was listening to YH and nodding to him..
    (´・J ・`)Ah~if you wish.. its quite warm now.. please take off your jacket.
    (∵) Eh?Ah、Thank you!
    (´・J ・`) Well, I feel a bit embarrassed that I took Jacket off too soon..
    (´・J ・`) Also… i felt a bit bad
    (∵) Oh I see!CM actually made sure that YH would take his jacket off as planned. [cr: @koich212]
  • (`∵)ノ tsuー…! (note; he forgot what he supposed to say)
    (`∵´) Mi-se-tsu-ke-ru!! (I will show you off!!)
    CM covered his face with hands & laughing so hard that his body was shaking.. but he corrected himself
    (´^ J ^`) Eveyone, please give a big round applause to Yunho!
  • [cr: @koich212]




Translation by @clefaire:

  • CM’s last ment
    I always want to do the best in every live I do, but actually never once I ever thought of being a person who has everyone’s supports during my childhood, and I really enjoyed the moment spent singing, dancing, and laughing with you all💜 [cr: @Shim_Ls2v2]



Fanaccount by @Maxbenka:

  • changmin throw signball to a little girl,she is so happy and jumped changmin smiles to her always😭😭
  • changmin sent signball very carefully to a baby in mom arms😭😭😭😭#明日コン #東方神起 #TOMORROW #동방신기




Fanart showing how the sakura petals fell on the boys’ heads ^^

[cr: @haru0jisan]




as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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