[PIC/Fanacc] 181009 Tohoshinki at the Studio of FM FUKUOKA’s「SUPER RADIO MONSTER RADIO★GON」!

Tohoshinki appeared today too on FM FUKUOKA live radio programme「SUPER RADIO MONSTER RADIO★GON」at 13:00~!

Below is the official photo taken from the studio, and a fanaccount of one of the fans who watched them from outside the glass window studio




[cr: fmfukuokarajigon and @fmfukuoka]




I am calming down now since I got home…but at the radio live show, I witnessed something.. When CM was talking about that he prefers watching the major league baseball game than listening to music in the morning, YH was nodding hard like yes, that is true! even though he was not paying any attention to CM when he was talking passionately about tableware and plates😂


[cr: @tatukuma910, Translated by @beriko0214]





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