[Compilation] 181014 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~ TOMORROW ~ at Hiroshima Green Arena

Third day of『Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at Hiroshima Green Arena has been completed successfully! Concert started at 16:00 and finished at 18:53 [cr: @anywhere4you]. Encore tshirts were blue [cr: @anywhere4you]!

Third stop has finished with the three days at Hiroshima! On the third day, there was a stage problem at Changmin’s side during Electric Love but fans noted how Changmin professionally handled it and continued the performance, thankfully without any further problems. Yunho cutely forgot some lyrics during Weep, but this is what makes each live an interesting experience > w <! It seems the two check twitter actively for bigeasts’ suggestions; for example, Changmin asked fans the previous day for tongue twister suggestion for Yunho, and it was revealed today that they used one about Changmin’s body (腹筋チャンミン, 胸筋チャンミン, 上腕筋チャンミン) that was suggested by a fan [cr: @KOZUYUNHO]!




[cr: @TYPEB_SCM]


[cr: @W_crown26218]


[cr: 昌多利可不可以不那么多利]


Yunho’s signed ball, and fan described Yunho’s happy face when her father called his name~

[cr: @mtvxqmm]




{p/n: Hiroshima but days not specified}

  • Jungle


[cr: @TYPEB_SCM: 1 and 2]





Translation by @beriko0214:

  • During MC, YH was taking off his jacket.. Bigeasts were making noise..
    CM also looked at YH and said, “You’re all looking at YH when he takes of his jacket. I understand, I understand.” [cr: @mutsukimuika]
  • YH asked Bigeasts, what they think of CM’s figure/body?
    Bigeasts: Sai-ko-de-su! (it is the best!)
    (*`∵´*) Ah~ you all are naughty!!
    a second after
    (*´∵`*)…I am a little hungry [cr: @koich212]
  • Introducing “Jealous”..
    YH was a bit lost… so CM tried to help him out..
    CM: This song is about.. You need to be with him.. I want you to be with me..
    YH: Wow, you are so good at explaining. [cr: @zunna0220]


Hiroshima day 1 181012:

  • Before Road,
    CM was trying all his best to convey the reason/meaning to sing this song.He wanted to say something to victims of recent earthquake, flooding, typhoon in Japanese that is not his native language. So CM was choosing words very carefully and sometimes he took a pause (in trying to find better words). He was all doing his best that made me very emotional.
    We all understood what he was trying to say. [cr: @KenbutsuYukko]



Fanaccount by @yc____cy:

  • 181014 Hiroshima CM;
    I can see the sky through the ceiling… the sun is going down… the time to leave is coming…
    I can see … the moon comes just above us… It’s time to leave…
    He got a new way to move on to the next song avoiding fans’ shouting ‘Ehhhh!!!?’




Translated by @janieTVXQ :

  • The stage set was broken during Electric Love. Changmin tried to fix it himself but the song started before it could be fixed. The set wasn’t parallel but tilted, so it wasn’t easy for him to find a place to step. It was super cool that he kept dancing while checking his place. [cr: @pokueri_0309, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]
  • 10/14 Hiroshima
    Yunho kept saying he was hungry ❤️
    He said CM was sexy then suddenly I’m hungry~
    Introduced jealous then I’m hungry~ then later on, just kept repeating that he’s hungry🤣 CM said you should have eaten more tsukemen and YH said ‘i ate too much of it on Friday’
    Yunho said Changmin ate TWO bowls of spicy tsukemen, and he asked for his bowls to be 20 times spicier, and everyone was shocked
    Then Changmin was like eh it’s no big deal everyone does that, it’s all of you who like their food too sweet 🤣🤣 [cr: @kyoumo0206]



Translated by @ihavebeensober:

  • Yunho got upset when he saw Oogiri he chose on the screen cos there’s phonetic (hiragana to support reading Kanji) above Kanji.
    YN: Why does it have Hiragana⁉️ I can read them‼️
    CM: don’t deny our staff’s kindness, pls🙏
    {t/n: Oogiri is originally RAKUGO thing. You get topic and reply to the topic with witty joke. If you’re good, you get Zabuton(cushion).} [cr: @zunna0220]
  • (on the screen: Yunho is taking off his jacket)
    CM: You wanna watch he ‘s taking off his clothes, don’t you, everybody? so do I. yes. [cr: @tv__xq__26]
  • “About the thing only Oogiri Yunho picked has phonetic hiragana to support reading Kanji
    YN: I can read them‼️ don’t take the piss‼️
    CM: You couldn’t read your one yesterday, could you❓”
    I love Changmin’s straight-man act.
    Yunho → funny man [cr: @choco_0707 ]



Starting from the second day (181013), Tohoshinki’s imitation of the MCs from Music Station evolved to include the interlude music from the programme! with Yunho wearing sunglasses (from the first day), and Changmin acting as the female MC, while both start to prepare the fans to switch to Road!

It’s T station > w <

[cr: fanart by @koich212]


The tongue twister made by a fan that Tohoshinki used on the MC





as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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