[PIC/Fanacc] 181013 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~ TOMORROW ~ at Hiroshima Green Arena (Part.2)

Second day of『Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at Hiroshima Green Arena has been completed successfully! Concert started at 16:00 and finished at 18:48 [cr: @anywhere4you]. Encore tshirts were white again [cr: @anywhere4you]!



[cr: @uncommon_yh]





Translated by @ihavebeensober:

  • Hiroshima Day 2
    Changmin’s last word
    As all of us are getting older from now, we’ll keep on trying hard our music to be with rest of your life. I rely on you. [cr: @yc____cy]



EDIT: more

Fanaccount by @yc____cy:

  • 181013 Hiroshima TVXQ had asked fans on SNS to play ‘senryu’ and ‘nazokake’, which are JP traditional word game, and each of them chose fan’s work to read on the stage. CM called one chosen by him ‘Changmin pic’ and one chosen by Yunho ‘Yuno pic’. The way he said was too cute…
  • 181013 広島
    At ‘weep’, lalala moment Suddenly YH asked fans only in front of him to sing. It wasn’t understood at once so that many other fans kept singing. Then CM realized what YH meant and did gesture to ask other fans to stop singing as YH wanted. …
    English is difficult…
    anyway CM tried to do his best to understand his bro and make his bros wish come true, and it’s really heartwarming and they were strikingly cute…






as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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