[Compilation] 181020 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~ TOMORROW ~ at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, Hokkaido

Second day of『Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, Hokkaido has been completed successfully! Concert started at 16:05 and finished at 18:57 [cr: @anywhere4you]. Encore tshirts were blue [cr: @anywhere4you]!

This day as well, the boys shared photos and videos from their last trip in Hokkaido for Road MV filming~ ^^

Their MC was funny and interesting too > w <!




[cr: @moteco26]



[cr: @uncommon_yh]


goods sold out at about 3pm

[cr: @panee0202]


Yunho’s signed ball for a lucky fan~


[cr: @hny212]






  • Jealous preview
  • O preview
  • Sweat preview
  • ending~


[cr: @uncommon_yh: 1 and 2]



[cr: @TYPEB_SCM]


  • Showtime


  • Jungle

  • Trigger


[cr: @W_crown26218: 1, 2, 3]


Not concert related, but here is a restaurant staff serving a Tohoshinki fan and going at the end “we are~?” > w <

[cr: @doyafaceuknow]



Translated by @beriko0214:

  • RE: picture of YH and CM and bowels of ramen noodles🍜🍜  CM looked happy but somehow YH looked sad.
    (˘∵˘) Why did I look like this?
    (*´・J ・`) you look voluptuous/fascinating/very attractive. [cr: @panee0202]
  • The short video that (´・J・`) took, where CM was blowing the dandelion flower.
    (∵) Did you take this video in the slow mode?
    (´・J・`) I can’t tell you the product name of the camera.. but it is great!
    (∵) Ah~ good, good, good!
    (∵) you’re cute. [cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • Looking at the picture of a long straight road and you can see forrest ahead
    (*´・J ・`) I took this picture too!
    (*∵) Hokkaido has full of nature and that makes me feel just to keep running or walking..
    (*´・J ・`) What do you mean by keeps running?
    (*∵) I had an experience of just walking for 7 hours in the past. But thanks to the past, Yunho is here now!
    (*´・J ・`) [cr: @panee0202]
  • Re: The picture of doodles sharing umbrella with two people in love, you and me.
    (*∵) Did you draw this?♥
    Bigeasts Whoaー!
    (*´・J ・`) No way, it wasn’t me www the station attendant was right next to me so I can’t do it!w
    I won’t get scold at doing something silly at this age!www [cr: @panee0202]
  • re Jealous
    (´・J ・`) It is a song about.. myself standing right beside you is the very best of me.. but somehow I am separated from you and I look back myself being the best with you. and I am jealous of myself back then.
    (*∵) I and you are here 〜◯※△$¥☆□※
    (*∵) To be short, I get jealous of myself, like song !!!!!!!!
    YH made a gesture to be proud of himself wwww [cr: @ucyuusya]
  • camera drone was shown on the screen but it was only showing the drone.. Bigeasts were not paying much attention. YH was explaining camera drone..
    (*´・J ・`) Everyone!Yunho is trying this hard to explain about camera drone. Please pay attention to him! [cr: @panee0202]
  • (*´・J ・`) Nov 21, Jealous will be released!
    (*∵) Do you already know about the song? Its the theme song for Shu-ka-tsu!Shu-fu-ka-tsu.. Shu-ka-tsu…
    (note: shu-fu= house wife + ka-tsu = activity)
    (*´・J ・`) We and Bigeasts-sans have known each other for about 15 years, I think you know very well what Yunho is trying to say, right? [cr: @panee0202]
  • re senryu-satrical/humorous haiku.
    three lines with 17 or fewer total syllables. typically 5 syllables – 7 syllables- 5 syllables
    Tohoshinki asked fans to tweet sentry and they will talk about the one they like during MC
    (*∵*) Okay, Yunho will start
    (*∵*) ai-no-ma-chi/sapporo ni hi-bu-ku/ai-no-u-ta
    [a city of love/echoing in sapporo/a love song]
    ( *˘.˘* )…
    ( *˘.˘* )…U-i-sshu (Wish)
    (´・J・) U-i-sshu.. (Wish)
    ( *˘.˘* ) U-i-sshu
    (´・J・) U-i-sshu [cr: @19mkt]
  • re Zoom out shot of Yunho on a hill
    (*∵) We were shooting out video right next to this place and I really wanted to be there.
    (*´・J ・`) You are so cool! If we can see a ray of light, you looks like Lion King!?
    CM started to sing the theme song of Lion King. [cr: @panee0202]
  • This is my love they expect Bigeasts to sing the part shown in parenthesis on screen

    (*´・J ・`) Okay, let the two of us try first. この2人で歌ってみますね
    Bigeasts Whew~!
    (*´・J ・`) Don’t say whew~!
    YH tried the in parentheses part.. but it was much longer than he anticipated w
    (*∵) Well well well I was a bit in panic coz it was so long w [cr: @panee0202]

  • re Oogiri = a Japanese simple style of word game.. allowing you to tell your best jokes to respond to some topics that are given.
    (*´・J ・`) Every~one← in a Kabuki theatrical way If I give you a topic, you need to respond, “What do you mean by?”
    A topic: Tohoshinki and kangetsu anpan (bread stuffed with an-ko/sweet red bean paste, an Hokkaido speciality)..
    na-ka-ma de ippai = there are a lot of friends na-ka-ma de also means inside = it stuffed with (ppl or an-ko)
    (*∵) Wow, you are like a Kabuki actor.
    (*´・J ・`) I am just mimicking dancers who are pretending to be Kabuki actors
    YH and CM danced a bit like Kabuki actors 🙂
    Kabuki: a classical JPN dance-drama w elaborated action [cr: @panee0202]
  • (∵) If you all are happy, that is enough for me.
    (´・J・`) I am really happy that we could make you smile. [cr: @miHanho618]






Translated by @ihavebeensober:

  • “Changmin threw autographed ball to a girl who aged 6-8 ish and she got it safely. She must’ve been so glad, she jump hugged her mum and cried.
    It was very pleasant moment.”
    so adorable😭😭😭😍😍😍 [cr: @nenetantvxq]
  • According to fans tweets, Changmin was tearing up tonight, too…they’ve been very emotional recently.
  • A fan next to me on the bus when on the way back frm Sapporo told me that her son’s been a tour staff of THSK for ages.
    He keeps saying “THSK is so cool”, that’s why she became a fan.
    Also he said their attitude toward staffs is the same as they do to fans.
    You’re the man! [cr: @uymc0618]
  • Yunho’s last word of tonight

    If you’re happy, that’s all I want.
    I’m happy too.

    😭😭😭😭😭 [cr: @momokuro_kami]

  • Changmin said “we (the boys and Bigeast) have known each other for 15years ish” tonight. Last night, Yunho said “we’ve been going out for ten years” (that’s we understood). I think Yunho meant “have been known” as well. Cos we have similar word “tsukiau” and “tsukiai”
    Tsukiau/Tsukiai has got similar meaning of connection/communication/relationship between ppl. But Tsukiau/Tsukiatteru are usually used for love relationships. That’s the key difference😆
    This is my guess. Cos I couldn’t listen what he said last night. I can’t verify it😅






as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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