[VID] 181025 JP TV News and Shows on #東方神起 New Song 「#大好きだった (Daisuki datta)」as the Theme Song for Anime Movie “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS”

Tohoshinki’s new song “大好きだった (Daisuki datta)” has been chosen as the theme song for the upcoming movie of the popular anime “Yo-Kai Watch” Titled “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS” (Release 2018-12-14)! The song will be included in Jealous single, to be released on 181121!

Below are videos of Tohoshinki’s comment in tv morning news and others! They are holding dolls of the yokai Nekomata “Suu-san”, the guardian spirit of the main character “Shin” from the movie ^^

The movie teaser in the news plays a preview of the song!



  • BARI Haya!ZIP!

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[cr: @kzyc_cy]

Yunho also congratulated the cat doll on their fifth anniversary > w <





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  • Fuji TV’s prime news evening on Yo-Kai Watch at No.4 in popular word ranking and Tohoshinki’s theme song news

[cr: @wr2799]




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