[TW] 181106 SHIBUYA109 Account Changes Profile and Header Images to Tohoshinki’s『東方神起 109 XMAS』; Excited to Collaborate with such a Big Artist~

A「SHIBUYA109」and「MAGNET by SHIBUYA109」collaboration with Tohoshinki for the Christmas campaign 『Tohoshinki 109 XMAS』has been decided on 5 different stores around the country.

It seems that Tohoshinki poster will be displayed on the cylindrical Shibuya 109 building this Christmas (last time it was on 2010), which will be visible from the Shibuya famous busy crossing!

Official account of SHIBUYA109 described Tohoshinki as a super great/influential artist, and they changed their profile image and header on twitter to Tohoshinki~

They also tweeted thanking fans for the many follows they received!


profile image:



On another note, they tweeted Tohoshinki’s “The Chance of love” lyrics with an old screencapture of Changmin instagram profile. Apparently, when the collaboration was decided, Changmin followers (1.09M) and posts (109) count had the number 109 on them just like Shibuya 109, saying it was fated XD (Changmin’s followers now is 1.1M, so this must have been before 181029)










『東方神起 109 XMAS』開催✨



その他、SNSキャンペーンなど盛りだくさん🙊 詳細は随時109ツイッターで配信するからチェック💓



めっちゃフォロワーさんが増えてる😭💓#東方神起 についてのキャンペーン詳細やグッズの入荷&売切れ情報などは随時ツイッターから発信します! その他、割と関係ないつぶやきからファッションや109企画などもつぶやきますがお付き合いお願いします🙇‍♀️✨



Woo oh yeah yeah woo これは運命だよね oh yeah yeah











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