[PIC] 181217 Tohoshinki with Others Backstage at 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~ TOMORROW ~ at Kyocera Dome Osaka

Tohoshinki with different guests who attended the Kyocera Dome Osaka concerts




Shared on 181217, TVXQ with Han Sun Soo and Elly Seong’s daughter~

[cr: Elly Seong (blossom.elly) via @hominhome]


Shared on 181216, Yunho with A.K


Craaaaaazyy!!!♥ #동방신기 날았다😍👍 늘 상상 이상의 것을 보여주는!! 늘 온 힘을 다하는 #유노윤호!! 정말 운이 좋았스^^ 올때마다 너무 잘 챙겨줘서 고마움!! Go!! #tvxq Go!! #tohoshinki #AK #kpop #케이팝 #music #artist #producer #프로듀서 #작곡 #creativedirector #entertainment

[cr: @allkillmusic]


Shared on 181215, Yunho with a friend



[cr: baboda9: here]




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Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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