[VID] 190427 BIGEAST Fanclub – Comment from Yunho and Changmin!

Comment from Yunho and Changmin on Tohoshinki debut 14th anniversary!

Congratulations to our two hardworking men, we are so proud of you ㅠㅠ !

♥ We are T ♥




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[VID] 181216 Bigeast Staff Report: 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018 ~TOMORROW~」 Kyocera Dome Osaka First Two Days Finished Successfully, to Come Back Next Year!

With『Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』Kyocera Dome Osaka first two days finishing, the tour’s concerts for this year ended! Below are the duo’s video comment thanking the fans for this year! Let’s look forward to the last performances of Tomorrow tour next year on January~ ^^*




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