[INFO/PIC] 180108 Facebook Event: Win a Yunho’s Autographed UL·OS Product~



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Nine people stand to win Yunho’s autographed ULOS “all-in-one moisturiser” products by

  1. Liking ULOS’ Facebook
  2. Comment on product wanted + hashtag product
  3. Tag friends to share

Period: 1/8~1/15

TBA: 1/17

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[Trans] 180108 U-Know Yunho for 2018 UL·OS Moisturizer Making Film



  • 2018 UL·OS Moisturizer Making Film


Hello, this is the site where the filming of the ULOS moisturiser advertisement is taking place. I am TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho who has become the new model. It’s nice to meet you. This time’s advertisement has the concept of (being) “engineered for men”. What do you think? Does everyone find it okay? Being the new model and also to let everyone know about the good points of ULOS, I will talk about several things. Firstly, simply by applying it in the morning, without being greasy or oily, it remains moisturising the whole day. Although this part is its key point, it isn’t just this either. Continue reading

[Highlights] 180104 U-Know Yunho for UL·OS “Engineered for Men” Advertisement; Making Video Release on 180108



  • On the 8th through the ULOS FB, the making video will be revealed. The video will show the earnestness and professionalism of Yunho from start til end & through a self-camera, be able to feel a sense of intimacy by seeing his healthy skin up close.
    From the 8th until the 15th, leave comments on the ULOS product of your choice and like the FB and 9 people will stand to win a signed product with Yunho’s signature.

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[VID/PIC/DL] 180104 Yunho for “UL·OS” Moisturizer 2018 TV Commercial and Others

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has been selected as the new model for the Japanese (Otsuka) male cosmetics brand “UL·OS” in Korea, the cm is already being played on TV!

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  • Moisturizer 2018 TV Commercial


  • Moisturizer 2018 TV Commercial Korean subtitles Ver.


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[Trans] 171215 TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Selected as KR Otsuka’s Male Skincare Brand, “UL·OS”~

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is the new model for KR Otsuka’s male skincare brand, UL.OS. From Jan 1st, 2018, he’ll appear on TV ads as well as print ads.


According to a UL·OS official, “While U-Know Yunho’s healthy skin is also manly, his sophisticated image also corresponds well with the UL·OS brand and so it was decided that he was the new model.” Yunho has finished shooting for UL·OS’s 2018 TV ads “Men’s Studies” version for UL·OS’s representative product, ‘All-in-One Moisturiser’.

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