[Giveaway Contest] Reboot “Begin Again with TVXQ!” (Twitter Only)


EDIT: Contest has closed! Many Thanks to everyone who has participated!
Winners were announced on Twitter: here.


Hello dear TVXQ! Express readers,

TVXQ! is rebooting.
TVXQ! is beginning again, hoping to continue their story with no more restarts.

Despite the two years hiatus, our boys came back to us strong, mature, (handsome ♥), and super excited!
They came back wanting to be even more closer, opening new SNS accounts, and blessing us with updates of them and the world as they see it~

We are happy fans (❁´▽`❁), and we would like to share this happiness with you guys (*^▽^*)~♪.
With you, who have also joined us in the wait for these two lovely people to Reboot and Begin Again!

We decided to hold a giveaway event! Specifically directed to TVXQ fans on Twitter,
to celebrate both of ‘s new account there and their Japanese comeback single “Reboot”!

We will giveaway 4 singles this time!

4 in addition to the 10 singles from our 2015 project add up to 14!

Reboot is Tohoshinki’s 14th single since the 2011 restart,
released in the same month as their 14th TVXQ! Anniversary!

So, you can say this is also our gift for TVXQ fans to celebrate TVXQ’s 14th anniversary o(*^▽^*)o





The Giveaway:



we will be giving away 4 copies of Tohoshinki’s new upcoming Japanese single Reboot (CD Only ver) to 4 winners! [read more about the contents of this CD version here]



 How to participate:



This event is for Twitter users only:

  1. Follow @TVXQ 😛
  2. You must be a fan of TVXQ! (Yunho and Changmin).
  3. You must be at least a 1- year old fan (on twitter).
  4. Quote the tweet (here), and write or draw about:
    how do you feel about TVXQ’s Reboot and their “Begin again”?
  5. Include hashtag: #TVXQExpressReboot.






How Winners are Chosen:


  1. Winners are chosen by lottery, then we will check their twitter profile to confirm that they are at least 1-year old fans.
  2. Inactive twitter accounts (i.e. those without a history of actual interaction and engagement) will be dismissed, regardless of how old they are.
  3. Confirmed winners will be announced on our twitter on Dec 23 (so please check it regularly).
  4. In case of winning, you must contact us within 2 days from the announcement, or another winner will be picked in your place.
  5. In case of winning, participants are expected to share their real contact information with us in order to ship the CD to them.
  6. All above is subject to changes
  7. All decisions made by TVXQ! Express will be final.




Rules and Conditions:


  1. TVXQ!/Tohoshinki are Yunho and Changmin. We would like to know what you feel about TVXQ!’s Begin again now. This giveaway is for the TVXQ fans who appreciate and support TVXQ wholeheartedly as what it is now, Yunho and Changmin. We hope you respect our wish.
  2. Only one entry per one twitter user is counted.
  3. (For fanarts/fanwork) Please submit only your original work.
  4. Please understand that your tweet might be published or used here by TVXQ! Express after the contest is over.
  5. Event starts from today. Deadline: 2017/12/22 at 23:59 JST
  6. Each person can only win once.
  7. We are not responsible for any customs the package may requires after we ship it, such charges are to be paid by the participant.

More details/rules might be added later, so make sure to check this page regularly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact us via our email TVXQExpress@gmail.com


Best Regards,

TVXQ! Express