[Trans] 180409 Chorus Singer Kim Hyun-ah Praised TVXQ! Good Manners on Appearance for KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”


chorus singer Kim Hyun-ah appeared on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” & praised TVXQ: “whenever I met them, they always greet me. Even when i meet them while on the way to the bathroom, they greet me; when I come out and meet them, they also greet me. As TVXQ is famous, they could stop but they continue to do greet. It’s an ingrained habit.”

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[News-Soompi] 180329 TVXQ Shares Thoughts On Their Newest Solo Tracks And Each Other’s Homes


TVXQ Shares Thoughts On Their Newest Solo Tracks And Each Other’s Homes

TVXQ appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote their latest music.

On March 29 broadcast of the radio program, TVXQ introduced their eighth album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love.” Yunho began, “From the first intro to the last track, we tried to tell a story. We tried to make [the album] like a magazine and incorporated TVXQ’s values.”

The group likened the wide variety of information available in a magazine to TVXQ’s diverse appeals. On filling their album with so much new content, Yunho said, “It means that instead of saving anything for ourselves, we wanted to repay the fans.” Changmin joked, “I would like it if there was something left for us to save.” Continue reading

[Trans] 180322 TVXQ Donates their Voices to a Radio Public Service Campaign (A Happy World for Children)



TVXQ donates their voices to a radio public service campaign

(the “A Happy World for Children” under the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation with MBC radio)

The two members of TVXQ who participated in the narration conveyed their intention by stating, “On behalf of the voices of children who find themselves in situations such as being in public restrooms where the wash basin and hazardous toilet seats are out of reach, as well as in remote areas where there is no police box or private schools, we have deep empathy. While doing the narration, for the kids of the Republic of Korea to become happy; starting from the little things in their surroundings, we realised it is important that the interest in this, starts from me (ourselves). If there is help to be given to kids, we would participate at any time.”

The chairman of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, Lee Je-Hoon revealed, ‘Thanks to the members of TVXQ who have a wide fan-base not just domestically but also overseas, the talent donation of their voices have given us a big boost. The sincerity of TVXQ who had led the way as well in contributing to help the affected children of the 2017 Pohang earthquake, could be felt even more. We hope that they would continue to unchangingly participate in making a happy world for children.” Continue reading

[AUD] 180210 Japanese Actor and Singer Takahashi Katsunori is a Tohoshinki Fan~

Tohoshinki’s male fans increasing! On ayfm78’s “GROOVIN’ ON THE ROAD”, Japanese actor and singer Takahashi Katsunori was revealed to be a Tohoshinki fan and attended their comeback tour! It seems that someone in his family is a Tohoshinki fan, and he got to see their tour through him/her.



On his blog on 171221, he made a post about going to Tohoshinki’s Begin Again Tour in Tokyo Dome with his son~ ^^


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