[INFO/Audio] 170505 A New JP FM Radio Show “Ton de K-POP♡We are T!” Dedicated to Tohoshinki was Launched!

Starting from Friday the 5th, fans can now tune to the new japanese radio show dedicated to Tohoshinki!

The new FM program 「トンでK-POP♡We are T!」 (Ton de K-POP♡We are T!) started on 170505, and will be broadcast every Friday on 8pm-9pm JST by a Tonpen {p/n: Japanese nickname for Tohoshinki fan} DJ with a one hour full of TVXQ’s Japanese and Korean songs [cr: @xx__0_0__xx]!

Some says the DJ is a Hokkaido Bigeast who’s working in the radio who started this show of hers [cr: @kabo2428 , translated by @snxy]!

A fan (@xx__0_0__xx) searched about this radio programme and it seems it is not related Officially to Tohoshinki or Avex. She has never heard of such kind of program in Japan: one hour full of songs/letters from listeners/information all about AN ARTIST (and a little bit of other k-pop group songs/information) but not sponsored by the artist’s company!



The DJ seems to go by the name kaz and seems to be a huge Tohoshinki fan based on her blog.

Here’s a recorded piece of audio from the broadcast:

[cr: @banbimax218B☆MⅠ]


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[Trans] 160426 Actress Kaku Chikako Mentions Tohoshinki Again, this Time on JP Radio Show “GOGO RADIO”




On NHK’s long radio program “ゴゴラジ”, Kaku Chikako-san said that 東方神起 Suri Suri is her “Love Music”. They talked about the T penlight too! She was waving it during the song together with the hosts.



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[Audio/Trans] 151019 Kyuhyun Called Changmin for a Mission on MelOn Radio!





151019 Kyuhyun’s call to Changmin on MelOn Radio (pre-recorded on 151008 f: @ymamylim) :

K: There is a person I would like to call when I was told to make a call to my good friend. Since he just returned from his Europe trip yesterday, he may have jet lagged…
/ring ring/
K: Hello
C: Umm <–very sleepy voice
K: Hello, this is Kyuhyun, MelOn’s DJ for the day
C: Ah…? <– half-asleep
K: This is Kyuhyun, MelOn’s DJ!
C: What did you say?
K: Say hi to the listeners!
C: Hello. This is TVXQ! Max Changmin.
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[VID/Trans] 150623 EXO’s Chen Mentions Changmin at SBS FM Radio Show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”


Changmin’s mentioned at 44:00~44:08 and 47:20~47:32:




EXO on the radio. Who was the most recent person in the company that you’ve contacted?
Chen: TVXQ’s Changmin hyung, yesterday we had gone exercising together so we were in contact




Video by namja1to4,
Translation by @snxy : 1 & 2 (translator credits: from @_Heunnee)
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