[Audio/Trans] 171105 Arashi’s Nino on Talking with Yunho at Music Station; on Tohoshinki’s Height!

Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari on his radio show “Bay Storm” on Japan’s BayFM, answered a question about what he talked with Yunho at the recent Music Station appearance, which created a buzz back then among the fans!



Full, Talks about Yunho and Tohoshinki at 10:10~14:53 :

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[Audio/Trans] 170728 Yunho’s Call to Kim Wonhyo During Kim Shin Young’s MBC Radio Show

This is from MBC radio show: “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” {p/n: We made a mistake in our previous post by writing a different name}. Kim Wonhyo is a friend of Yunho and part of Yunho’s 85 club friends~


[cr: @murasakiline | murasakiline]



Kim Shin Young: Oh! Wait a moment. TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has called! As we’re on broadcast, please answer it~ Put him on the phone speaker, please.
Kim Won hyo: Oh~ Yunho yah ㅎㅎ Continue reading

[Trans] 170717 Taemin Looks up to Yunho for his Japanese MC Skills, as he Revealed on JP Radio FM OH!’s “Marché Coucou”

It seems that Taemin mentioned Yunho’s impressive MC skills from SMTown Osaka on the Japanese radio show “Marché Coucou” from FM OH!. Below are translations of fans report of his talk, but we have also included the original audio ^^


[INFO/Audio] 170505 A New JP FM Radio Show “Ton de K-POP♡We are T!” Dedicated to Tohoshinki was Launched!

Starting from Friday the 5th, fans can now tune to the new japanese radio show dedicated to Tohoshinki!

The new FM program 「トンでK-POP♡We are T!」 (Ton de K-POP♡We are T!) started on 170505, and will be broadcast every Friday on 8pm-9pm JST by a Tonpen {p/n: Japanese nickname for Tohoshinki fan} DJ with a one hour full of TVXQ’s Japanese and Korean songs [cr: @xx__0_0__xx]!

Some says the DJ is a Hokkaido Bigeast who’s working in the radio who started this show of hers [cr: @kabo2428 , translated by @snxy]!

A fan (@xx__0_0__xx) searched about this radio programme and it seems it is not related Officially to Tohoshinki or Avex. She has never heard of such kind of program in Japan: one hour full of songs/letters from listeners/information all about AN ARTIST (and a little bit of other k-pop group songs/information) but not sponsored by the artist’s company!



The DJ seems to go by the name kaz and seems to be a huge Tohoshinki fan based on her blog.

Here’s a recorded piece of audio from the broadcast:

[cr: @banbimax218B☆MⅠ]


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[Audio/Trans] 170421 Kangta Congratulates Yunho on his Discharge Through MBC’s “Starry Night” Radio Show

From MBC Kangta’s Starry Night!


Kangta: Congratulations on your discharge. Of course being discharged itself is great, but the best part of being discharged is that… U-Know Yunho is someone who does lots of overseas activities. Before Continue reading

[Trans] 160426 Actress Kaku Chikako Mentions Tohoshinki Again, this Time on JP Radio Show “GOGO RADIO”




On NHK’s long radio program “ゴゴラジ”, Kaku Chikako-san said that 東方神起 Suri Suri is her “Love Music”. They talked about the T penlight too! She was waving it during the song together with the hosts.



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[Audio/Trans] 151019 Kyuhyun Called Changmin for a Mission on MelOn Radio!





151019 Kyuhyun’s call to Changmin on MelOn Radio (pre-recorded on 151008 f: @ymamylim) :

K: There is a person I would like to call when I was told to make a call to my good friend. Since he just returned from his Europe trip yesterday, he may have jet lagged…
/ring ring/
K: Hello
C: Umm <–very sleepy voice
K: Hello, this is Kyuhyun, MelOn’s DJ for the day
C: Ah…? <– half-asleep
K: This is Kyuhyun, MelOn’s DJ!
C: What did you say?
K: Say hi to the listeners!
C: Hello. This is TVXQ! Max Changmin.
K: Changmin-ssi Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 150623 EXO’s Chen Mentions Changmin at SBS FM Radio Show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”


Changmin’s mentioned at 44:00~44:08 and 47:20~47:32:




EXO on the radio. Who was the most recent person in the company that you’ve contacted?
Chen: TVXQ’s Changmin hyung, yesterday we had gone exercising together so we were in contact




Video by namja1to4,
Translation by @snxy : 1 & 2 (translator credits: from @_Heunnee)
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