[VID/Trans] 180221 BoA Mentioned Changmin on Radio SBS POWER FM “Park So-hyun’s Love Game”~




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[AUD] 180210 Japanese Actor and Singer Takahashi Katsunori is a Tohoshinki Fan~

Tohoshinki’s male fans increasing! On ayfm78’s “GROOVIN’ ON THE ROAD”, Japanese actor and singer Takahashi Katsunori was revealed to be a Tohoshinki fan and attended their comeback tour! It seems that someone in his family is a Tohoshinki fan, and he got to see their tour through him/her.



On his blog on 171221, he made a post about going to Tohoshinki’s Begin Again Tour in Tokyo Dome with his son~ ^^


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[Trans] 180107 Tohoshinki’s Smile Message for bayfm78 “YAMAZAKI Smile Dish”


Tohoshinki’s Smile Message for bayfm78 “YAMAZAKI Smile Dish” Radio Show





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[AUD/Partial Trans] 171218 Tohoshinki on J-WAVE 「STEP ONE」

Tohoshinki appeared live on J-WAVE 81.3 FM RADIO「STEP ONE」(broadcast 9:00~13:00 JST), where they were interviewed, and the full version of Reboot was played here, as well~



Tohoshinki at the studio, from the official sns accounts of the show~

[cr: @stepone813: 1 and 2/@jwave813fmstepone813: here]


  • Full

[cr: @banbimax218 | B☆MⅠ]


[cr: @kzyc_cy  | kzyc cy]


Translated by @clefaire:

  • Artist they want to collab with
    Yunho: Misia-san
    Changmin: X-JAPAN Yoshiki-san [cr: via @chimichami]
  • Place they want to go
    Changmin: an island in Italy where there are no people there. 😂 [cr: via @6131sim]



listeners on the online stream captured reaching 48.2k people!

[cr: @xx__0_0__xx]



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[AUD/Partial Trans] 171218 Tohoshinki on TOKYO FM「LOVE CONNECTION」, Check out Reboot Full Version!

Tohoshinki appeared live on TOKYO FM/FM OH!「LOVE CONNECTION」(broadcast 11:30~13:00 JST), where they were interviewed, and the full version of Reboot was played~

The message theme asked today is ‘during christmas, what will you do?’ where, with whom, what to do. The boys arrived at the studio around 11:34AM (JST) [cr: @LOVEstaff: 1 and 2, Translated by @clefaire: 1 and 2].


The host with the reboot single~

[cr: @LOVEstaff]


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[Audio/Trans] 171105 Arashi’s Nino on Talking with Yunho at Music Station; on Tohoshinki’s Height!

Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari on his radio show “Bay Storm” on Japan’s BayFM, answered a question about what he talked with Yunho at the recent Music Station appearance, which created a buzz back then among the fans!



Full, Talks about Yunho and Tohoshinki at 10:10~14:53 :

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[Audio/Trans] 170728 Yunho’s Call to Kim Wonhyo During Kim Shin Young’s MBC Radio Show

This is from MBC radio show: “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” {p/n: We made a mistake in our previous post by writing a different name}. Kim Wonhyo is a friend of Yunho and part of Yunho’s 85 club friends~


[cr: @murasakiline | murasakiline]



Kim Shin Young: Oh! Wait a moment. TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has called! As we’re on broadcast, please answer it~ Put him on the phone speaker, please.
Kim Won hyo: Oh~ Yunho yah ㅎㅎ Continue reading

[Trans] 170717 Taemin Looks up to Yunho for his Japanese MC Skills, as he Revealed on JP Radio FM OH!’s “Marché Coucou”

It seems that Taemin mentioned Yunho’s impressive MC skills from SMTown Osaka on the Japanese radio show “Marché Coucou” from FM OH!. Below are translations of fans report of his talk, but we have also included the original audio ^^