[TVXQ! SNS] 180421 Official Accounts Sharing ‘TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome’ Poster + TVXQ! OFFICIAL FANLIGHT

TVXQ’s official accounts sharing the upcoming concert’s poster and the newly revealed TVXQ! official fanlight~ ^^

The instagram posts were liked by Changmin~


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[PIC/Trans] 180420 Official Poster for TVXQ CIRCLE #welcome Revealed – First Concerts in 2 Years and 9 Months


Reported by the news and shared by TVXQ’s SNS accounts, the concert poster has been revealed on the 1st year anniversary since Yunho discharged from military ^^!

SMTOWN Travel announced the last call for the global package (concert page has been updated with the new poster), so go for it: here! let’s cheer our boys on together~


official poster for TVXQ CIRCLE #welcome revealed – first concerts in 2 yrs and 9 months

CIRCLE #welcome will include a stage of hit tracks, TVXQ to tracks from THE CHANCE OF LOVE album as well as present their solo stages for the first time. It’d be a musical-like concert with diverse music and performance; a party where one can enjoy TVXQ’s elegant performance


Shared on TVXQ’s Facebook and twitter:

동방신기의 서울 단독 콘서트 ‘TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome’ 포스터가 공개됐습니다!
TVXQ! dropped a poster for their Solo Concert ‘TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome’

📢 ‘TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome’
📆 2018. 05. 05 ~ 2018. 05. 06 
📍 서울 잠실 종합운동장 보조경기장(Jamsil Sports Complex Supplementary Stadium, Seoul, Korea)







스포츠조선 via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

[TVXQ! SNS] 180413 Guide to becoming a Fan: 10 Cherished Songs Revealed Personally by TVXQ!!

Introducing a friend to TVXQ? Show them TVXQ’s own recommendations!! Shared on news which TVXQ’s accounts tweeted and shared on facebook~


[guide to becoming a fan] 10 cherished songs revealed personally by TVXQ to listen to first:

  1. Lazybones
  2. 평행선 Love Line
  3. Before U Go
  4. Broken
  5. Moonlight Fantasy
  6. Catch Me
  7. Off-Road
  8. Sun & Rain
  9. How are you
  10. 운명 The Chance of Love

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[Highlights/TW] 180413 Yunho for MBC’s Upcoming Variety Show “Dunia: Into a new world”

Yunho for a new variety show reported by news as well as the show’s official twitter!


News Highlights:


Yunho to appear in an upcoming MBC variety prog “Dunia~ Into a New World” it’s a new prog by the PDs of “My Little Television” & is a collaboration between a TV station and a game developer makers of the popular MMORPG dinosaur-age game and with Dunia meaning earth in Swahili, there are parallels to the kind of new world Dunia is set in. While the exact concept is still unknown, Yunho’s appearance has been finalised.

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[INFO] 180412 Win Free TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome Tickets with STARPOP! (Event 4/12~4/15)

TVXQ will hold two concerts on 5/5 and 5/6 (19:00 KST) at Jamsil Sports Complex, Olympic Supplementary Stadium ​(Outdoor), titled: TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome

Here’s another opportunity to win TVXQ concert tickets for those who play STARPOP!

duration: 04/12 p.m. 01:00~ 04/15 p.m. 24:00 (Korean time) 

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[Eng Sub-Billboard] 180412 TVXQ! Discuss ‘New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love’: Exclusive Video

watch video interview on the article page: here~

TVXQ! Discuss ‘New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love’: Exclusive Video



When it comes to discussing the history of K-pop, it’s impossible to address the importance of TVXQ! A once-quintet, now-duo whose name means “Gods of the East,” the boy band rose to prominence in the mid-’00s and was insurmountably popular for several years. Hits including “Mirotic,” “‘O’-Jung. Ban.Hap,” “Keep Your Head Down” and “Hug” propelled the group to major heights in South Korea, while the likes of “Purple Line” and “Love in the Ice” helped TVXQ! become the first prominent Korean group to break into the insular Japanese music market, leading the rise of K-pop throughout Asia and the rest of the globe. Continue reading