[PIC/Fancam] 170523 Sergeant Changmin with Unit for an Encouragement Concert at the Police Hospital

Together with the SMPA promotions unit, sergeant Changmin performed for an encouragement concert at the Police Hospital at 12.20 pm. Changmin covered Jaurim’s HaHaHa~



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[Trans/Headlines] 170519 News on Yunho’s Feature for ARENA Homme+: ‘A Real Man’s Charisma’


News Translations:

Yunho expression that has deepened after discharge.. “a real man? that’s me!”

U-Know Yunho has returned. U-Know Yunho who was discharged from the army on the 20th is the cover model for the June issue of men’s fashion magazine, Arena Homme Plus. This is the fist pictorial through Continue reading

[PIC/INFO] 170519 Yunho for Magazine “ARENA Homme+” – 2017 June Issue: 10-Page Feature (Release on 170523)

According to Magazine 0, ARENA HOMME+ to include a 10-page feature of Yunho including his interview and photoshoot!

Here is an almost-textless version of the cover from yes24 (Release on 170523):



For international fans, you could try pre-ordering your copy from online stores that do international shopping like Gmarket (Price: ₩6,500) [cr: via @snxy]




Text-less cover via yes24,
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[Twitter] 170516 Writer of Yunho’s Article in AERA on its Getting Better Coverage than the Elections’!

Apparently, the writer of Yunho’s discharge article in Japanese magazine AERA  commented that Yunho’s discharge article seems to have received better coverage than the new Korean president!

(Also it can also be seen that the article was included in the “society” section, and not the one for Korea)

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[INFO] 170515 Yunho for the Cover of KR Magazine “ARENA” June 2017 Issue , Released Late May


Yunho to be the cover story and interview for ARENA. Poster to be included~





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[Twitter] 170508 Toho Dancer KSK-san Thinks The Duo’s Love in the Ice is the Best~

It seems like ksk-san took a great liking to our duo’s stage of Love in the Ice, and who wouldn’t! We can’t wait to have them back on stage singing together~



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[Fanacc] 170430 東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017 ~TILL2~ Second Day Nagoya (+Overall) Part.2

Tohoshinki film concert TILL2 2nd day at Nippon Gaishi hall, Nagoya was held with two rounds on 170430. The special guests for both rounds for that day were Toho dancer SONNY and Toho band member (Bassist) Kazuhiro Sunaga (nicknamed Kazu-san).

It was the last day of TILL2 film concert, so the fanaccounts compiled in this post may also include general fanaccounts of the recorded mc segments or performances that were showed in the tour overall.


TILL2 Film Concert songs set list:

Choosy Lover
Love in the Ice
Spellbound (Suri Suri)
T-style (Yunho’s Solo)
Before U Go
Rusty Nail (Changmin’s Solo)
Toki wo Tomete
Share the World
High time
Rising Sun
Everyone’s Selected Song {p/n: fans would need to choose before the concert starts out of four songs: WEEP (TONE), In our Time (Nissan), Goodbye for now (TREE), With Love (WITH) [cr: @chiichan0202]}

[cr: set list via @maxchangminmayu and @SAyunO87]


Concert MC Minsil-san sharing her photos with TB and the guests from all 9 days of the concerts (she missed taking a photo with TB on the first day).

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[PIC] 170429 Bigeast Limited Tohoshinki’s Game “Timeless” where you Meet DetectiveShinki, LadyShinki, and More~

Since its release last year’s February, the Bigeast limited game 「東方神起 Timeless ~Journey to the Future~」has been providing fans with tons of cute, cool and interesting looks of our duo! (let’s hope one day avex releases all the making videos ( o> . <)o!!!)

We haven’t updated on them before, but if you were following the game’s official twitter account, you might have probably had an idea of the different outfits Yunho and Changmin have tried out for the different plots of the game.

Recently, the game released the detective tohoshinki event, showing a variety of costumes there which includes the duo cross dressing as pretty ladies!! Check it out~

[cr: Bigeast Official Website]

LadyShinki are pretty indeed! Timeless’s Yunho even called Lady Changmin with “Chamiko”, the way Bigeasts often call him for some of his previous cross dressings~ (so avex knows hahaha)


Changmin: our ladies’ get-up is pretty right? let’s go for auditions.

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