[INFO] 161020 TVXQ Tops a Poll Conducted by JP SKY PerfecTV On which KPOP Artistes Viewers Want in KR Dramas



SKY PerfecTV conducted a poll of men & women aged 20-79 on which KPOP artistes they’d like to see in KR dramas with 469 people, and TVXQ were the highest in the list~





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[Trans] 161006 “Enlisted TVXQ!, No.1 on Oricon Despite Hiatus”, on Naver Main~


Though TVXQ’s unchanging power, they have occupied #1 on Oricon chart. According to the Oricon chart which was announced on the 5th; TVXQ’s remixed album, ‘Two Of US’, which was released that day, rose to #1 on the daily chart. ‘Two Of Us’ is an album that is a collection of previously-released songs that have been remixed.

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[VID] 160718 東方神起 Summer Dream as No.53 in 2016 FNS Music Festival’s 100 Best Summer Songs


On the broadcast of 2016 FNS Music Festival in Summer, a 100 Best Summer Songs List, selected by 2000 peoples, had Tohoshinki’s “Summer Dream” ranking as No.53!

A performance of their 2013 TIME Tour’s Summer Dream was shortly broadcast~



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[Headlines/Highlights] 160510 News about Yunho’s Special Class Soldier Achievement on Naver Main and More~







Translated by @joeylfy:

  • Recent photo of the currently-enlisted U-Know Yunho revealed! “The Elite Soldier” [cr: Wikitree, in JP via @sivasingh]



Translated by @snxy :

  • U-Know Yunho selected as Special Class Soldier, 90 pts & above in all subjects [cr: xports news]






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[VID/Partial Trans] 160312 Japanese Actress Takaki Mio Fangirls over Yunho on NTV’s “Ariyoshi Hanseikai”

On tonight’s episode of NTV’s “Ariyoshi Hanseikai”, it was revealed that Takaki Mio was such a huge Tohoshinki fan, especially of Yunho, and how she blogs about him passionately~





[cr:  @banbimax218/BANBI☆MAXⅠ]



Partial Translations:


Translated by @snxy :


  • On Ariyoshi Hanseikai (jpn variety show) actress Mio Takaki-san gushed about Yunho on her blog “overflowing with love for tohoshinki” – she wrote about 6 manuscript sheets long, about 2,400 characters on yunho
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[INFO] 160227 Tohoshinki was Crowned Best Asian Artist for 3 Years Consecutively at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016!!

Despite their very few releases and being active in Japan in 2015 for less than half a year, Tohoshinki managed to be crowned as the best Asian Artist at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016 again, making it their 3rd consecutive crown!! They have also won with WITH TOUR DVD the Best Music Video (Asia) Award! (Album WITH already won best album on the 2015 awards, you can check it here).


Best Asian Artist (Asia):


160227 Tohoshinki wins 2 crowns at the 30th Japan Gold Disc Award (2016) 000


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