[INFO] 161020 TVXQ Tops a Poll Conducted by JP SKY PerfecTV On which KPOP Artistes Viewers Want in KR Dramas



SKY PerfecTV conducted a poll of men & women aged 20-79 on which KPOP artistes they’d like to see in KR dramas with 469 people, and TVXQ were the highest in the list~





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[Trans] 161006 “Enlisted TVXQ!, No.1 on Oricon Despite Hiatus”, on Naver Main~


Though TVXQ’s unchanging power, they have occupied #1 on Oricon chart. According to the Oricon chart which was announced on the 5th; TVXQ’s remixed album, ‘Two Of US’, which was released that day, rose to #1 on the daily chart. ‘Two Of Us’ is an album that is a collection of previously-released songs that have been remixed.

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[VID] 160718 東方神起 Summer Dream as No.53 in 2016 FNS Music Festival’s 100 Best Summer Songs


On the broadcast of 2016 FNS Music Festival in Summer, a 100 Best Summer Songs List, selected by 2000 peoples, had Tohoshinki’s “Summer Dream” ranking as No.53!

A performance of their 2013 TIME Tour’s Summer Dream was shortly broadcast~



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[Headlines/Highlights] 160510 News about Yunho’s Special Class Soldier Achievement on Naver Main and More~







Translated by @joeylfy:

  • Recent photo of the currently-enlisted U-Know Yunho revealed! “The Elite Soldier” [cr: Wikitree, in JP via @sivasingh]



Translated by @snxy :

  • U-Know Yunho selected as Special Class Soldier, 90 pts & above in all subjects [cr: xports news]






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