[INFO] 170804 Yunho in Top 5 in Twitter Japan’s Most Tweeted Celebrity During 7/24-30 by Females in their 30s

For the last week in July, and apparently with 5407 tweets by females in their 30s~

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[INFO] 170708 TVXQ! Tops the Ranking of K-POP Artists Single+Album+DVD Sales in Japan (2012~)

In the Japanese magazine “Nikkei Entertainment! K-Pop Bible” – Issue 6/29, a ranking of K-pop artists with highest total sales of Japanese singles, albums and DVDs was revealed.

Despite their two years hiatus, TVXQ or as known by Tohoshinki in Japan, came at the top with 1,749,276 Yen |Edit: number of units, not yen|!


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[INFO] 161020 TVXQ Tops a Poll Conducted by JP SKY PerfecTV On which KPOP Artistes Viewers Want in KR Dramas



SKY PerfecTV conducted a poll of men & women aged 20-79 on which KPOP artistes they’d like to see in KR dramas with 469 people, and TVXQ were the highest in the list~





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[Trans] 161006 “Enlisted TVXQ!, No.1 on Oricon Despite Hiatus”, on Naver Main~


Though TVXQ’s unchanging power, they have occupied #1 on Oricon chart. According to the Oricon chart which was announced on the 5th; TVXQ’s remixed album, ‘Two Of US’, which was released that day, rose to #1 on the daily chart. ‘Two Of Us’ is an album that is a collection of previously-released songs that have been remixed.

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