[Fanacc] 160423 At the Army Booth where Yunho’s Poster and Postcards were Distributed at the World Book Day Event


A Fanaccount of a fan who visited the the army reading booth where Yunho’s poster, postcards (for army CampReading campaign) and issues of his featuring for HIM magazine were distributed at the World Book Day Event~





Ehehe slacked off successfully~~ [心][心]All the young men at the site are doing their best to promote my brother [笑cry][笑cry] People patted the poster Continue reading

[Weibo] 160414 TVXQ! Wax Figures Arrives at Wuhan’s Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! Go Check them out~





#come to tussauds’ to see oppa# Today in Wuhan, the unveiling ceremony of TVXQ!’s wax figures takes place at Madame Tussauds’ wax museum! Here at the site there is a surging stream of people, and screams can be heard in unbroken Continue reading

[FB/Official Eng Sub] 151013 Changmin in Oh!K’s 1st Anniversary Congratulatory Video




One more week till Oh!K turns 1! It wouldn’t have been possible without all your support! Check out what these K-stars have to say to Oh!K and its supporters! Oh!K, fighting!


{p/n: if video didn’t play here please visit the facebook page and watch it there}




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[Weibo] 150806 Yunho was Listed as One of the Inspirational K-pop Leaders by Anhui TV Super Idol



#super idol (audition programme) #being a leader is not easy – details abt the prev episode’s 3 group leaders’ performances omitted- realising that not only does a leader have to coordinate the group from within, s/he also has to manage the entire group’s progress, as well as deal with any unexpected occurences, so being a leader is really not easy! – goes onto introduce a few kpop groups’ leaders; only Yunho’s translated-


He is TVXQ’s leader, U-Know Yunho. When the group first debuted, his face, which Continue reading

[Trans] 150728 On Changmin’s portrayal of Prince Lee Yoon



Shim Changmin, as the Obscene Scholar Lee Yoon, portraying diverse charms and identities, through the currently broadcasting “Scholar Who Walks The Night”, thus capturing the audience’s hearts. In the first episode, Jo Yang Sun (Lee Yoobi)’s first encounter with the Obscene attracts his attention. In the 5th ep, after realising that Yang Sun is a woman, he is even more captivated.

(Ep 6) Asking Yang Sun to write a contract, “write at least twice a month ( on how she’s doing), come back safe and soon,” (while thinking to himself) “cannot fall sick or get hurt, have to eat and sleep well”. The depth of Lee Yoon’s feelings as expressed through his eyes, when with Yang Sun, is like the brightness of falling in love. The production side of SWWTN said on set, Shim Changmin is constantly studying his script and role, rehearsing with his co-stars, working hard in order to show a good performance. His hard work, giving Lee Yoon a more fascinating characterisation.




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[Weibo] 150718 TVXQ! with a Child Actor, Looks Like They were at Changmin’s Solo MV Filming Set


we aren’t sure when the photo was published because we can’t find yet on the original weibo account



cute random information:

[tweet https://twitter.com/mug_ping/status/622085043469443072]



photo has just been posted on the child actor’s official FB page ^^




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