[INFO] 180220 The Release of Tohoshinki 2018 2 Way Calendar Announced! Available on mu-mo Overseas Shop!


The Bigeast fanclub official website has just announced the sale of the Tohoshinki 2018 2 way Calendar for 2,900 Yen (Tax included), and it can be used in two ways: as a wall or a desk calendar!
It consists of 27 pages containing off-shoot photos that you don’t see often and TB schedule stickers~

Bigeast members have the benefit of getting an “IC card sticker (with signature)” (All 4 are random)!

※Calendar period:2018/4~2019/3.
※The signatures are printed.
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[INFO] 180110 The SHILLA Duty Free Event: 2018 TVXQ Calendar Present for Purchases Above 150USD

Similar to the one as announced for Japanese fans previously, foreigner fans purchasing above 150USD will qualify for the 2018 TVXQ Calendar present while stocks last this year.


  • The Shilla DFS Seoul, B1F Gift Desk
  • The Shilla DFS Jeju, 4F Gift Desk

Present this page event page, the passport, and the receipt on the say to the Gift Desk





Shilla Duty Free,
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[INFO] 171220 The SHILLA Duty Free Japan Event: 2018 TVXQ Calendar Present for Purchases Above 200USD

For purchases above 200USD, the 2018 TVXQ Calendar will be given as a present. The event is marketed towards Japanese fans purchasing at Seoul, and this Calendar is the same as the one given during the last Shilla Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! in SEOUL.





Shilla Duty Free Japan,
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[PIC/INFO] 171212 Previews of the Benefits of 2018 TVXQ! SEASON’S GREETINGS (Release 171221)

It seems there is going to be a polarid/poscard gift with the TVXQ! 2018 Season’s Greetings set (Release 12/21).

Some online stores revealed photos of them (it looks like each store may have different benefit?).

  • Polaroid Photo when buying from Synnara:




  • Postcard Photo when buying from Aladin:

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[PIC/INFO] 171127 Previews of 2018 TVXQ! SEASON’S GREETINGS + Preorders for International Fans (Release 171221)

More preview photos of TVXQ! 2018 Season’s Greetings are out, and release date will be 12/21!

In addition, you can order it now on different online stores:

  • DVDHeaven/Ktown4U: here ($ 32.29).
  • 11th Street: here ($30.77).

Check the shipping options and find what’s best for you~ ^^


Preview Photos:


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[INFO] 161219 The Sale of the 2017 Bigeast Limited Desk Calendar, Diary and Reversible Calendar has been Announced!!

We may not be getting the 2017 season greetings, but luckily Bigeast fanclub official website just announced one~ ♪!

a 2017 Bigeast limited desk calendar, diary and reversible calendar sale to start on  2017/1/31 (Tue)19:00〜

■Bigeast limited 2017 Desk Weekly Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)
A total of 56 pages (including cover page). It starts with April 2017 and ends at March 2018.

■Bigeast limited 2017 Diary Notebook (with sticker) 1,600 Yen(Tax included)
A total of 176 pages (including cover page). It starts with April 2017 and ends at March 2018.
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