[INFO] 161219 The Sale of the 2017 Bigeast Limited Desk Calendar, Diary and Reversible Calendar has been Announced!!

We may not be getting the 2017 season greetings, but luckily Bigeast fanclub official website just announced one~ ♪!

a 2017 Bigeast limited desk calendar, diary and reversible calendar sale to start on  2017/1/31 (Tue)19:00〜

■Bigeast limited 2017 Desk Weekly Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)
A total of 56 pages (including cover page). It starts with April 2017 and ends at March 2018.

■Bigeast limited 2017 Diary Notebook (with sticker) 1,600 Yen(Tax included)
A total of 176 pages (including cover page). It starts with April 2017 and ends at March 2018.
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[Vyrl] 160122 B-cuts of TVXQ! 2016 CALENDAR to be released on 25~26 Jan at 12 PM (KST) on Official SMTOWN NOW Vyrl



1월 25일, 26일 낮 12시, “Vyrl” SMTOWN NOW 채널에 B-cuts from TVXQ! 2016 CALENDAR가 업데이트 됩니다.

New updates on Jan 25, Jan 26 12 PM (KST) on the official Vyrl channel SMTOWN NOW(@SMTOWN_NOW)!




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[INFO] 160120 Photo Previews of Bigeast Limited 2016 Table Calendar, Diary Notebook and TB Stuffed Toy are Revealed!

Pre-orders start on 01/25 at 16:00 JST, one item per member~



■Bigeast limited 2016 Table Weekly Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)



  • 59 pages (including the covers)
  • (pre set-up) 211mm x 152mm x 20 mm
  • (post set-up) 205 mm x 152 mm x 90mm







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[Trans] 151221 The sale of 2016 Reversible Calendar, Bigeast Limited 2016 Table Calendar-Diary-TB Stuffed Toy has been decided!


■2016 Reversible Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)

【Sale Date】12/24(Thu)16:00~ JST
【Bigeast Official Shop Limited Benefits】One Poster Calendar ( Size A2)

A customary 東方神起 monthly calendar every year.
Each and every casual moment that comes by everyday, we would like to spend those moments in a careful manner and have a happy year.
「A Day」, the fourth in the series that carries such a theme, it is imbued with (東方神起) members’ thoughts of “Always wanting to be close to the fans” and is titled「A day in the neighborhood」.

This is a work which was photographed in the neighboring location and scenery, imbued with the feeling of breathing in the same air and taking a walk in the neighborhood together with them.
From April 2016 to March 2017, there are 2 different pages for each month, so pick your favorite for display!




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