You are WANTED!!

Please hop on and join us on TVXQ! Express, have fun and make it the fastest and the most enjoyable cart on the amazing TVXQ! train~ 😉

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As said on our About us page, TVXQ! Express is understaffed even more than it first started, with almost all initial members on full-hiatus or quitting due to different circumstances. We have had many projects put on hold in order to catch up with TVXQ’s daily updates! Even so, we are still VERY far away from reaching the desired speed and relative quantity for our daily posts.

So we would really love to have you guys join us and make our TVXQ Express run on time!



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Wanted Positions:



Everything (;;; >_<)/!!!


  1. General News Posters.
  2. Photo-only Posters.
  3. Videos-only Posters.
  4. Translators (Korean,  Japanese, Chinese).
  5. Subber, or more specifically: Video Translators / Timers / Typesetter / Video Encoders and Editors.
  6. TVXQ! Express Facebook/Tumblr accounts manager.



For any of the above, you could:

  • Apply for more than one.
  • Apply to be a full-time member, aka available in all days of the week to post, or a Part-time member (Part-time as in fully available at certain days of the week, or only willing to participate in certain regular posts).


In case you aren’t interested in becoming a member but:

  • you have translated or you are interested in translating something and you wish us to exclusively share or sub.
  • or you have some subbing skills and wish to sub something for/with us or aid us in one of our paused subs projects.

then please contact us on our email (please add to [Special Request] your email title)




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Applicants Qualifications:


We would like our applicants to have the following qualities:


  • Support TVXQ as it is now, Yunho and Changmin.
  • Respect TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin individually and as a whole.
  • Enjoy posting about TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin! after all, the idea of TVXQ Express is to have fun and share it~ 😉
  • Know how to generally work with WordPress or ready to learn~
  • Active and ready to act (within our rules) even before getting any cues from your seniors! Current members might be too busy to monitor new members on every step, sorry (;; > 人 <)!! but we will manage each post before it is published so don’t worry~ 
  • Honest and direct about their readiness to do the tasks they are assigned, as well as their availability and abilities.
  • Careful, especially with crediting and the contents of their posts. If you are a regular TVXQ Express reader, you will probably be already aware of the format we have been following since we opened the website and with our crediting system. If you are not, you could check our rules page for a starter. Actually, we advise you to check it out either way haha.
  • Ready to share opinions and partakes seriously in any members discussions concerning TVXQ! Express’s posts or its development as a whole, because our boys always deserve our best~
  • Members are expected to have (or make) google emails and might be asked to join email or sns groups in order to coordinate between the members.



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Specific Qualifications:


beside the above, there are also a few more things we expect from our members for these following positions:


General News Posters:

  • Owns a twitter and a facebook accounts, to keep up with official accounts updates and news.
  • Willing to look up the original sources of each information they post.
  • preferably knows how to look up TVXQ in korean search engines such as naver or daum, and in the Japanese ones.


Photo/Fancams posters:

  • Loves collecting HQ photos/videos!! again, you got to enjoy what you do~
  • Willing to look up the original sources of each picture/video they post, and not source re-posters as possible as could be.
  • Owns a twitter and a weibo accounts to get the photos directly from their original sources in their best quality.
  • Knows how to look up TVXQ in korean search engines such as naver or daum.
  • preferably knows how to read Chinese or Korean.
  • preferably knows how to extract photo/video links from html page elements found in internet browsers.
  • For video posts, it is preferable that one has the knowledge on how to better use wordpress to preview videos of different hosting sites.




  • Very good in English.
  • Knows either of these: Korean, Japanese or Chinese.
  • Clear about their skills and open for any discussions. In TVXQ! Express, we sometimes discuss and check our translations and posts with each other, again, because our boys always deserve our best~



  • knows how to work with subbing programs like Aegisub and preferably MeGUI (0r VirtualDub) or willing to know how to work with them~


Video Encoders and Editors:

  • Possess a good understanding of video encoding and hardsubbing as well as identifying any possible problems with it, etc.
  • Preferably knows how to join videos in the best quality possible and fix corrupted videos.



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How to apply:


  • Please make sure to read TVXQ! Express’s Rules, and that you fit the qualifications listed above.
  • Contact us through the contact form below (it can be seen only by us) or send us an email to, titled: [Application] your name/nickname.
  • Make sure to include the following in your email:
    • Your name/nickname
    • Your contact email
    • The position you are applying for (for example: General News, videos-only or translator)
    • How often? (if you want to be a part-timer, please specify the times or the posts)
    • Talk briefly about yourself, your thoughts about TVXQ and your experience as a fan.



We are waiting to hear from you~ o(* > w <*)o


We are T!


P.S. If you have any inquires, please contact us on or fill in the contact form below~




Applications Contact Form: