[VID] 180223 Tohoshinki New Video Comment for WOWOW Website


Tohoshinki’s new video comment on WOWOW Website (video can only be viewed at Japan). Remember that the upcoming WOWOW Broadcast 『東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ in Kyocera Dome Osaka Special Digest』will be on 2/25 (Sun) at 18:30~ (JST) on WOWOW Prime.




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[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 180222 Notice on SM’s Legal Actions on Malicious Comments and Harassment Directed at their Artists

This notice has been posted on all of SM artists’ home pages, and the announcement highlights can be found translated here.


How to file a Report:

SM to continue to protect their artistes from malicious comments, defamation and harassment (including sns) via legal action.

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[INFO] 180220 Broadcast 『東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ in Kyocera Dome Osaka Special Digest』on 180225 at 6:30~ (JST) on WOWOW Prime

As previously announced, WOWOW to broadcast『東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ in Kyocera Dome Osaka Special Digest』on 2/25 (Sun) at 6:30~ (JST) on WOWOW Prime.



To stream the broadcast online officially go:

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[INFO] 180220 The Release of Tohoshinki 2018 2 Way Calendar Announced! Available on mu-mo Overseas Shop!


The Bigeast fanclub official website has just announced the sale of the Tohoshinki 2018 2 way Calendar for 2,900 Yen (Tax included), and it can be used in two ways: as a wall or a desk calendar!
It consists of 27 pages containing off-shoot photos that you don’t see often and TB schedule stickers~

Bigeast members have the benefit of getting an “IC card sticker (with signature)” (All 4 are random)!

※Calendar period:2018/4~2019/3.
※The signatures are printed.
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[INFO] 180216 Notice on Early Reservations of『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』Fanclub Tickets

All translation mistakes are ours – TVXQ! Express


Application period: 2018/2/20 (Tue)15:00 until 2018/2/26 (Mon)18:00 (JST)

The early reservations for『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』Fanclub tickets.

『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』
6/8 (Fri) NISSAN STADIUM:  Opens 15:00/ Starts 17:00
6/9 (Sat) NISSAN STADIUM:  Opens 15:00/ Starts 17:00
6/10 (Sun) NISSAN STADIUM:  Opens 15:00/ Starts 17:00

※Opening and Starting times may change.

★Ticket Price/Number Limits
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[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 180215 From Star: [TVXQ!] 2018 New Year Greetings


[ 2018 Special Message – From. U-Know ]



2018, the Year of the Dog has come upon us!!
I hope that everything you wish for will come true!!

and that “everyone” of your family will be full of peace and good fortune~♡
Please have a lot x2 of rice cakes☆!!


-U Know-

{t/n: rice cakes are traditionally eaten during the Lunar New Year for good luck}


[ 2018 Special Message – From. MAX ]

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[Eng Sub – janieTVXQ subs] Bigeast 2018 WINTER DVD (FULL): The Gold Mission R

The first challenges for “The Gold Mission R” series~

Please make sure to thank the translator for subbing such a long video interview \ (*^ω^*)/




Bigeast Official Fanclub Magazine 2018 WINTER DVD,
JP-KR Translation by TVXQDrip | Tomatodrip: here,
KR-EN Subbed and Shared by @janieTVXQjanieTVXQ subs (Tohoshinki are Yunho Changmin),
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[AUD] 180213 Changmin’s Voice on SM Makes It App as Guide for SM’s New Visual Identity Exhibition


Changmin, representing TVXQ, along with other SM artists recorded an audio guide on SM Makes it app (download: iOS | Android) for the New Visual Identity Exhibition.

About the exhibition:

Period: 2/12~3/31
Time: 11AM to 8PM
Place: SM Entertainment Celebrity Center
423 1F, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


On the app, people are promoted to choose their desired audio (Changmin’s is in Korea; English can be found by Red Velvet’s Wendy and NTC’s Mark), then they go around the exhibition to find six patterns that will play SM’s brand story.


  • Changing

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[INFO] 180213 SMTOWN Live World Tour VI in Dubai on 06 April has been Announced through Organiser!

First time held in the middle east! SMTOWN Live World Tour VI in Dubai is scheduled on 180406 at 6PM at AUTISM ROCKS ARENA, Dubai Outlet Mall. This was announced through the concert organiser, whose official post can be found below:


The SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI show will feature performances from the world famous Kpop superstars such as KANGTA, BOA, TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, GIRLS GENERATION, SHINEE, EXO, RED VELVET, TRAX and HENRY! Continue reading

[INFO] 180211 Tohoshinki #TVXQ Tops Ranking of Highest Number of People Mobilised in January 2018 with 314k from 6 Concerts!

Tohoshinki are currently topping the ranking of the most number of people mobilised in Japan in January 2018 with 314,400 people from 6 concerts (from Begin Again tour 3 days in both of Nagoya and Kyocera Domes)!


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