[PIC] 180125 Tohoshinki’s Nissan Stadium 2018 Performance Dats Might Have been Hinted 3 Years Ago?

We don’t usually share fan speculations here, but this one is a fun discovery that seems too good to be a coincidence!

Back in 2015, one of WITH Tour VCRs showed a shelf with books on it (below). It should three volumes numbers: 15, 17, and 18. A book titled last minute, and an encyclopedia volume of No.6 for letters “HIJ”.

Back then, most fans interpreted the first 3 volume numbers as the years where Tohoshinki will be touring: 2015, 2017 and 2018, possibly hinting to them enlisting together (so no 2016), which is what happen, as well as tours were indeed carried out right after they discharged in these years.

There were not much theories about the other two volumes, some probably thought HIJ stood for a “History in Japan” release, but nothing else.

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[Instagram] 170218 Stage Director Hideshi-san Posts about Tohoshinki Again, Wishes Changmin a Happy Birthday~



It was Yunho’s birthday few days ago on the 6th.
Today, 18th of February is Changmin’s birthday.
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[Instagram] 170209 Stage Director Hideshi Hasegawa Shares his Feeling about Tohoshinki and Happy Birthday Wishes~




A bit late but it was Yunho’s birthday on the 6th. Changmin’s birthday is on the 18th next week.

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[Trans] 160517 News Article Mentions TVXQ’s Last Year Tour as being a Crucial Factor to SM’s 325.4 Billion Won Sales


Finance Article on the recent debuts of new idol groups and expansion into China, noting that these do not necessarily correlate to higher earnings immediately:

The issue is that the appearance of rookie artistes do not unconditionally mean actual increase in results. A characteristic of an agency is that the expansion of the investment costs put into their rookie artistes’ is likelier to lead Continue reading

[INFO] 160227 Tohoshinki was Crowned Best Asian Artist for 3 Years Consecutively at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016!!

Despite their very few releases and being active in Japan in 2015 for less than half a year, Tohoshinki managed to be crowned as the best Asian Artist at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016 again, making it their 3rd consecutive crown!! They have also won with WITH TOUR DVD the Best Music Video (Asia) Award! (Album WITH already won best album on the 2015 awards, you can check it here).


Best Asian Artist (Asia):


160227 Tohoshinki wins 2 crowns at the 30th Japan Gold Disc Award (2016) 000


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[INFO] 151228 Tohoshinki Also Topped 2015 Monthly ODS Live Viewing Ranking for April and June

2015 Monthly ODS Ranking: Live Viewing


  • APRIL: 1st 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~ Live Viewing (on 4/2) at 45 cinemas



  • JUNE: 1st TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY – &..! Live Viewing (on 6/14) at 78 cinemas Continue reading

[Trans] 151228 Tohoshinki Tops Korean Artists in Concert Mobilisation Power Ranking for 2015 in Japan

Nikkei Entertainment’s Concert Mobilisation Power (in JP) Ranking 2015: No.6 Tohoshinki,
Also No.1 foreign and Korean artists in the list.


Translation of Tohoshinki related parts:

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[VID] 151227 Tohoshinki’s LIVE TOUR 2015 WITH in the Top 10 of CDTV DVD and Blu-ray Ranking for 2015~

2015 year CDTV ranking for Blu-ray and DVDs:


No.9 Tohohinki’s “LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~”


click on the tweet below to view the video~


[tweet https://twitter.com/aypoyo333/status/680783888466087941]


{p/n: post will be updated whenever a better quality video was available~}




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