[Trans] 181011 Girls’ Generation Yuri on Yunho Sending her a Support Message for her Solo Debut!

TVXQ supporting their junior Yuri’s solo debut! Here, she mentioned a support message from Yunho~


Yuri on the radio show “Lee Soo Ji’s Music Plaza,” on 181011:

 “TVXQ’s Yunho also sent me a message to say ‘I’m supporting your solo album, don’t be nervous, and do well.’”




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[News-Soompi] 180922 “Dunia” Announces Details For Last Episode Of First Season


“Dunia” Announces Details For Last Episode Of First Season

“Dunia” Announces Details For Last Episode Of First Season

MBC’s “Dunia” will be wrapping up its first season.

On September 22, “Dunia: Into a New World” released an official announcement and stated, “The first season of ‘Dunia’ will be ending on September 23. We were planning to air a special episode on September 30 and have that be the last episode, but we have decided to end with 15 episodes on September 23 as originally planned.” Continue reading

[VID] 180921 MBC TV News on TVXQ #東方神起 Album #TOMORROW Topping Oricon Chart!

Korean MBC TV news on Tohoshinki album TOMORROW Topping Oricon Chart~


On naver: here. Continue reading