[VID] 170625 TVXQ!’s Something Used as Background Music for a Japanese TV Segment on Gwangju, Korea~

On the Japanese programme Kyoukan TV (broadcast by RKB, Fukuoka), there was a feature on Korea’s Gwangju, and it seems that they’ve used TVXQ’s Something (korean version) for the background music~ ^^






Video via @minipinwanco,
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[VID/Trans] 170622 Yunho was Mentioned as Cast Met a TVXQ Auntie Fan on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”

On JTBC’s  “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”, Kang Ho Dong and cast approach people who can share dinner with them. They approach an auntie (she’s eaten already) and she says she’s a TVXQ fan who likes Yunho the best.

Watch at 1:06~

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[Instagram] 170619 The Dog Owner is the Same One of that Puppy from Nearly 4 Years Ago~


Raramuri owner and shay’s owner also owned the puppy Yunho was pictured carrying 4 years ago


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