[INFO] 160127 SBS Late Night TVEnt: Highest Rice Wreath Support Received from Fans to-date is TVXQ Changmin’s

[SBS Late Night TVEnt] The highest rice wreath support received from fans to-date is TVXQ Changmin,  totaling at 47 tonnes, with rice valued more than 100 million KRW






엑스포츠뉴스 (xportsnews),  in English via @joeylfy,
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[Twitter/Fanacc] 151115 About Yunho’s Shopping Yesterday at Sinsa with Army Band Members, a Lucky fan gets an Autograph~

More on spotting Yunho shopping yesterday at Sinsa. Yunho’s discharged army senior tweeted about the army band members hanging out together yesterday, so probably they were all together.


A lucky fan got his autograph through her boyfriend~

[cr: Photo by Stella_到我沟里来]









Translated by @snxy :

junseok3 (yunho’s ex army bandmate) saying aft e events ended, the army band members went out on a break at 4pm?ㅋ (re: outing yest)




Fan accounts:


Fanaccount by @uknowghetti:

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[Trans] 150914 Yunho’s Japanese Fans Donate 500kg of White Rice to the Needy for Chuseok – 5 Years in a Row


Yunho’s Japanese Fans Donate 500kg of White Rice to the Needy for Chuseok – 5 Years in a Row


On the 14th, the Gwangju Community Chest announced that Japanese Yunho fansite, Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One, have donated 500kg of rice for Chuseok (150,000 won worth).

Through email, fans expressed that they had wanted to emulate and supplement the warm heart of Yunho’s, who enlisted in the army last July, with which he had in the past, personally carried out volunteer and donation activities at welfare facilities in Gwangju city; as well as heard that for Korea’s big holiday, Chuseok, rice cakes (송편) were made.

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[VOTE-Billboard] Your Vote is Needed for Cassiopeia – 2015 Fan Army Face-Off (1st Round Ends in 1.25 Day!!)


Please vote for Cassiopeia in Billboard voting contest : “Fan Army Face-Off”

We are currently losing by 12.7 votes!!! Only 1.25 day left for 1st round to close!!! (Ends on 7/15)

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Billboard Fan Army Face-Off,
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[INFO/PIC] 150629 Massive Rice Wreath Fan Support for Yunho’s Drama “I Order You” Breaks Previous Record!!



cr: DC Yunho Gall


Today is Yunho’s SBS plus drama “I Order You” non-public press conference, and it’s been revealed that the rice wreath fan support for Yunho was a total of 35.938 ton!! This’s breaking the past record for the largest rice wreath fan support for korean entertainment, which also belonged to Yunho and his fans for the drama “The Night Watchman’s Journal” (32.5 ton)! Continue reading

[Trans/Fanacc] EXO’s Xiumin, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Others Mention TVXQ! in Recent Interviews/News+Xiumin’s Fanboying~


Compilation of EXO’s Xiumin, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Dal Shabet, and others mentioning TVXQ! in recent interviews/news. In addition to episodes of EXO’s Xiumin’s TVXQ! fanboying here and there :)~




150425 EXO’s Xiumin wish to travel with TVXQ:


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[cr: 小智MAX, Translated by @tvxq_et_moi]




150423 Red Velvet’s Seulgi chooses TVXQ as her role model:



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