[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 181117 Tohoshinki on TBS’s “CDTV” Artist File – First Part

Tohoshinki appeared on TBS’s “CDTV” in the “Artist File” corner. They were invited on the tokyo water bus “EMERALDAS” (Tohoshinki have been before to the tokyo water bus “HOTALUNA” for WITH album promotions back in 2014 Christmas ). They passed under the rainbow bridge, took selfies, and had an interview. They also performed Jealous at the studio for the first time on a TV broadcast~ ^^

The theme was about Tohoshinki going around their ‘places of memories’ together, following their ‘places of memories’ , and talking about ‘Toho until now’ together! [cr: @TBSCDTV, Translated by @xx__0_0__xx]

The second part will be broadcast on 11/24 (Sat) at 24:58~ and it will feature their visit to the Skytree tower > w <!!





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[VID/DL] 181109 Tohoshinki Video Comment for “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS” on “Oha Suta”

TV Tokyo’s “Oha Suta” broadcast a Tohoshinki comment video on their theme song “大好きだった (Daisuki datta)” for the upcoming movie of anime “Yo-Kai Watch” Titled “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS”!




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[VID] 181108 Preview of Tohoshinki Comment Video for “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS” Tomorrow on JP TV “Oha Suta”

TV Tokyo’s “Oha Suta” will broadcast tomorrow a Tohoshinki comment video regarding their theme song “大好きだった (Daisuki datta)” for the upcoming movie of anime “Yo-Kai Watch” Titled “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS”.!



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[VID/Trans] 181028 Tohoshinki for NTV’s “Gyoretsuno Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo”

Tohoshinki were guests at NTV’s variety show “Gyoretsuno dekiru horitsu sodanjo” where they got to try flavoured butter with rice and commented on different topics!

The have shown footage from Nissan where they flied via the wires from a 15m height and Yunho joked that although he felt scared he said he was alright. Also old footage of Changmin saying he likes Niigata’s rice, and Tohoshinki later invited to try it (Shinnosuke’s rice from Niigata) with flavoured butter (from Hokkaido)! On different topics where they were asked to compare between fans or people from Japan and Korea, Yunho’s “it depends on the person” comment was found witty and funny! Changmin’s amazing back muscles made an appearance, too! None fans viewers via twitter have complemented the duo on their Japanese and fast responses~ ^^

Post includes TVXQ’s cut on the show, some translations of their talk and translations of some reactions such as famous Japanese athlete Takei So and some non-fans~


[cr: Photo via @nittele_da_bear]



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[Trans] 181024 Choreographer Rino Nakasone (MAXIMUM, KYHD, etc) Shares her Opinion about Tohoshinki in an Interview

Choreographer Rino Nakasone, who worked with many SM artists including TVXQ’s MAXIMUM and (together with shim Jaewon) Keep Your Head Down and Android, has shared her thoughts about Tohoshinki in an interview in Biweekly Magazin Josei Jishin





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[VID/DL/Trans] 181022 Hokkaido TB’s “Ichioishi! MORNING” Interview with Tohoshinki Backstage at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena

Before their first live at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena in Sapporo, Tohoshinki filmed an interview backstage with Hokkaido TB’s “Ichioishi! MORNING” (or ichimoni)! Check out below! the mc was the one who taught Yunho how to tell fans to “sit down” in Hokkaido dialect, which she said he had used in the live, also shared a story of how Changmin checked with her if it is a polite expression to use with the fans, showing the thoughtfulness of Tohoshinki~ ^^



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[AUD/Partial Trans] 181017 Tohoshinki Interview for Hiroshima FM 「GOOD JOG +」+ Playing New Song Jealous on Broadcast for the First Time!!

Tohoshinki appeared on on Hiroshima FM morning program「GOOD JOG +」, for a pre-recorded interview (full broadcast about 18min)!

At the end of the interview, the show played the studio version of Jealous for the first time, it sounds amazing *__*!! the song will be officially released on 11/21  (here), please read our post (here) about supporting Tohoshinki releases and preorder your copy~ ^^*

They talked about different topics, such as how they are developing their Japanese, about each other and how they learned about the “I am U-Know Yunho” trending in Korea > w <!! They also commented on their “T series” albums (albums starting with T) in response to the DJ



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[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 181013 Tohoshinki’s First TV Performances of Jungle and Asu wa Kuru Kara ~TOMORROW Version~

While holding Tomorrow’s 2nd day at Hiroshima, Tohohinki appeared on Fuji TV’s『MUSIC FAIR』on 181013 at 18:00~18:30 JST (pre-recorded).

This was their first TV performances of Asu wa Kuru Kara ~TOMORROW Version~ and Jungle *_*! In their talk about things they have done that went out of control, Yunho mentioned marathoning Drama 아는 와이프 Wife I Know/Familiar Wife although he only planned to watch one episode, and Changmin mentioned eating 4 ramen packets at midnight when he initially started with half that!

Check it out below~


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[AUD] 181011 Tohoshinki on Hiroshima FM「DAYS!」 Live Broadcast !

Announced a few hours on the official website (here) before their appearance, Tohoshinki appeared today on Hiroshima FM live radio programme「DAYS!」at 16:10~!

During their feature, they played Tohoshinki jungle and Asu Kuru Kara, and the duo commented on fans messages asking for advice or questions about themselves.

In their introduction, Yunho said “hi everyone in Hiroshima, this is Tohoshinki Yunho (sentence used: Tohoshinki no Yunho desu -> days)” and Changmin followed  “and this is Tohoshinki Changmin (Changmin desu -> days)” [cr: @Shim_Ls2v2, translated by @clefaire], referring to the show’s name > w <!

On of the questions asked was about Japanese artists they wish to collaborate with, where Changmin answered with Tokunaga Hideaki {p/n: Tohoshinki met him last year on 2017 FNS Music Festival, had a collaboration with him back in 2009 FNS, and Changmin sung a bit of his song ‘Anata ni aete yokatta’ in WITH Tour}, Yunho’s was Nakashima Mika saying he likes her deep voice, and both added BoA as well ^^.

The DJs also taught them some dialect they could use during their concert MC tomorrow~


[cr: @t_yukichi | yukichi: here]

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