[INFO] 181121 #東方神起 Single #Jealous Photobook and Regular Versions as No.1 and No.5 on Tower Records’ Daily Sales Chart for 181120!


Tower Records Daily Sales ranking for 181120 :

No.1 Tohoshinki – Jealous CD+Photobooklet ver
No.4 Tohoshinki – Jealous CD ver

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[Lyrics/Trans] #東方神起 Tohoshinki’s New Song “#大好きだった (Daisuki Datta)” from Single #Jealous


Please support Tohoshinki by ordering the physical copy on various online stores (to help with charting on ORICON please refer to our physical releases support post), as well as on Japan iTubes.



大好きだった (Daisuki Datta) (English Lyrics)

I really loved that sky, the T-shirts and the sound of rain.
I really loved, I really loved the sea breeze, roadside trees, and your summer.
I can’t say can’t say goodbye.

You opened the last door and said goodbye to this room.
You did not look back even once and you left my heart behind.
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[PIC/Fancam] 181120 #東方神起 #Jealous Single Special Display at Different Japanese Music Stores~

Here are photos and video of the decorative tohoshinki Jealous display at some of the different music stores as shared by official accounts and fans > w <!

Please support the release by ordering the single! check our post: here, for how to support their releases on Oricon chart ^^



  • TSUTAYA – Shibuya

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[INFO/PIC] 181120 『#東方神起 109 XMAS』: POP UP STORE Goods; Tohoshinki × MAG7 Collaboration Menu and More Revealed! #Jealous

Ther「SHIBUYA109」and「MAGNET by SHIBUYA109」collaborations with Tohoshinki for the Christmas campaign 『Tohoshinki 109 XMAS』have been decided on 5 different stores around the country. The campaign is held from 11/23 to 12/25, and includes image display outside the stores SHIBUYA109 stores,  the SHIBUYA109 POP UP STORE, Tohoshinki × MAG7 collaboration menu, Present campaign (signed posters, etc),


Tohoshinki POP UP STORE

  • Mini tote bag
    Price: ¥2,300 (tax included)

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[VID] 181116 東方神起 / 東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM Teaser (Release 181219)


DVD to be released on 181219, here is more details about! Please read our post (here) about supporting Tohoshinki releases and preorder your copy~ ^^*

  • 東方神起 / 東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM Teaser

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[PIC] 181115 LIVE DVD & Blu-ray『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』Jacket Photo Revealed!! (Release 181219)

All translation mistakes are ours – TVXQ! Express

Official Website has updated with jacket photos and gifs of the long-awaited LIVE DVD & Blu-ray『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』, which will be released on 181219!!

{p/n: the limited edition will have a special cover and package enclosing the A3 size photobook and the live dvd/blue ray case (case cover is same as the regular edition}

The release will feature mainly a full recording of the last day (180610) concert, which was held during a heavy rain, and made Tohoshinki be the first artist in Japan history to perform three consecutive days at Nissan!

In addition, fans could enjoy watching a live digest (selective performances) from the second day (180609) which had a clear weather! as well as documentary footage of behind the scenes at Nissan Stadium and interviews~

The release will have a first press limited edition that encloses a live photobook ( 25.6cm×34.0cm size/120P)

※『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』Live photobook will not be sold separately.
※The final day performance (180610) is a newly-edited version from the live broadcast one (via WOWOW)

2018.12.19 Release
LIVE DVD & Blu-ray『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』
■Blu-ray 2-Disc+Live Photobook【First press limited edition/Deluxe】(Sumapura compatible)

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[PIC] 181115 Synnara’s Mini Banner Bonus Image Preview for TVXQ! 2019 Season’s Greeting

TVXQ! 2019 Season’s Greeting pre-orders were opened on 10/31 on different online stores with different extra gifts. You can order it via online stores such as : yes24, 11st, Ktown4u, synnara via gmarket etc (please check for prices and special store gifts)

synnara has just revealed image previews of their mini banner bonus *_*

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