[INFO/AUD] 180912 ALL Songs Previews are Now Available on Special Website for 東方神起 NEW ALBUM「TOMORROW」 !!

Previews of all songs are now up on the special website for 東方神起 NEW ALBUM「TOMORROW」 *__*!! (Album will be fully released on 180919)

Check them out: here!! {p/n: you may need to re-load the page and wait or delete the cookies if the previews did not appear}

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[INFO] 180910 Special Website for 東方神起 NEW ALBUM「TOMORROW」 is OPEN!

Special website for 東方神起 NEW ALBUM「TOMORROW」 is now open! you can check out the songs descriptions, as well as listen to some album track previews: 明日は来るから (Asu wa kuru kara) ~TOMORROW Version~, Jungle, Reboot-Long Version-, Road, and Begin ~Again Version~

Due to the heavy traffic the website was down for a while ^^;


~ check it out here ~

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[VID] 180907 東方神起 NEW ALBUM 「TOMORROW」(180919) CM was Played at “Music Station”

Tohoshinki’s new album 「TOMORROW」(release on 180919) CM was played during the broadcast of “Music Station”~




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[INFO] 180905 A 東方神起×LINE MUSIC “Retweet TOMORROW” Event Decided for an Early Release of 3 Songs from the Album via LINE MUSIC!!

{p/n: first target (here) has already been met ^^*}

Retweet LINE MUSIC Twitter’s tweets!!

Official website updated on a Tohoshinki×LINE MUSIC Twitter event where 3 tracks from album TOMORROW will be released early via LINE MUSIC if the target number of retweets has been reached before the deadline!
Even though it isbe hard for international fans to access line music releases, let’s collaborate with Bigeasts to meet the tweets target > w <!

①Tweet 1 at 9/06 (noon)!
Exceed 1,000 retweets by 9/07 (noon) for the early release of 「Showtime」on LINE MUSIC at 9/08 at 0:00 am

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[INFO] 180905 東方神起 ALBUM「TOMORROW」New Song「Jungle」Available Now on iTunes Japan


Tohoshinki’s album 「TOMORROW」new song’s 「Jungle」has been released digitally on 9/05 via selected platforms, and it is now available on iTunes Japan for 250 Yen!

The full album is also available on iTunes Japan for pre-order for 2,600 Yen: here.

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[INFO] 180904 Seven Net Shopping Limited Goods for 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018 ~TOMORROW~」Revealed! (On Sale 9/04~)

In addition to the original goods, Seven Net Shopping limited goods for 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018 ~TOMORROW~」has been revealed!




■T-shirt Black (S・M・L)【Seven Net Limited Colour】
¥3,200 (tax included)

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[INFO/AUD] 180904 東方神起 ALBUM「TOMORROW」New Song「Jungle」to be Released Digitally from 9/5! Listen to Song Previews~


Tohoshinki’s 9/19 album 「TOMORROW」new song’s 「Jungle」will be released digitally on 9/05 via selected platforms as listed below (time may varies + it may be region-restricted), and you can check a clear audio preview there such as via AWA or KKBOX.

▼Check the following link for the available platforms

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[AUD] 180904 Preview of 東方神起 “This is my love” in NHK Premium Drama “Shufu Katsu!” Teaser (Broadcast 181007)

Tohoshinki’s new song “This is my love” has been chosen as the theme Song for NHK BS Premium Drama “Shufu Katsu!”, to be broadcast on 181007. Below you can hear it playing at the background of the drama’s teaser~




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