[Non-/Fanacc] 170817 Yunho Attended Kang Dongho’s Musical “The Evil Dead” (Part.2)




  • OP had gone to see The Evil Dead musical yesterday {p/n: 170817} and arrived just before it started. While waiting for the elevator to arrive, there was a tall and good-looking man there, s/he realised it was Yunho when she saw the face ㅋㅋ in the elevator, he was just next to her, and as she had rushed there and was catching her breath, Continue reading

[Non-/Fanacc] 170817 Yunho Attended Kang Dongho’s Musical “The Evil Dead” + Celebrated his Birthday

Yunho supporting his friend and celebrating his birthday~ ^^


Translated by @snxy:

  • Yunho was seen at Uniplex, he came to watch Kang Dongho’s musical, The Evil Dead

    [cr: @SY_BASE__: 1, 2 and 3 via @0206yhken]
  • Today is Kang Dongho’s birthday~ No wonder Yunho is there today~ Another actress in the musical is Shin Euijung (appeared in Goong too). [cr: @true_0212]
  • Yunho singing the birthday  Continue reading

[PIC] 170817 Early Preparations in front of SMPA Building for Changmin and Siwon’s Discharge Tomorrow

Although it’s been officially announced that their discharge will be done quietly and that no greeting event will happen, it seems that SMPA are taking some precautions either way. They have set up some crowd barriers to organise the area in front of the building. We can see some fans already waiting there.

Let’s hope Changmin’s discharge goes smoothly, and no accidents happen~

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[Non-Fanacc/Fancam] 170731 A Blog Post on Yunho’s Stage for SMTOWN Live World Tour VI in Seoul (170708)


원본 이미지



{t/n: The blogger is a SONE – I think s/he may be male- and comments on every aspect of the SMTOWN SEOUL concert; s/he dedicates parts to the various artistes but had done one blog post entirely to Yunho as s/he was very impressed by it; even includes fancams, pictures and his/her own transcribed lyrics to Drop}
It was the awaited solo stage of TVXQ U-Know Yunho’s once EXO’s EDM stage ended.
In that instance, the glow from the lightsticks being switched on in the waiting Cassiopeia fanseats appeared.
– omitted comments on the opening VCR-
The cool VCR which signified the Ruler of the Stage, the Return of the King.
The king that sat on the chair in the middle.
– omitted comments on the opening VCR- Continue reading