[PIC/Fancam] 180523 TVXQ! Spotted at SUM Cafe, SM Communication Center, Having a Meal and Heading to Work




TVXQ were spotted at SM cheongdam today~ they ate together and then went off to work

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[PIC/Non-Fanacc] 180520 Changmin Spotted at Seoul Forest Buying Wine~



Excerpt from a post yesterday {p/n: 180519} online:

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[Non-Fanacc] 180515 On Being Touched by TVXQ’s Sincerity at Work (180514) and Charmed by Changmin~

This seems to be from a job on 180514! our boys always leaving a good impression about them~ ^^



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[PIC/Fanacc] 180513 Yunho and MBC’s Dunia Cast at Incheon Airport Back from Japan

Yunho went to Japan, apparently to Okinawa, with MBC’s Dunia cast crew for a one-week filming, and they just came back arriving at Incheon airport!

He seems to be in good spirit and looks handsome! welcome back! we hope you rest well before you two start preparing for Nissan~ ^^

Mentioned at the end of this post: a cute fanaccount about the Dunia cast helping Yunho taking photos with a Changmin standee at the airport > w <!


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[Instagram] 180430 Vitamin Yunho Teacher with a Child Back Then + Story of Another who Recognised TVXQ’s #The_Chance_of_Love After Yunho Left

Yunho with a child from when he filmed for “TVXQ’s 72 Hours”, shared by her father, and a story of another child remembering him via hearing the chance of Love, shared by their teacher~




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[Fanacc] 180415 WINNER’s Seunghoon Mentioning TVXQ and Yunho During their Fansign



there was a WINNER fansign and Seunghoon said that TVXQ’s Yunho’s one pick would have been Jinwoo as he is also from Jeolla province. The two pick would have been himself. Yunho even mentioned that he had seen his (S’s) instagram post of the (autographed TVXQ album).

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[VID/DL] 180415 #TVXQ Performed #운명 #The_Chance_Of_Love at SBS’s Inkigayo #동방신기

With this performance, TVXQ concluded their promotions for this album ㅠㅠ

As expected of our TVXQ, they delivered their amazing stage with such captivating energy and charm once again ♥♥
Thank you so much!

and many thanks to all the fans who helped with this album support ♥

Check out the performance below, as well as the ending video where both of the boys congratulate the winners warmly~ ^^



  • The Chance of Love

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[Compilation] 180414 TVXQ’s M2U Record – Shinchon Fansign Event at Hyundai Department Store, Sinchon Branch

On the 14th after Music Core, TVXQ held a fansign event at Hyundai Department Store, Sinchon Branch, U-PLEX Jade Hall at 19:00, which was announced back in 180405 through their official website. A total of 100 fans were picked out of those purchasing the album at M2U Record – Shinchon, from 4/6~4/8

The boys said some touching concluding comments at the end, expressing their thoughts about the comeback and thanking the fans for their support ㅠㅠ.. and possibly a repackage hint(??)



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