[PIC] 180710 TVXQ! at Gimpo Airport Leaving Seoul~

It seems they flied to Japan! Good luck with Road promotions > w <




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[PIC] 180705 Cute Yunho Holding Hands and Taking Photos with Changmin’s JEJUair Standee at Incheon Airport! (180513)

Previously, we posted about a fanaccount of Dunia’s cast helping Yunho take photos with Changmin’s JEJUair standee when they came back from Okinawa on 180513 via Incheon airport!

We have a photo of it now! Yunho was holding Changmin’s standee’s hand, too! so cute > w <!!!

The photo was taken by JBJ’s Kwon Hyun Bin (Shared by Yuri Seo):


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