[VID/Trans] 151022 Shim Changmin Smiled as he Arrived Hong Kong, Close to 100 fans Welcomed him at the Airport




Translation of the Narration:

Shim Changmin smiled as he arrived Hong Kong, close to 100 fans Welcomed him at the airport:

TVXQ member Shim Changmin arrived Hong Kong this afternoon. There were close to 100 fans who welcomed him at the airport. As Shim Changmin walked out of the arrival hall, fans were screaming. Continue reading

[FB/Instagram] 151015 Changmin’s “GRAZIA” Photoshoot in LA for the Korean Outdoor Brand “Centerpole”


To be out on “GRAZIA” Korea December Issue 2015~

[Grazia Korea FB]

Met up with  Changmin at the airport. Going for Grazia’s special photoshoot. Do look forward to it!


[cr: KR-JP Translation by @onlyUknownMAX, JP-EN Translation by @joeylfy]




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