[Support] General Guide to Buying Physical Tohoshinki DVD/Singles for Non-Japanese Fans

This is a general and fast guide for ifans who wish to support Tohoshinki!


  • Online Stores:

Please support Tohoshinki’s DVD/Single/Official Releases by buying your own copy through online stores such as

  1. Amazon Japan, (Japanese Store, English available)
  2. CDJapan, (Japanese Store, English available)
  3. HMV, (Japanese Store, English available)
  4. YESAsia (non-Japanese store)


You could also later buy the Korean/Taiwanese official release of the DVD/single when it becomes available:

  1. DVDHeaven (Korean Store in English)
  2. YESAsia



  • Oricon Chart:

As many know now, Oricon Chart no longer counts products shipped overseas from any Japanese store, that’s it, right now Only products shipped locally/inside Japan are counted.

However, there is a way for overseas fans who wish to have their Tohoshinki purchases count in Oricon Chart:

First, buy from an online Japanese store, using a local(Japanese) shipping address. Second, ship it to your oversea address from there.

How to get a Japanese address?

  1. You could use the help of a friend who lives in Japan.
  2. You could use Shipments Forwarding Services such as Tenso or Celga, which provides you with a local shipping address you can use for any online Japanese stores to ship the desired items locally first, then Tenso/Celga collects it and ship it to your original address overseas. Read their websites for more information on the procedure, available shipping methods and the handling fees.


For any questions/updates to the list, please comment bellow or email us at TVXQExpress@gmail.com and we will try our best to help



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