[Non-Fanacc/Fancam] 170731 A Blog Post on Yunho’s Stage for SMTOWN Live World Tour VI in Seoul (170708)


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{t/n: The blogger is a SONE – I think s/he may be male- and comments on every aspect of the SMTOWN SEOUL concert; s/he dedicates parts to the various artistes but had done one blog post entirely to Yunho as s/he was very impressed by it; even includes fancams, pictures and his/her own transcribed lyrics to Drop}
It was the awaited solo stage of TVXQ U-Know Yunho’s once EXO’s EDM stage ended.
In that instance, the glow from the lightsticks being switched on in the waiting Cassiopeia fanseats appeared.
– omitted comments on the opening VCR-
The cool VCR which signified the Ruler of the Stage, the Return of the King.
The king that sat on the chair in the middle.
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[Trans] 170811 TVXQ Choikang Changmin, D-7 to Discharge.. Resumption of Activities in Fall


-Changmin-only parts translated-

*details of their enlistment omitted*
Currently, as of the 11th, with one week to go before Choi Siwon and Choikang Changmin’s discharge, once again, there is high interest with regards to the resumption of activities of the two people. This is because both of them Continue reading

[VID] 170804 METAOLOZ Shares a Compilation that include Yunho’s Drop VCR for SMTown 2017 and Others


METAOLOZ  (founded and directed by BoA’s brother SoonWook Kwon: here) shared a compilation of their 2017 works which include Yunho’s Drop and SMTown vcrs~


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[Instagram] 170729 One of the Japanese Dancers Team for Yunho’s Drop Shared Yunho’s Words with them~

From Tokyo Dome SMTown concerts:

One of Yunho’s Japanese Drop dance team shared that Continue reading