[PIC] 170818 Tohoshinki Official Website: D-0!!!! (feat. 2011-2014 MVs)

It’s D-0!!! Changmin is coming back today!! TVXQ! are BACK ㅠㅠ

The website page took a long time to load (multiple errors, probably because of fans checking it all out at once). The intro page has changed to gifs of Tohoshinki MVs 2011-2014 (with YouTube links). We took a screen-cap of it~


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[Instagram] 170818 A Selca With Changmin!! +(another from 170722) #WelcomeBackChangmin



Changminnie hyung, it has been fun ~

[cr: Translated by @snxy]


OP has shared a selca before with Changmin on 170722:



pic came out not so great cus of the bad weather. #Changmin hyung is the nicest guy in the world

[cr: Translated by @amaiming]





11storys: here and here,
Translated by @snxy,
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