[Instagram] 180717 Old Photo with Changmin During Enlistment~



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[Changmin IG] 180717 The “Setting Sun” and “Beautiful Sky” from Japan after Work(?)~ + Comments on Other Posts

Changmin sharing Tokyo’s evening sky after work (check out notes at end of post)~ ^^


Changmin IG Posts:

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[Changmin IG] 180711 “It is a big relief that the boys are okay…” Changmin’s Post about #ThaiCaveRescue Success

Changmin posting in English about the #ThaiCaveRescue as it finished successfully!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the rescue of the boys and their coach, and our condolences to the family of the hero diver who died in the mission, may you rest in peace.


Changmin IG:


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