[PIC/Fancam] 170523 Sergeant Changmin with Unit for an Encouragement Concert at the Police Hospital

Together with the SMPA promotions unit, sergeant Changmin performed for an encouragement concert at the Police Hospital at 12.20 pm. Changmin covered Jaurim’s HaHaHa~



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[PIC] 170521 Yunho’s Autograph from a Lucky Fan who Met him by Chance~


OP met Yunho by chance; she was a TVXQ fan in middle school, Continue reading

[PIC/VID] 170517 Sergeant Changmin with the Unit Performed for a May Youth Month Encouragement Concert

Changmin and the SMPA police promotion unit performed at a May Youth Month Encouragement concert at the Seoul Police Metro Agency [cr: yeon_49: here, via @snxy].

It seems like they performed H.O.T Happiness and TVXQ’s Balloons! There was a drums performance but it seems it was only siwon




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[Trans/Headlines] 170519 News on Yunho’s Feature for ARENA Homme+: ‘A Real Man’s Charisma’


News Translations:

Yunho expression that has deepened after discharge.. “a real man? that’s me!”

U-Know Yunho has returned. U-Know Yunho who was discharged from the army on the 20th is the cover model for the June issue of men’s fashion magazine, Arena Homme Plus. This is the fist pictorial through Continue reading

[PIC/INFO] 170519 Yunho for Magazine “ARENA Homme+” – 2017 June Issue: 10-Page Feature (Release on 170523)

According to Magazine 0, ARENA HOMME+ to include a 10-page feature of Yunho including his interview and photoshoot!

Here is an almost-textless version of the cover from yes24 (Release on 170523):



For international fans, you could try pre-ordering your copy from online stores that do international shopping like Gmarket (Price: ₩6,500) [cr: via @snxy]




Text-less cover via yes24,
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[Instagram] 170519 Changmin Seems to have Emceed for a Mascot Show for Children by the Police Promotions Unit


OP said they (donghae, siwon and changmin) were really handsome to the point she’d be annoyed later at dinner when she sees her husband ww




eun3mom: here,
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