[VID] 171022 Tohoshinki’s Why? as No.23 and Yunho’s Drop as No.26 for CDTV Original Ranking~

Tohoshinki’s Why? Keep Your Head Down and Yunho’s Drop appeared in CDTV’s original (Weekly) ranking as No.23 and No.26, respectively!


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[VID] 171021 Tohoshinki on Nippon TV’s “Buzz Rhythm 02” for its “Quiz! Music Video King” Segment with Why? KYHD

Tohoshinki on Nippon TV’s “Buzz Rhythm 02” for its “Quiz! Music Video King” segment with Why? Keep Your Head Down. The question asked was to count how many people in the MV were wearing gloves on one hand only~


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[INFO] 171016 Tohoshinki as No.2 for People in the Television Weekly Ranking (10/9-15) of Viewers’ Heat

Tohoshinki’s appearance on Asahi TV Music Station caused some buzz on sns, and this was seen on how they kept trending on Japan twitter during the show and after it.

In “The Television”  Weekly Ranking (10/9-15) of Viewers’ Heat*, for “people” category Tohoshinki were No.2 with with 206,967 points! (Arashi as No.1).

*SNS buzz/hot topics/eps


The article mentioned the 10/13「Music Japan 2-hour Special」being Tohoshinki’s first performance after their discharge, and that they performed「Why?[Keep Your Head Down]」. In addition Continue reading

[VID-LQ] 171017 Longer Preview of 東方神起 ‘s Reboot Playing at the BG on Fuji TV’s “Goody!”

Interview with Actress Inoue Mao was played on Goody! and a longer preview of Tohoshinki’s new song “Reboot” was playing in the background. The  Fuji TV drama “Ashita no Yakusoku” is currently on TV so hopefully a better preview audio will be out (theme usually plays at end)~

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[VID-LQ] 171017 東方神起 ‘s Reboot Playing at the BG in Mezamashi TV, Drama will Air Tonight at 9pm!

Actress Inoue Mao  was on Mezamashi TV news today as the broadcast of the Fuji TV drama “Ashita no Yakusoku” will be tonight at 9pm! Tohoshinki’s new song “Reboot” was playing in the background (but it is hard to hear)

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[VID/DL/Fanacc] 171013 Tohoshinki’s Why? Performance on「MUSIC STATION」2-hour Special!

Tohoshinki’s 1st stage since two years was on the broadcast of TV Asahi’s 「MUSIC STATION」2-hour Special with an epic performance of Why? Keep Your Head Down!

There are several highlights of their appearance, such as their performance itself gathering interest and praises on twitter from non-fans viewers (they were trending there; will write about the trending on another post)! The most significant moment was how Tohoshinki shared smiles with each other during the performance, giving it a sense of joy, excitement and confidence compared to their performance from 6 years ago! This moment wasn’t noted by fans only, but also Toho dancers commenting on it (introduced in an upcoming post).

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