[Fanacc] 170401 On the BTS of Tohoshinki Filming for Pittanko KanKan at Ginza Rangetsu on 2015 Feb~

A story shared from a fan who visited Ginza Rangetsu at which Tohoshinki had a filming for Pittanko KanKan (broadcast on 150227)


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[VID] 170311 Kaku Chikako Talked about being a Tohoshinki Fan and Admiring their Good Manners~

In BS Asahi TV Program 『ザ・インタビュー』(The Interview) episode on 170311, Japanese actress Kaku Chikako talked about being a big Tohoshinki fan and their charming points! She pointed out their bowing manner when thanking fans at their lives~

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[VID/Trans] 170305 JP Actress Kaku Chikako Talks about How she Become a Tohoshinki fan~

In Fuji TV’s ウチくる⁉︎ or Uchi Kuru!? (Come to “My Home Sweet Home”) episode on 170305 with Kaku Chikako, she mentioned how she become a fan of Tohoshinki after seeing them in 2011’s kouhaku~



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[VID/Trans] 170227 Okazoe Maki Mentions Tohoshinki as an Answer for a Quiz in Fuji TV’s NEP LEAGUE

Fuji TV’s Mezamachi TV’s announcer Okazoe Maki mentioned Tohoshinki as one of the answers to a quiz on Fuji TV’s NEP LEAGUE (ネプリーグ).
The quiz asked them to name some overseas artists who performed solo concerts in Tokyo Dome

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[INFO] 161020 TVXQ Tops a Poll Conducted by JP SKY PerfecTV On which KPOP Artistes Viewers Want in KR Dramas



SKY PerfecTV conducted a poll of men & women aged 20-79 on which KPOP artistes they’d like to see in KR dramas with 469 people, and TVXQ were the highest in the list~





Record China via @roomnumber32,
In English via @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

[INFO/VID] 161018 24h Cosme’s 2nd Campaign TVCM「The all-of-a-sudden Changmin ~Autumn Edition~」Revealed!

24h Cosme revealed Changmin’s 2nd campaign TVCM titled 「The all-of-a-sudden Changmin ~Autumn Edition~」


[cr:  24h cosme(24hコスメ)【公式】]


Also, Changmin’s comment for the TVCM, played at a 24h Cosme store:

[cr:  @raccowa]

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[VID] 161001 Tohoshinki’s “Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai – Two of Us ver.-” as Ending Theme Song for King Brunch

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