[TVXQ! Express] You are WANTED!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

You are WANTED!!

TVXQ! Express - Wanted Banner

Our boys are coming back soon after a very looong wait!

During those two past years, we have tried our best to keep you guys updated and informed. Now that TVXQ are complete once again,we would love to keep doing so in the future for as long as we can manage~  ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

These two amazing men have always been the source of our joy and indeed a very effective vitamin supplement!
Similarly, we aspire to be a great source of support and positive energy for them and our fellow fans~

So once again, please join us on TVXQ! Express, and help us make it the fastest and the most enjoyable cart on the wonderful TVXQ! train~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

You could check out TVXQ! Express’s JOIN US page for more details, as well as the Rules page~


We are T!

TVXQ! Express


Although we can not reply to all your comments and emails, we are truly thankful for all the support and love you have given us ♥♥



[Fanacc] 171220 When Buying Many Copies, Oricon Now will Count Each Bill as Two Copies Only


According to a fan, it seems that Oricon chart now does not support bulk (more than two copies) purchases!!

Other than the rule about Oricon counting locally-shipped purchases only, Continue reading

[INFO/Support] 171220 東方神起 Single Reboot is Now Available on iTunes JP Store!

東方神起 New Single「Reboot」is now available on iTunes JP store: here! Containing only two tracks: “Reboot” and “Begin ~Again Version~”

The price of the full single is 500 yen, with 250 yen for each song.

It is unlikely that the single will be available on international stores and may only be limited to the Japanese store.

Repeating our short guide from before:

If international fans wish to buy it, they would need to Continue reading

[NOTICE] New Giveaway Contest: Reboot “Begin Again with TVXQ!” (Twitter Only) (Deadline 12/22, 23:59 JST)


To our dear readers on WordPress and Facebook,

TVXQ! Express’s giveaway contest Reboot “Begin Again with TVXQ!” (Twitter Only) has started yesterday! As you can see, it is for twitter users only to celebrate ‘s new account there!

We are giving away four singles this time!
So if you have a twitter account, in which you have posted as a fan for at least one year, please go ahead and participate!

Quote our giveaway tweet: here, and share your feelings with us (use hashtag #TVXQExpressReboot)~ ^^*

This is running for only 10 days, so the deadline is 12/22 at 23:59 (JST). Check out the project post for more details.


We are T!

TVXQ! Express Team

[INFO/Support] 171025 東方神起 Album「FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~」is Now Available on iTunes JP Store!

東方神起 Album「FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~」is now available on iTunes JP store: here! It contains a collection of previously released tracks, as well as to the three re-recorded songs ^^*

The album is less likely to be available on other stores and may only be limited to the Japanese store.

If international fans wish to buy it, they would need to Continue reading

[Support] General Guide to #TVXQ! Songs Stream and Download on MelOn

Here is a general guide to how to stream and download TVXQ upcoming songs on MelOn.

Streaming songs refers to playing the full songs (not the previews) on the respective chart’s app or website with no downloads. The ranking system in the Korean digital charts considers both of the streaming and downloading with varying percentages (e.g. MelOn considers 60% on Downlonds and 40% on Streaming).

MelOn chart is of a great importance, that is why you will often see tutorials on how to make an account there and purchase a streaming pass. Therefore, we are posting about it~

Special thanks to @snxy for her general guide here (*^▽^*)! This post will refer to it, as well as our own experience.


There are four main steps required: downloading the app/s, making accounts, purchasing the passes, and streaming/downloading.


1) Download the apps

Continue reading

[TVXQ!Express] August 21st is Marking Another Restart for the Kings! #WelcomeBackTVXQ!!



On this day, seven years ago,

Yunho and Changmin stood firmly on the 2010 SMTown in Seoul stage.
Nervous and worried, yet presented an outstanding and memorable stage.
A stage that marked the restart of TVXQ! after its hiatus.

A restart that made fantasies into realities, and led TVXQ! to even larger venues and stages.
Breaking new records, experimentingwith new music, and stealing a lot of hearts (:P).
All while keeping their rookie mindset and serious attitude toward their work.

Seven years, of which they deducted the minimum time possible to fulfil their duties to their country,
then return to TVXQ asap.

Today, they are restarting the TVXQ train again.

Continue reading

[TVXQ! Express] Our Cool Monster is Back!!! Welcome Back Yunho 。゚(*´□`)゚。!!!


21 months,


we have all waited together patiently for this moment, all these past 21 months!!

Today, Jung Yunho has completed his amazing military service diligently, earning awards, titles and lots of fanboys~

Now, after a really long and tough time, our very beloved and leader U-Know Yunho is back!!!

He’s back.

The cool monster,  as he promised, is back! ready to face new challenges and soar higher and higher!

♥🍓♥🍓♥🍓♥ Welcome back U-Know ♥🍓♥🍓♥🍓♥

Congratulations on your discharge!! Thank you so much, Continue reading

[TVXQ! Express] Today’s our 2nd Anniversary O(≧▽≦)O!! and 6 Years since TVXQ! Duo’s 1st Stage~


Dear TVXQ! Express readers,

It’s been two years already since our TVXQ! Express started running on 21 August 2014!! Hooray o(≧∇≦o*)!!!

Since last July, and by Yunho’s enlistment, TVXQ! officially went on hiatus for their military service, so overall this last year was not as busy as the previous one.

Nevertheless, our boys have been Continue reading