[Support] Pre-Order Your Physical Copy of TVXQ Special Album “RISE AS GOD” Right NOW!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: there seems to be no individual versions, just Black and White!!!
UPDATE3: SO Seems it is more of a U-Know and MAX covers than Black and White? 52 Pages for the Photobook

There are two versions available:

  1. U-KNOW version / Black Version
  2. MAX version / White Version


In addition, you could order them either with a poster (extra price) or without it, the way the poster is shipped (in a tube or without) might affect the price as well.

The album consist of 10 tracks of various genres including the two title solo songs and their Music Videos. There are two versions as we could see, but it is not totally clear yet how the two versions are different. Release date is 07/20, the following online stores might have different release dates though.

About the Black and White Versions:

The album versions “U-Know Ver. & Max Ver.” (2 types) have changed to “Black Ver.” & “White Ver.” (2 types).
The contents of the Black and White versions are not individual images of the members but are – composed of BOTH members’ images-.
However, the Black and White versions of the album are produced with different images (cover). [cr: @UltraTVXQ, translated by @snxy]


UPDATE2: Songs Track List 


01. 현기증 (Vertigo)
02. 샴페인 (Champagne)
03. Rise As One
04. 비를 타고… (Everyday It Rains)
05. Smile (웨딩드레스)
06. 너는 내꺼 (Top of The World)
07. Apology
08. Komplikated
09. Dominus
10. Lucky Star



Online International Stores whose sales reflect on Hanteo Chart:


  • DVDHeaven/Ktown4u (paypal):
    The price is $11.97 for all versions, except if you choose a tube for the poster version, it would be then $13.72. All prices are excluding the shipping.

U-KNOW (Black) ver / with poster || MAX ver / with poster

Note: Website states that pre-orders must be completed by 17th July

EDIT: they just added an option for both versions, price is $23.94, if tube for the poster it is $25.69.

SET version / with poster

UPDATE: Only a random version are available now to pre-order:

Random ver / with poster



  • YESAsia (paypal, credit cards):
    Depending on your choice, the prices range from $22.99 to $57.99. All prices are excluding the shipping.

Both versions / with poster || Random ver / with poster || U-KNOW (Black) ver / with poster || MAX ver / with poster



  • KpopTown (paypal, credit cards):
    The price is either $13.40 for no poster, $15.90 for a folded poster, or $18.40 for an unfolded poster (in tube). All prices are excluding the shipping.

Black ver || White ver




  • kpopmart (paypal, credit cards):
    The price is $14.10 for all versions. Poster option is either none or unfolded. The unfolded poster will require extra shipping charge though




DVDHeaven/Ktown4u looks the cheapest between them all; however, please check whether their shipping would be the cheapest for you as well.

Note: if you could order now, PLEASE DO! we don’t suggest you waiting! grab the best deal for you while you still can because TVXQ albums sell out so fast and restocking might not always be possible!




Versions Change Update information via  @UltraTVXQ, translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


5 thoughts on “[Support] Pre-Order Your Physical Copy of TVXQ Special Album “RISE AS GOD” Right NOW!!

  1. Thanks for the info, girls! I’ve already ordered both versions online but I was looking for better prices to order some extra CDs and help them on Hanteo 🙂


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