[Instagram] 181209 Yunho at a SPA with a Friend and Trainer Park Minwook from MN Korea Fitness

Yunho at The Riverside Hotel SPA with friend baboda9 and trainer Park Minwook from MN Korea Fitness


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[Yunho IG] 181208 Yunho’s Cute “Long time no see” While Vising One of Meloholic Filming Sites + Follows Siwon Back

Yunho posted a video of himself walking at one of Melohilic (tagged) filming locations after a long time, he also he cutely whispered “long time no see” to the camera > w <!

+ He just followed Siwon’s back who followed him on instagram a few days ago~


Yunho IG:

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[Yunho IG] 181201 Yunho Likes Changmin’s In a Different Life Guitar Practice Video + #TVXQ’s on #東方神起 #Jealous 3 Records on Oricon

Yunho’s liked some posts on 11/30-12/1 including Changmin’s Instagram post of his In a Different Life practice video (here), and TVXQ’s post on single Jealous achieving 3 Records on Oricon (here)~

He also liked a cute video of his niece!

Yunho IG:


Liking Changmin post:

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[Yunho/Changmin IG] 181130 Yunho Shared 43 Photos as Slideshows of Selfies and Memories from #東方神起 #TOMORROW Arena Tour Tagging #TVXQ and Changmin + Changmin Likes his Post~

Near midnight before the first of December, Yunho shared a total of 43 photos including selfies, meals and places they visited during Tomorrow arena tour’s different stops as three slideshows in a post *___*!!!

He thanked everyone for the great memories and stated next is the dome! tagged himself, TVXQ and Changmin, and Changmin liked his post~ ^^

You can see photos from some of the foods they ate at the tour, scenery from their visit to Tokyo Skytree, at the Shinkansen etc


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