[PIC/Trans] 170110 A Fan Shares an Autograph from Corporal Constable Changmin Signed on 1/9~


Autograph Translation:
To xx^^
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[Instagram] 170110 Bodyguard Myunghwan Shares Photos of Yunho at the Hundertwasser Exhibition in Seoul on 12/26

First of all, it is less than 100 days already until we see our monster leader o(≧∇≦o)!!!

Regarding Yunho’s recent pictures at the Hundertwasser exhibition in Seoul (on 12/26), it seems that papa bear did accompany him that day~

He seems very thankful that Yunho made time for the visit~



Yunho soldier ahjussi visited the art gallery. Really grateful that though he might not have time even while on break, he made time and came. It might look like it was arranged that Yunho Continue reading

[VID] 161221 A US Soldier shared a Video of Sergeant Yunho Performing at the ROK-US Year-End Party and Concert

Below are videos shared by a US soldier who apparently was present at the 2016 Gyeonggi-do ROK-US holiday concert on 12/21 and the party/rehearsals on 12/20!

Below are the videos with his comments~


Shared on 161220:

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[Instagram] 170102 Changmin Met up with Kyuhyun and Others on the First Day of the New Year~

It seems like Changmin has met with Kyuhyun and others on Januray’s 1st!
Changmin is wearing the same sweater he wore to Yunho’s sister’s wedding, which is also a gift from @TVXQTurkishFans for TVXQ’s 10th anniversary~ [cr: via @snxy]


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[Instagram] 161231 Handsome Yunho and SNSD’s Yoona with S.E.S.’s Bada Backstage at Yesterday’s Concert~



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