[INFO] 170207 Bigeast Limited 東方神起「MISSION CARD FROM MEMBER」DVD is Announced (Release on 3/15)


The release of the Bigeast Official Shop limited: 東方神起「MISSION CARD FROM MEMBER」on 2017/3/15 has been announced!

The 45 「MISSION CARD」 videos that has been released via the 「FROM MEMBER」section on Bigeast website will be compiled into a DVD.

<Product Details>

【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】2017.3.15 Release
Price:4,200Yen (tax included)
Product Number:AVB1-79375 POS:498806479375/4

▼Preorder Here
☆Bigeast Official Shop
[PC] http://shop.mu-mo.net/st/fc/BGFC.html
[MB] http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/st/fc/BGFC.html
※Item is Bigeast Official Shop Limited
※Pre-orders start on 2017/2/7 (Tue) 16:00~



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[PIC] 161006 Bigeast Staff Report for『東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2016 ~TILL~』in Hyogo

『東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2016 ~TILL~』stop in Hyogo prefecture which was held for two days 10/5 and 10/6


The report shared BTS photo of Tohoshinki rehearsing for the MISSSION 2012 and the MISSION II fan events 2013 that were held in Hyogo at Kobe World Memorial Hall

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[Trans] 161006 “Enlisted TVXQ!, No.1 on Oricon Despite Hiatus”, on Naver Main~


Though TVXQ’s unchanging power, they have occupied #1 on Oricon chart. According to the Oricon chart which was announced on the 5th; TVXQ’s remixed album, ‘Two Of US’, which was released that day, rose to #1 on the daily chart. ‘Two Of Us’ is an album that is a collection of previously-released songs that have been remixed.

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[VID] 161001 Tohoshinki’s “Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai – Two of Us ver.-” as Ending Theme Song for King Brunch

Please click on the tweet to view the video~


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[INFO] 160923 東方神起 LINE LIVE Special Including 「Two of Us」Full MVs, Past Footage and More to Broadcast on 9/28 19:30〜


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[VID] 160923 Three Music Videos from 「Two of Us」, Starring Mizobata Junpei, to be Limitedly Viewed from 9/23-27

Avex has revealed the special website for Tohoshinki’s upcoming Remix Album 「Two of Us」(click here to visit), and has also announced a limited viewing on its YouTube Channel of three music videos for the Two of Us version of Duet, Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai, and OCEAN. It started on the 23rd and will end in the 27th as follows:


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