[Trans] 171001 Changmin’s Letter to Yunho (TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – in Seoul)


Below is a translation of Changmin’s letter to Yunho as he read it out on the concert ^^! The script seems to be from 10/1 day, but we have tagged a fancam from 09/30 here because there wasn’t a change in the letters~
The official scanned letters have been posted on TVXQ’s SNS and can be found here.


[cr: Fancam by yorugohanr| @yorugohanr]


Changmin’s Letter Translation (10/01) by @snxy:

TO. The world’s strongest visual dancing machine Yunho hyung,

Hello, hyung. If I am going to say this about myself, I am the Choikang Changmin?? Who had the ambition to become the strongest?? Your dongsaeng Changmin. Hyung looks really excited to be able to be with fans together in a nice place such as this . However, to be opening my heart together with hyung in front of so many fans – no, to confess -. Even it is me who is very loyal to the company, this moment now, is as much a moment where (co.) SM ENT is to blame. Although hyung probably knows of this as well, it is because I Continue reading

[TVXQ! SNS/From Star] 171020 TVXQ’s Handwritten Letters to Each Other and Fans (YouR PresenT)

Official website uploaded scans of TVXQ’s letters to each other (①) and to the fans (②), that they have read out at the YouR PresenT Live in Seoul!
You can find translation of Yunho’s letter to Changmin: here. |EDIT: Translation of Changmin’s letter to Yunho can be found: here |


[ YouR PresenT – From. U-Know ① ]

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[Fancams/Fanacc] 171015 TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – in Macau at Studio City

Despite the typhoon hitting the city, TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – in Macau was held at the Studio City Event Center with a delayed start (From 6PM) at 8PM ChinaST! The show was similar to Seoul’s except for no letters-reading segment. Huge thanks to all the fans who made it despite all these conditions, and those who couldn’t, we are glad that you are safe and we hope you get to seem them on another chance ; ;
We pray for everyone’s safety on their way back!


Here’s a clip of today’s beautiful Red Ocean taken during “Good Night” that signalled the start of the show. Looking flaming red despite fans who couldn’t attend due to delayed flights and transportation:

[cr: @DeniseJCChen]

and a photo:

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