[Trans] 180416 News Article on Yunho’s Skin Wash TVCF with Actor Kim Junghyun for UL·OS




  • Tho the ad shoot was the first time Yunho had met actor Kim Junghyun, without any awkwardness, they monitored, conversed, joked around together.. showing off their bro-chem
  • The ULOS skin wash ad is about how men usually dislike using products with a lot of foam when showering or slippery residue without feeling refreshed after rinsing. The bodywash is a microbubble & refreshing product which can be used for both face & body, unscented, free of parabens etc
    With those in mind, #Even a shower is engineered for men.” As Yunho tells Junghyun, “being engineered for men, it (the wash) goes off completely with just water.”

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[Highlights/TW] 180413 Yunho for MBC’s Upcoming Variety Show “Dunia: Into a new world”

Yunho for a new variety show reported by news as well as the show’s official twitter!


News Highlights:


Yunho to appear in an upcoming MBC variety prog “Dunia~ Into a New World” it’s a new prog by the PDs of “My Little Television” & is a collaboration between a TV station and a game developer makers of the popular MMORPG dinosaur-age game and with Dunia meaning earth in Swahili, there are parallels to the kind of new world Dunia is set in. While the exact concept is still unknown, Yunho’s appearance has been finalised.

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[Trans] 180321 News Article on TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin’s Solo Tracks in Album #THE_CHANCE_OF_LOVE




Yunho’s solo track, Puzzle, is an electro-pop genre song with a house (music) base and with its unique synth bass sound, coupled with Yunho’s characteristic vocals, makes it more fun to listen to. The lyrics draw attention with the unravelling of the distinct theme of “you are the final piece of puzzle that completes me”. Continue reading