[VID] 180125 Song Writer and Composer Yamamoto Katsuhiko Playing Tohoshinki’s “Kimi no Inai Yoru” on Piano

Yamamoto Katsuhiko wrote some of Tohoshinki’s songs, including “Kimi no Inai Yoru”, which he played here on piano~

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[PIC] 171122 Ads on Newspapers as Yunho’s Meloholic Started Airing in Japan on Sky PerfecTV (9pm JST)~

Meloholic (with Jpn subs) was scheduled to air from 11/22 on Sky PerfecTV every Wednesday at 9pm JST. Below is a compilation of some of the ads on the 11/22 newspapers~


  • Sankei

  • Nishinippon

  • Yomiuri

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  • UP: Yomiuri
    Below: Asahi


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