[TVXQ!Express] August 21st is Marking Another Restart for the Kings! #WelcomeBackTVXQ!!



On this day, seven years ago,

Yunho and Changmin stood firmly on the 2010 SMTown in Seoul stage.
Nervous and worried, yet presented an outstanding and memorable stage.
A stage that marked the restart of TVXQ! after its hiatus.

A restart that made fantasies into realities, and led TVXQ! to even larger venues and stages.
Breaking new records, experimentingwith new music, and stealing a lot of hearts (:P).
All while keeping their rookie mindset and serious attitude toward their work.

Seven years, of which they deducted the minimum time possible to fulfil their duties to their country,
then return to TVXQ asap.

Today, they are restarting the TVXQ train again.

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[Partial Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview for JP Magazine “ViVi” – January Issue 2018 (Released 171122)

Tohoshinki were on the cover of Japanese Magazine ViVi – January Issue 2018 (release 171122), with an 8-page long interview and photoshoot. You can pre-order your copy now from Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well).

Below are translations of excerpts form their interview:


CM: YH’s vocal in principle masculine and powerful.. but this time.. how can I say this.. he is more relaxed and sings naturally (w/o any force or too much emotion), rather simple vocal.. but that gives his vocal more depth with many layers of feelings/passion and i love that very much. When we were re-recording, I heard his vocal through monitor and I really felt this way.

YH: Everyone tells me the best part of CM’s vocal is he can hit high notes. But personally I think the very special part of his vocal is when he sang the low notes whispering. That is only CM can do and I feel that these days this part has become more clear/vivid/distinct.



What is your favorite girl’s fashion?
CM: Is it okay to talk about my favorite kind? To be honest with you, I do not like large pierces/earrings or large jewelries/accessories. Sorry. When I see the large heavy earrings, I get scared perhaps they will split earlobes (laugh). If I had to choose, then, I like feminine dress..something like that.




Scans by @roseaki : here and here,
Translations by @beriko0214: here, and here,
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[Trans] 171120 TVXQ’s Perfect Comeback, Japan Showbiz. “Frankly envious (of them)”


With the headline of  “The revived Tohoshinki (TVXQ)’s amazing popularity, as a women’s magazine’s cover feature, drives sales up by 2 times”, Japan’s showbiz weekly magazine, Josei Seven has reported on the Tohoshinki’s return after their discharge from the army.

On the 11th, TVXQ gathered 40,000 fans to their Sapporo Dome concert and performed 38 songs in total, over 3 hours, captivating fans from all over Asia, including Japan, Korea, China, Philippines and so on. Josei Seven conveyed that there were also many fans who cried and screamed at the impressiveness of the concert. Continue reading

[VID] 171121 TVXQ! and SM Ent Group Send a Fighting Message for the Upcoming University Placement Exam-Takers

TVXQ!, SM Artists and SM Entertainment Group send a fighting message video for the upcoming University Placement exam-takers

Good luck to everyone~ ^^


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[VID] 171121 TVXQ! and SM Artists for the Making of Magazine “VOGUE KOREA” – December Issue 2017

“Celebrating the countdown to the Vogue x Unicef charity event SMTown Gala 2017.
Take a peek at teasers and behind the scene films for Vogue Korea December issue.”

more making and Q&A videos will be released later~

Magazine “VOGUE KOREA” – December Issue 2017  was released on 171120.

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