[INFO] 180316 #TVXQ New 8th Album Title Revealed: “NEW CHAPTER #1: THE CHANCE OF LOVE” Out on 3/28!! PRE-ORDER NOW!!


#TVXQ New Album Title Revealed: “NEW CHAPTER #1: THE CHANCE OF LOVE”, to be Released on 3/28!! PRE-ORDER NOW!!


|UPDATE 2: please stick to Synnara as it reflects on the most charts; and avoid the rest [cr: @from_bunny_ via @snxy] |


International fans can pre-order now from stores that reflect immediately on Hanteo and Gaon charts, and you can choose to include a poster for a limited time:

  • Synnara via Global Gmarkert (you can choose to get a poster in tube for limited time): here (₩14,000) or here (₩16,000)
    {p/n: not sure what is the difference between them, but only the ₩16k is listed on Synnara’s own website}
    | UPDATE:
    The 16k one seems ton include the shipping fee for Korea while the 14k doesn’t, though it’s not clear why [cr: via @snxy] |

  • Global Yes24 (poster in tube included for limited time): here (₩16,305)
  • Interpark (poster in case included for limited time): here (₩16,300) {p/n: has not been listed yet on their Global website}
    | UPDATE: 
    On KR website it says it can be shipped overseas, so if you could nevegate your way through Korean you could try ordering from there.
    Although you could try the global store now that it has been listed (here), we don’t know yet if the seller (인터아시아) count to charts. The shipping is also more expensive than Synnara |




excited fans had #THE_CHANCE_OF_LOVE trending No.1 in Korea! make sure to use the hashtag together with TVXQ’s!

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[INFO] 180205 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」LIVE DVD & Blu-ray to be Released on 2018/3/28!

HMV Japan already has it up for pre-order: here! Please check our post: here on how to support the release on Oricon!


Tohoshinki’s 2017 5-Dome Tour「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」to be released as a DVD and Blu-ray!
Starting from Sapporo Dome in 2017/11, the tour has mobilised 780,000 people in a total of 17 performances at 5 locations nationwide! This release captures the tour’s final day performance at Kyocera Dome (2018.01.21), with the 3 DVD set First Press Limited Edition enclosing backstage documentary and MC digest!

<Product Details>
2018.3.28 Release
LIVE DVD & Blu-ray「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」

■3DVD Set【First Press Limited Edition/BOX Specification】(Sumapura compatible)
Product Code: AVBK-79446~8
Price: ¥8,000(tax excluded) +tax Continue reading

[Trans] 180323 TVXQ Today for “I Live Alone”! U-Know Yunho x Son Hojun, the Best Friends’ Neverending Betting (Broadcast at 23:10 KST)

TVXQ for MBC’s “I Live Alone” EP237 will broadcast today at 23:10 (KST)! you can stream via link: here (click MBC>more details>play content)


“I Live Alone” U-Know Yunho x Son Hojun, the best friends’ neverending betting


– when they meet their hometown friends, they wear their sports shoes and bet on the bowling alley fee

In the pix, Yunho & SHJ are shown putting their pride and the bowling fee at stake in a bowling match w their friends. According to the production crew, Y not only focused on the match but also on how to keep SHJ’s team in check. “What does Y want? A strike.” Continue reading

[INFO/PIC] 180323 Album Details are Now up on Official Website, Revealing Three Cover Versions of #동방신기_운명 #THE_CHANCE_OF_LOVE

If you visit TVXQ’s official website, you can find the album details icon to check it:


Album details:

  • Size: W 205 × H 275 × T 10.5mm
  • Front/Back cover: 3 Types (A Ver./B Ver./C Ver.)
  • CD: 3 colours (A Ver./B Ver./C Ver.)
  • Booklet: same for A, B and C. Interview with TVXQ (168 Pages)
  • Poster: one out of 2 random types (W 610 × H 920mm)
  • Photocard: one out of 4 random types (W 55 × H 85mm)

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[Changmin IG] 180322 Changmin Left a Comment on SMTown’s Post about Lee Soo Man~




SM엔터테인먼트 이수만 총괄 프로듀서 [한국 연예계를 움직이는 파워피플 1위 이수만] ★100표 중 절반 넘는 54표로 압도적 1위 ★“한류개척·세계화…기획사 기업화 견인. 지난 20여년간 한국 엔터산업 이끈 혜안” ★美 매체선 글로벌 ‘비즈니스 리더’ 선정 – [Lee Soo Man is top ranked in list of 'Korea Entertainment Field Power People'] ★Lee Soo Man earned 54 votes out of 100, and scored No.1. ★“A pioneer of K-wave … established an entertainment business conglomerate…Insight that has led Korean Entertainment Industry for the past 20 years” ★US media also highlighted Lee Soo Man as a ‘Global Business Leader’ – #InfluentialBusinessLeader #Koreanwave #Frontier #Pioneer #LEESOOMAN #SOOMANLEE #SMEntertainment #SMTOWN #SMmakesIT #MAKEsIT – [※20180322 창간 10주년 특집① 한국 연예계를 움직이는 파워피플 1위 이수만 (출처 : 스포츠동아) http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20180321/89215581/3]

A post shared by SM Entertainment Group (@smtown) on

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[Trans] 180322 TVXQ Donates their Voices to a Radio Public Service Campaign (A Happy World for Children)



TVXQ donates their voices to a radio public service campaign

(the “A Happy World for Children” under the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation with MBC radio)

The two members of TVXQ who participated in the narration conveyed their intention by stating, “On behalf of the voices of children who find themselves in situations such as being in public restrooms where the wash basin and hazardous toilet seats are out of reach, as well as in remote areas where there is no police box or private schools, we have deep empathy. While doing the narration, for the kids of the Republic of Korea to become happy; starting from the little things in their surroundings, we realised it is important that the interest in this, starts from me (ourselves). If there is help to be given to kids, we would participate at any time.”

The chairman of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, Lee Je-Hoon revealed, ‘Thanks to the members of TVXQ who have a wide fan-base not just domestically but also overseas, the talent donation of their voices have given us a big boost. The sincerity of TVXQ who had led the way as well in contributing to help the affected children of the 2017 Pohang earthquake, could be felt even more. We hope that they would continue to unchangingly participate in making a happy world for children.” Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 180322 TVXQ’s Message on Mnet’s “M-countdown” Trailer for Next Week!! (TVXQ’s Comeback Stage on 3/29)

As previously revealed, TVXQ will have their ‘운명 (THE CHANCE OF LOVE)’ comeback stage starting with Mnet’s “M-countdown” on the 29th!

Here is a video message of them that was broadcast on today’s episode~

Return of the King!




Hello, this is TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin.
Y: Next week, like 운명 fate, we’ll be coming to you with our 1st ever stage.
C: Next week, as it is our first ever stage, it is a must to ‘defend the main broadcast’!
Yunho: Continuing on, ‘defend the main broadcast’ of M-CD as well!

[cr: Translated by @snxy]


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[Eng Sub] 180319 동방신기 (TVXQ! ) THE CHANCE OF 스포 (Spoiler)


TVXQ’s first V Live since their mukbang, Titled: TVXQ! The Chance of Spoiler, was broadcast live at 9:30PM (KST)

It’s now fully subbed! turn on the English captions, and don’t forget to keep sending hearts while you watch ^^*


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[VID] 180323 TVXQ! 동방신기 ‘평행선 (Love Line)’ MV Teaser #1!!

we will get a music video for Love line *______*!! and Yunho’s blonde here!!



Also on naver: here (watching there is also important!)

On V Live: here (give them lots of hearts!)

Also please share/like the video posted on their SNS:

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[PIC] 180322 MBC Reveals TVXQ’s Photos with Cast and Stills from their “I Live Alone” Filming, to Broadcast Tomorrow at 23:10 (KST)

Yunho hanging out with friends and Changmin at a cooking school! In the photo with the cast they are wearing the same clothes they wore for the Dubai SMTown message~

their MBC’s “I Live Alone” EP237 will broadcast tomorrow at 23:10 (KST)




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[TVXQ! SNS] 180322 🚨ALERT🚨 TVXQ!’s new album is coming soon! The new album focuses on ‘mature’ and ‘trendy’ aspects of TVXQ! 💿 ‘New Chapter #1 : The Chance of Love’ Album release: 2018.03.28 #The_Chance_Of_Love


“relaxed & unique kind of sexy performance” *_*?!!

Posted on their twitter and facebook! Remember to like and share the posts!

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