[TVXQ! Express] Our Cool Monster is Back!!! Welcome Back Yunho 。゚(*´□`)゚。!!!


21 months,


we have all waited together patiently for this moment, all these past 21 months!!

Today, Jung Yunho has completed his amazing military service diligently, earning awards, titles and lots of fanboys~

Now, after a really long and tough time, our very beloved and leader U-Know Yunho is back!!!

He’s back.

The cool monster,  as he promised, is back! ready to face new challenges and soar higher and higher!

♥🍓♥🍓♥🍓♥ Welcome back U-Know ♥🍓♥🍓♥🍓♥

Congratulations on your discharge!! Thank you so much, Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 170626 Tohoshinki fan, Actress Kaku Chikako, Talks on What she Likes about them on NHK

This was from her appearance on Japan’s national TV: NHK’s “GOGO NAMA” segment “Oshaberi Biyori”

when you see her as she watches their performance previews in the first clip, she is indeed a fan~ > w <



(Partially) Translation:

Kaku Chikako-san praising Yunho’s sexy Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 170626 On Spotting Sergeant Changmin Eating at the Cafeteria with Colleagues in SMPA


OP met Changmin at the police agency cafeteria while eating posted today (6/26)


As OP had some business to do, s/he went to the SMPA and was eating in its cafeteria when right beside her, s/he realised it was Changmin. As s/he didn’t want to burden him, s/he just kept peeking at him but felt sorry as everyone else seemed to be looking at him anyway. However, he was so handsome that s/he couldn’t tear her eyes away. Even the men were looking at him and her companions all kept looking and saying how handsome he is. As he was right beside her, Continue reading