[INFO] 181025 Official Website Updates with Songs Previews #Jealous and #大好きだった for #東方神起 NEW SINGLE『Jealous』(Release 181121)!

Tohoshinki single『Jealous』will be released on 2018/11/21, featuring the title song “Jealous” and the newly announced title of the coupling song: 「大好きだった (Daisuki datta)」, which has been decided as the theme song of the upcoming popular anime movie “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS”

Limited edition comes with an A4 phootbook, and and enclosed serial number to apply for the “Meet & Greet” at TOMORROW Tour Dome dates (20 people per each of the 9 days, so a total of 180 people, who could meet and greet Tohoshinki (no handshake/photos) details: here)


The official website has updated the single details with the song previews, which you can check : here.
(It has an extended preview of Daisuiki datta that was played in the movie teaser)


Please read our post (here) about supporting Tohoshinki releases and preorder your copy~ ^^*


2018.11.21 Release

■CD+PHOTOBOOK【First Pres Limited Edition】(Sumapura compatible)

Product Code: AVCK-79511
POS: 498806479511/6
Price:¥2,000 + tax

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[INFO/PIC] 180817 Tohoshinki NEW ALBUM『TOMORROW』2018.9.19 Jacket Photos and Tracks Revealed!!

All translation mistakes are ours – TVXQ! Express

Tohoshinki will be releasing on 180919 their first new album since their restart titled 「TOMORROW」! and the album jacket and 13 songs have been revealed! It include Reboot, Begin ~Again Version~ and Road from the last singles, as well as a remake (the TOMORROW Version) of Tohoshinki’s 2006 song “Asu wa Kuru Kara (Tomorrow Will Surely Come)” , which was used as an ending to anime One Piece back then.

This will also be their first original album released in both forms DVD and Blu-ray!! (previously it was only as DVD). They will include the full version of 「Asu wa Kuru Kara ~TOMORROW Version~」 music video (not planned to be pre-released on Youtube).

The first limited edition of these versions will include as well the music videos offshoot, the 2017-2018 Tohoshinki Begin Again Documentary Film, and a limited Photobook! The limited-quantity Bigeast version will include a Live digest video of the 171221 Tokyo Dome concert!!

The Japanese version of TVXQ’s the Chance of Love is also included!!

Now you can pre-order the album from HMV Japan: here, and Amazon Japan: here ! Please check our post: here on how to support the release on Oricon~


2018.9.19 Release
■AL+Blu-ray (Sumapura compatible) <Frist Press Edition>

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[INFO] 181210 For its Release Event, Selected Stages from LIVE DVD&Blu-ray「#東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM」to be Broadcast on Yunika Vision (Seibu-Shinjuku Station)! (12/13-19) #Jealous

A broadcast on Yunika Vision screen from 12/13 to 12/19 was decided to commemorate the release of LIVE DVD&Blu-ray「東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM」on 12/10!

TVXQ feature from December 13th (Thu.) to December 19th (Wed.).

TVXQ feature from December 13th (Thu.) to December 19th (Wed.).

Linked apps “VISION α” is available for even more exciting experience during this feature program!

TVXQ has won immense popularity with their great music sense and solid vocal skills and achieved several records such as attaining the most No. 1 singles for a foreign artist and a record 2 million fans attending their live concerts in the 3 years from 2012 to 2014 ever since their 2005 Japan debut.
We will feature live footage from “TVXQ LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM”.

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[Yunho IG] 181208 Yunho’s Cute “Long time no see” While Vising One of Meloholic Filming Sites + Follows Siwon Back

Yunho posted a video of himself walking at one of Melohilic (tagged) filming locations after a long time, he also he cutely whispered “long time no see” to the camera > w <!

+ He just followed Siwon’s back who followed him on instagram a few days ago~


Yunho IG:

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[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 181206 Notice: TVXQ! Special Day ‘The Truth of Love’ – 2nd Sale of Tickets to Open on 12/07 at 8PM via YES24

TVXQ will hold their 15th anniversary fanmeeting [ TVXQ! Special Day ‘The Truth of Love’ ] on 12/26 8PM at Korea University Gymnasium Hwajeong (Tiger Dome)

On 181206, 2nd ticket sale for cancelled tickets was announced for the global package on 12/06 at 2PM (already sold out now). The official website also put up notice for a 2nd general ticket sale for cancelled tickets to open today soon at 8PM via Yes24: here.


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[VID] 181205 Changmin’s “Heaven’s Day” Played as BGM in Feature about Ikseon-dong on TV Asahi’s “Sekai no Kaidou wo yuku”

Changmin’s “Heaven’s Day” was played as BGM in a feature about Korea’s Ikseon-dong on TV Asahi’s “Sekai no Kaidou wo yuku”. The same programme last year on 171102 played Changmin’s “Rise as One”~



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