[INFO/PIC] 180817 Tohoshinki NEW ALBUM『TOMORROW』2018.9.19 Jacket Photos and Tracks Revealed!!

All translation mistakes are ours – TVXQ! Express

Tohoshinki will be releasing on 180919 their first new album since their restart titled 「TOMORROW」! and the album jacket and 13 songs have been revealed! It include Reboot, Begin ~Again Version~ and Road from the last singles, as well as a remake (the TOMORROW Version) of Tohoshinki’s 2006 song “Asu wa Kuru Kara (Tomorrow Will Surely Come)” , which was used as an ending to anime One Piece back then.

This will also be their first original album released in both forms DVD and Blu-ray!! (previously it was only as DVD). They will include the full version of 「Asu wa Kuru Kara ~TOMORROW Version~」 music video (not planned to be pre-released on Youtube).

The first limited edition of these versions will include as well the music videos offshoot, the 2017-2018 Tohoshinki Begin Again Documentary Film, and a limited Photobook! The limited-quantity Bigeast version will include a Live digest video of the 171221 Tokyo Dome concert!!

The Japanese version of TVXQ’s the Chance of Love is also included!!

Now you can pre-order the album from HMV Japan: here, and Amazon Japan: here ! Please check our post: here on how to support the release on Oricon~


2018.9.19 Release
■AL+Blu-ray (Sumapura compatible) <Frist Press Edition>

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[PIC] 181017 Hiroshima FM 「GOOD JOG +」Blog on Tohoshinki’s Visit to the Studio

Tohoshinki appeared on on Hiroshima FM morning program「GOOD JOG +」, for a pre-recorded interview (full broadcast about 18min)!

The blog pointed that Changmin was setting on the left seat with jacket, while Yunho on the right one

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[AUD/Partial Trans] 181017 Tohoshinki Interview for Hiroshima FM 「GOOD JOG +」+ Playing New Song Jealous on Broadcast for the First Time!!

Tohoshinki appeared on on Hiroshima FM morning program「GOOD JOG +」, for a pre-recorded interview (full broadcast about 18min)!

At the end of the interview, the show played the studio version of Jealous for the first time, it sounds amazing *__*!! the song will be officially released on 11/21  (here), please read our post (here) about supporting Tohoshinki releases and preorder your copy~ ^^*

They talked about different topics, such as how they are developing their Japanese, about each other and how they learned about the “I am U-Know Yunho” trending in Korea > w <!! They also commented on their “T series” albums (albums starting with T) in response to the DJ



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[PIC] 181016 Tohoshinki TOMORROW Tour Billboard for Dome Dates Spotted in front of Shibuya Station!

A billboard advertising Tohoshinki’s TOMORROW Tour Dome dates was spotted in front of Shibuya station, in the famous Shibuya scramble crossing!

Currently, the fanclub ticketing rounds have just ended (here and here), and no announcement on public sales yet.

we hope it attracts more new Tohoshinki fans ^^*!



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[VID] 181014 Big Tohoshinki Fan Model and Actress Takahashi Yu Mentions on TV how her Husband got Jealous Because of them!

Japanese model and actress Takahashi Yu is a long time fan of Tohoshinki and Yunho (here is one of her blogs about them). She appeared on NTV’s “Gyoretsuno dekiru horitsu sodanjo” special episode hosted by Sanma-san, and told a story about how her husband, K-1 fighter Urabe Hirotaka, got jealous over a Tohoshinki post she made on her instagram story about them being cool/amazing and wanting to see their live!



[cr: @doyafaceuknow]


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