[TVXQ! SNS] 181219 #TVXQ’s Special Album “NEW CHAPTER #2: The Truth of Love” Teaser Photo Revealed! #Truth is a Jazz-based RnB Pop, to be Released on 181226 6PM! + Liked by Changmin

TVXQ’s official accounts sharing the photo teaser of TVXQ’s 15th anniversary special album “NEW CHAPTER #2: THE TRUTH OF LOVE” which will be released on 12/26 6PM!! The song has been revealed to be a jazz-based RnB pop!

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The album is now available for pre-orders on online stores, so make sure to secure your copy now and support the release ^^*!



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[INFO] 181025 Official Website Updates with Songs Previews #Jealous and #大好きだった for #東方神起 NEW SINGLE『Jealous』(Release 181121)!

Tohoshinki single『Jealous』will be released on 2018/11/21, featuring the title song “Jealous” and the newly announced title of the coupling song: 「大好きだった (Daisuki datta)」, which has been decided as the theme song of the upcoming popular anime movie “Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS”

Limited edition comes with an A4 phootbook, and and enclosed serial number to apply for the “Meet & Greet” at TOMORROW Tour Dome dates (20 people per each of the 9 days, so a total of 180 people, who could meet and greet Tohoshinki (no handshake/photos) details: here)


The official website has updated the single details with the song previews, which you can check : here.
(It has an extended preview of Daisuiki datta that was played in the movie teaser)


Please read our post (here) about supporting Tohoshinki releases and preorder your copy~ ^^*


2018.11.21 Release

■CD+PHOTOBOOK【First Pres Limited Edition】(Sumapura compatible)

Product Code: AVCK-79511
POS: 498806479511/6
Price:¥2,000 + tax

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