[INFO] 180316 #TVXQ New 8th Album Title Revealed: “NEW CHAPTER #1: THE CHANCE OF LOVE” Out on 3/28!! PRE-ORDER NOW!!


#TVXQ New Album Title Revealed: “NEW CHAPTER #1: THE CHANCE OF LOVE”, to be Released on 3/28!! PRE-ORDER NOW!!


|UPDATE 2: please stick to Synnara as it reflects on the most charts; and avoid the rest [cr: @from_bunny_ via @snxy] |


International fans can pre-order now from stores that reflect immediately on Hanteo and Gaon charts, and you can choose to include a poster for a limited time:

  • Synnara via Global Gmarkert (you can choose to get a poster in tube for limited time): here (₩14,000) or here (₩16,000)
    {p/n: not sure what is the difference between them, but only the ₩16k is listed on Synnara’s own website}
    | UPDATE:
    The 16k one seems ton include the shipping fee for Korea while the 14k doesn’t, though it’s not clear why [cr: via @snxy] |

  • Global Yes24 (poster in tube included for limited time): here (₩16,305)
  • Interpark (poster in case included for limited time): here (₩16,300) {p/n: has not been listed yet on their Global website}
    | UPDATE: 
    On KR website it says it can be shipped overseas, so if you could nevegate your way through Korean you could try ordering from there.
    Although you could try the global store now that it has been listed (here), we don’t know yet if the seller (인터아시아) count to charts. The shipping is also more expensive than Synnara |




excited fans had #THE_CHANCE_OF_LOVE trending No.1 in Korea! make sure to use the hashtag together with TVXQ’s!

[cr: @TYPEB_SCM]




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[INFO] 180205 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」LIVE DVD & Blu-ray to be Released on 2018/3/28!

HMV Japan already has it up for pre-order: here! Please check our post: here on how to support the release on Oricon!


Tohoshinki’s 2017 5-Dome Tour「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」to be released as a DVD and Blu-ray!
Starting from Sapporo Dome in 2017/11, the tour has mobilised 780,000 people in a total of 17 performances at 5 locations nationwide! This release captures the tour’s final day performance at Kyocera Dome (2018.01.21), with the 3 DVD set First Press Limited Edition enclosing backstage documentary and MC digest!

<Product Details>
2018.3.28 Release
LIVE DVD & Blu-ray「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」

■3DVD Set【First Press Limited Edition/BOX Specification】(Sumapura compatible)
Product Code: AVBK-79446~8
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[INFO] 180607 Additional Seats Sales of『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』After Stage has been Set up!

It seems some of the seats that were to be reserved for the concert equipment has been cleared out after staff finished preparing the stage, so sales of the additional seats for the three days have been announced so they can be used by audience!

◆Sales Period:6/7 (Thu) at 16:00~until 12:00 of each performance day
 To apply go here>>>http://l-tike.com/tohoshinki

Also for further details: here! (just like before, these seats may not be ideal to fully enjoy the concert).

It looks like some of those seats have been sold out already as of now, so please don’t miss your chance! Keep eyes as well on trusted fans resales on twitter as their seats may end up being better.




Tohoshinki Official Website,
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[INFO] 180607 Notice about the Nissan Stadium Special Goods: Bracelet Penlight and Usage Instructions!

Similar to their TIME Nissan concerts, a bracelet penlight will be provided to all fans attending! It has a red colour but will be controlled by staff for different themes or projects (will be different from seat to seat so don’t switch it or bring it to the other two days either), so please read the instructions carefully to help making this an enjoyable experience for everyone!

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[VID] 180607 Tohoshinki’s Previous Video Message for「Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2018」Festival Posted on Official Twitter!


Previously revealed on the press conference held on 180509, official event shared their video message on their twitter:

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[VID] 180607 Three Days Left Until WOWOW’s Live Broadcast of the 6/10 Nissan Stadium Concert!

There will be an official live stream of the last day concert of nissan stadium titled「Live Broadcast!東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM」

It will be broadcast on WOWOW Prime on 6/10 (Sun) at 4:55PM (JST), and international fans can watch it officially via fujitv online here (also on app), but you would need to subscribe to their service or create an account with an email free for one day (so only do it on the day of concert). The broadcast is expected to be on channel 23 there which is WOWOW Prime channel.

Below a new short video from WOWOW~

Please check it out at official website if they can be accessed in your country: here, or check our re-uploads below~


  • 3 Days left until the live broadcast!

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