TVXQ! Express - Happy 2nd Anniversary! edited 75%

[TVXQ! Express] Today’s our 2nd Anniversary O(≧▽≦)O!! and 6 Years since TVXQ! Duo’s 1st Stage~


Dear TVXQ! Express readers,

It’s been two years already since our TVXQ! Express started running on 21 August 2014!! Hooray o(≧∇≦o*)!!!

Since last July, and by Yunho’s enlistment, TVXQ! officially went on hiatus for their military service, so overall this last year was not as busy as the previous one.

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[INFO] 161020 TVXQ Tops a Poll Conducted by JP SKY PerfecTV On which KPOP Artistes Viewers Want in KR Dramas



SKY PerfecTV conducted a poll of men & women aged 20-79 on which KPOP artistes they’d like to see in KR dramas with 469 people, and TVXQ were the highest in the list~





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[Trans] 161020 Yunho was Mentioned by Comedian Kim Won Hyo in “Songs of Hope at Noon” MBC FM4U Radio Show

On “Songs of Hope at Noon” MBC FM4U radio show, guest star, comedian Kim Won Hyo mentioned Yunho

When Kim Won Hyo was introducing a song request, on “something that he is proud of”, he suddenly mentioned “U-Know Yunho who is serving his military service called. Continue reading

[INFO/VID] 161018 24h Cosme’s 2nd Campaign TVCM「The all-of-a-sudden Changmin ~Autumn Edition~」Revealed!

24h Cosme revealed Changmin’s 2nd campaign TVCM titled 「The all-of-a-sudden Changmin ~Autumn Edition~」


[cr:  24h cosme(24hコスメ)【公式】]


Also, Changmin’s comment for the TVCM, played at a 24h Cosme store:

[cr:  @raccowa]

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[Instagram/Fanacc] 161016 TILL in Osaka Surprise Guests were Toho Dancers SONNY, TAMAIYA and YWKI!

Today’s 東方神起 FILM CONCERT TILL in Osaka last day, the surprise guests were Toho dancers Sonny (1st round), Tamiya and YWKI (2nd round)!

It seems like TB-chan is gonna be a new addition to the Toho dancers team haha


Here’s Sonny-san introducing TB-chan in English~

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[News-The New York Times] 161016 With Idols in Ranks, South Korean Army Steps to a K-Pop Beat


{p/n: parts were Yunho or fans were mentioned are highlighted in red~}

With Idols in Ranks, South Korean Army Steps to a K-Pop Beat


One of South Korea’s most famous K-pop stars, U-Know Yunho, center, performing this month at a military festival in Gyeryong, South Korea. [cr: Jean Chung for The New York Times]

GYERYONG, South Korea — The audience applauded politely as the honor guard twirled its rifles, and oohed and aahed at the acrobatic taekwondo demonstration. But the real excitement began when the army band appeared.

The big draw: Jung Yun-ho, a soldier otherwise known as U-Know Yunho, one of South Korea’s most famous K-pop stars. He burst onto the stage of a military runway here in the mountains south of Seoul, wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with “Korea Army” on the back.

“This is the band I organized in the army,” Mr. Jung shouted, gesturing to the other soldier-musicians behind him as 2,500 civilian fans quivered and shrieked in delight. Continue reading

[Fancam/Fanacc] 161015 SCS Corporal Yunho Performing with his Division at Yangju Mask Dance Amphitheatre


[cr: @W_crown26218]

Our SCS corporal Jung Yunho performed with Bulmuri today 5 songs for Yangju Agricultural Products Fair at Yangju Mask Dance Amphitheatre. They covered Lee Moon Sae’s Girl, Zion T’s See-through, Daybreak’s Good and sang TVXQ’s Mirotic and Dream. Fans were able to attend when they rehearsed four songs before the event starting.





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