[TVXQ! SNS] 180629 ★ChicXChic★ Check out TVXQ!’s chic and charming appearance from the fashion magazine ‘VOGUE’’s July issue👀

TVXQ’s official accounts sharing photos from their Vogue photoshoot! Magazine can be ordered from Global market: here (temporarily out of stock) and Ktown4U: here.

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[Trans] TVXQ’s Interview for Magazine “VOGUE JAPAN” – July Issue 2018 (Released 180622) (FULL)

TVXQ had a 14-page feature for Magazine “VOGUE JAPAN” – July Issue 2018 (released 180622), which can be ordered from Global market: here (temporarily out of stock) and Ktown4U: here.

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Interview Translation by @janieTVXQ (TVXQ are Yunho and Changmin):



The Great Showman, U-Know Yunho

“FM” to “Freedom”
I really liked the army. Of course, I wouldn’t go twice, for fear of those memories being tainted. (laugh) The pure high school boy got a different colour after going to the army. I became looser especially. I guess it was because there was a lot of time to think in the army. I had been keeping U-Know Yunho and Jung Yunho apart until now, but I felt, how would it be if I started to merge the two? Since TVXQ has a strong mysterious image, I also tried to show the “FM” (T/N: Field Manual) side of me. Now, times have changed, and I think it will be okay to approach the public as the free Jung Yunho off the stage. I was worried since I didn’t know how people will react to it, but my motto is “Let’s work hard”. I thought that even concepts like this would be recognized if I work hard at it in my own way. After I showed my real life through a few programs, I heard, “Jung Yunho has this side of himself?” It felt so freeing. Of course, still, I am strict on myself when I’m on stage. Because I am the age and have the experience to be professionally responsible. Aside from that, I’d like to continue to be easily approachable.  Continue reading