[Giveaway Contest] SAKURAMICHI “With TVXQ!”


EDIT: Contest has closed! Many Thanks to everyone who has participated!


EDIT2: Check Winners HERE


Hello dear TVXQ! Express readers,

This year’s Winter is so harsh and unforgiving; however, rest assured as an especially early Spring is coming to melt it away with its warmth and love!

It is Tohoshinki again heating up the place with the exciting 5-Dome WITH tour, warming our hearts with sweet melodies with SAKURAMICHI, and, without a doubt, just more and more!

So, in hope to show our gratitude to both Tohoshinki and you guys (we’ve reached 1,000 followers on Twitter!! Thank you!!), we thought about organizing this small giveaway event, and have you share your TVXQ! love with us as we have always shared ours with you here <3~

TVXQ! (Yunho & Changmin), through their latest album WITH, have expressed their feelings to us in their songs (their lyrics), performances and even interviews (MORA’s and more). WITH, quoting Yunho, is “Yunho WITH Changmin, Tohoshinki WITH Bigeast.” WITH expresses different kinds of bonds and types of love.

That’s their WITH. So what does “WITH”, or specifically, “WITH TVXQ!” mean to you?



The Giveaway:


we will be giving away 10 copies of Tohoshinki’s new upcoming Japanese single 「サクラミチ」| “SAKURAMICHI” (CD Only ver) CDs to 10 winners! [read more about the contents of this CD version here]



 How to participate:

Choose one of the following, or both:

  1. Entry A:
    In written (English) words, please tell us what “WITH TVXQ!” means to you. Words limit: from ~100 to ~300.
    Let the pen, or in this case the keyboard, be the mirror of your heart
  2. Entry B:
    Art! In a drawing, please show us what “WITH TVXQ!” means to you. Photo file dimensions starting from (600 x 600 pixels)
    you don’t know how to put your feelings in words? then draw them!! don’t be shy and let every brush stroke connect your feelings with TVXQ!




How Winners are Chosen:

  1. when you submit your work we will send you an email informing you whether your entry was accepted and we will assign each unique entry (A or B) a number in the order that the entries are received by TVXQ! Express (based on time-stamp of the email received).
  2. These numbers help to add anonymity to the entries when we judge them, so please keep these numbers saved as we might use them to announce the winners.
  3. We will then use https://www.random.org/ to generate 10 random numbers to select the winners.
  4. Each person can only win once. In the case where 2 random numbers are the entries from a same person, we will draw another winner using the same method.
  5. All above is subject to changes
  6. All decisions made by TVXQ! Express will be final.




Rules and Conditions:

  1. TVXQ!/Tohoshinki are Yunho and Changmin. We would like to know what being WITH TVXQ! now means to you, not what it meant to you. This giveaway is for the TVXQ fans who appreciate and support TVXQ wholeheartedly as what it is now, Yunho and Changmin. We hope you respect our wish.
  2. You can submit as many entries as possible up until the deadline. However, we repeat, each person can only win once.
  3. As specified above:
    for entry A: words limit: from ~100 to ~300.
    for entry B: photo file dimensions starting from (600 x 600 pixels).
  4. All Entries must be unique and have never been published or used for previous contests (or such) before.
  5. Please submit only your original work.
  6. Please understand that your entry might be published or used here by TVXQ! Express after the contest is over.
  7. Entries can be submitted starting today. Deadline: by the end of 2015/02/24 JST
  8. Please submit your entry to TVXQExpress@gmail.com
  9. When you submit your entry, please make sure to do as follows:
    – Email Title should be:
    [Giveaway Contest] “With TVXQ!”: Entry A/B – (your name/nickname, country)

    – In the same email: please write your name, age, country, mother language and email address.
  10. In case of winning, participants are expected to share their real contact information with us in order to ship the CD to them.
  11. We are not responsible for any customs the package may requires after we ship it, such charges are to be paid by the participant.

More details/rules might be added later, so make sure to check this page regularly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact us via our email TVXQExpress@gmail.com


Best Regards,

TVXQ! Express


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