Here’s how TVXQ! Express is functioning, and how we would like our readers to handle the website! Rules may be subject to changes and updates without prior notice~


TVXQ! Express Posts:


  1. TVXQ! Express is a 東方神起 (TVXQ/동방신기(Dong Bang Shin Ki)/Tohoshinki, or as fans might shorten to THSK or DBSK) fansite, and so it is a place for TVXQ, its two members Yunho and Changmin and their solo works, and TVXQ official fanclubs: Cassiopeia and Bigeast.
  2. TVXQ! Express‘s posting priority goes to sharing official news and official website updates, then translated materials of official releases (Magazines/DVDs/etc), then fan photos/scans, fanaccounts and other updates.
  3. When sharing translated materials, the priority in picking translations goes to choosing a full and direct English translation from the original language of the information (ex: Japanese news? then we will try to share any JP-EN translations, and so on), and so spreading the most direct translation is mostly favored in TVXQ! Express. For that reason, you might find us waiting a bit and not sharing indirect translations right away. We also might prioritize indirect translations if they fully cover the original source of news, compared to the other ones.
  4. Recently, most translators we post from share their translations as text tweets, image tweets, etc. When reposting such translations, TVXQ! Express will work on completing the sentences and any abbreviations translators may make (because of the 140-character limit) based on our own understanding, so any possible mistakes in such reposts are our own, and not the translators’. This is mostly the default case for such posts, so we suggest our reader to refer to the translators’ original account if the reader wishes to double check a translation. For translations in image format, TVXQ! Express will also try to write them down as text in our posts in order to avoid problems that tend to happen with viewing images in old posts.
  5. TVXQ! Express sometimes will write in the credits “Posted… by TVXQ! Express” to suggest the post may contain some degree of our own wording or information (You can check it against the reported translation source if present). On a larger scale, or completely, if “Post Written… by TVXQ! Express” was used for the credits.
  6. TVXQ! Express is strongly against sharing or posting any stalker Photos or accounts (or anything that’s invading TVXQ’s privacy), same for avoiding controversial gossip and rumors. (Read the exceptions on 7-10 below)
  7. TVXQ! Express will only post non-official appearances of TVXQ if it is actively work-related (i.e. a camera crew’s with them and such, we will not post photos or videos of them taking breaks away from their filming crew), and also if it is shared on public SNS accounts of other celebrities/friends (as we will assume these were shared after taking TVXQ’s consent).
  8. However, TVXQ! Express will not post photos of TVXQ! visiting SM building whether it was related to work or not, as TVXQ themselves did not approve it (Updated: This rule may not apply to TVXQ passing through the SUM Cafe in the new SM Communication Center where fans presence is normal).
  9. For fanaccounts of spotting TVXQ! outside their work’s grounds which we made sure they are work related (filming/etc), TVXQ! Express will try not to update on them right away so we avoid attracting fans’ attention to their filming location unless they already left it.
  10. TVXQ! Express might post accounts on spotting TVXQ overseas if we deem them “non-stalker-ish”. Nevertheless, these posts are highly unlikely to be reported by us, especially in form of photos or videos.
  11. TVXQ! Express will not post unconfirmed information, or source-less ones.
  12. TVXQ! Express mostly will not post materials in which we could not find direct links to their original posters. We pay huge attention to crediting and our members spend a lot of time on writing the proper credits to their best, because we like to give our readers the best access to any information or media we post by linking them to their original sources.
  13. TVXQ! Express will only post and share from sources that presently support 東方神起 (TVXQ/동방신기(Dong Bang Shin Ki)/Tohoshinki, or as fans might shorten to THSK or DBSK) as Yunho and Changmin only, and (the sources) must have never deliberately shared or translated anything that could be harmful to TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin or invading their privacy. We are not willing to help promote works of someone who does not acknowledge Yunho and Changmin’s efforts in keeping TVXQ alive for the past decade, nor will we do for someone who forces their own beliefs and ideals on Yunho and Changmin and does not respect them or hate on one of them.
  14. TVXQ! Express is a 東方神起 (TVXQ/동방신기(Dong Bang Shin Ki)/Tohoshinki, or as fans might shorten to THSK or DBSK) fansite. We support TVXQ as what it is now, Yunho and Changmin ONLY. So there will be no mentions of ex-members in TVXQ! Express as long as neither Yunho or Changmin voluntarily mention them by themselves, it is under the controversial issues we would like to avoid.
  15. TVXQ! Express is not a ground for bashing, hating, trolling, unnecessary comparisons of TVXQ with other groups, etc.
  16. TVXQ! Express will not share any news that could be harmful or defaming to TVXQ, Yunho, Changmin, their family, TVXQ name, brand or image.


In case any of our posts does not comply with the rules above, please notify us and help us keep TVXQ! Express a fantastically efficient and credible website for TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin updates for everyone~





  1. TVXQ! Express welcomes the readers to leave comments and start constructive discussions in comments section underneath almost every post on the website.
  2. When you leave a comment, please try to make it related to the topic you are posting under, keep it polite and refrain from using any foul language.
  3. Readers’ feedback to the website is very much welcomed! Same with positive criticism or pointing out mistakes and such, these are our most favorite to be honest, no kidding!
  4. We do appreciate your encouraging comments so much, even if we did not respond to them, please know that your words have not gone unnoticed by us so thank you so much ^^
  5. As mentioned above, TVXQ! Express is a 東方神起 (TVXQ/동방신기(Dong Bang Shin Ki)/Tohoshinki, or as fans might shorten to THSK or DBSK) fansite. We support TVXQ as what it is now, Yunho and Changmin ONLY. So there should be no mentions of ex-members.
  6. Please be respectful towards TVXQ, Yunho,Changmin, their familes, and their friends as well as TVXQ! Express members and the other readers. Any comments that we find offensive will be deleted.



Reposting/Resharing Our Posts:

  1. Resharing our posts is totally fine as long as your blog clearly defines 東方神起 (TVXQ/동방신기(Dong Bang Shin Ki)/Tohoshinki, or as fans might shorten to THSK or DBSK) now as Yunho and Changmin only, and does not by any means encourage animosity towards TVXQ, Yunho and ChangminCassiopeia and Bigeast or invade their privacy. Otherwise, please do not share our posts. We work hard here to spread TVXQ’s love to those who respect and appreciate them, and not giving Yunho and Changmin a simple acknowledgement such as addressing them properly the way they address themselves, or treat them respectfully regardless of your own preferences are acts of disrespect and completely unacceptable by us.
  2. When you reshare our posts please keep our credits fully as they are. Even if the post sounded as a simple copy and paste from the original translators and sources, we put a lot of thought and effort in each word we report and we spend a lot of time matching the foreign sources and writing the credits to our best. So we hope you respect that and keep the credits as they are.
  3. When you reshare our posts please check the credits, and see if the original sources allows your sharing their stuff on your blog, especially if yours is not an only TVXQ fans blog.



 Translating Our Original Posts and Subbed Videos, etc.:

  1. For TVXQ! Express‘s own translated news, subbed or non-subbed videos, DVD cuts and such, please contact us by email for permission, as we need to check with the translator’s who provided these (News/Videos) translation for us/check with the video owner who provided the video for us. Before you do though, please make sure that you meet the resharing rules above first. If your request is accepted, please make sure to include any translation notes we leave.




Due to some recent misunderstandings, TVXQ! Express would like to inform their followers and whom it may concern that, in any future events, if someone personally approached you using our name for whatever reason, then there must be a follow up confirmation message from one of  TVXQ Express’s official SNS accounts (Twitter: @TVXQExpress, Tumblr: TVXQExpress, Facebook: TVXQExpress, Youtube Channel: TVXQ Express) or our email If none of our official accounts contacted you in a maximum of 3 days, then please understand that TVXQ Express is not aware of these actions, whether they were from people who identified themselves as our members or not.





For any questions, suggestions or reports on posts or comments, please contact us through the contact form below (your message will be only seen by us)