[INFO] 181128 Tohoshinki #東方神起 to be the Cover of JP Magazine “ELLE MEN” February Issue 2019 (Release on 181228)!! #Jealous


  • ELLE Japan

Tohoshinki to be the cover page of February Issue 2019 which will be releases 2018/12/28.

《Special Edition》Cover, ELLE MEN
《Normal Edition》ELLE MEN


The website schedule also updated the previously released April Issue of VOGUE Japan of this year.




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[PIC/VID] 181118 Tohoshinki April 2018 Photoshoot Making Played at「VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2018 OSAKA IN UMEDA HANKYU & HANKYU MEN’S OSAKA」Event (181117-18)

Making of Tohoshinki April 2018 photoshoot for magazine “VOGUE JAPAN” was played at the 「VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2018 OSAKA IN UMEDA HANKYU & HANKYU MEN’S OSAKA」event (181117-18)



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[INFO] 181102 Tohoshinki #東方神起 Tops Concert Mobilisation Power Ranking for 2018 in Japan (All Artists) with 1.28 Million People!!

Congratulations > w <!!!

As revealed on Nikkei Entertainment magazine Deceomber Issue 2018 (here):

Concert Mobilisation Power (in Japan, for all artists) Ranking 2018 TOP 50: 

No.1 Tohoshinki with 1.28 million people in 48 shows!!


[cr: via @aqi206u]


In 2018, Tohoshinki continued the remaining 6 dome concerts of Begin Again tour and held the record-breaking 3 days of at Nissan Stadium! They also held the 9 shows of 『Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2018 THE MISSION IV』, and currently holding the 30 shows in 2018 of Tomorrow tour ^^*

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[Trans] 181024 Choreographer Rino Nakasone (MAXIMUM, KYHD, etc) Shares her Opinion about Tohoshinki in an Interview

Choreographer Rino Nakasone, who worked with many SM artists including TVXQ’s MAXIMUM and (together with shim Jaewon) Keep Your Head Down and Android, has shared her thoughts about Tohoshinki in an interview in Biweekly Magazin Josei Jishin





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[INFO] 181018 Tohoshinki to Appear on NTV’s Variety Show “Gyoretsuno Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo” on 10/28!!

Tohoshinki had filmed for NTV’s variety show “Gyoretsuno dekiru horitsu sodanjo” and the episode will be aired on 10/28 at 21:00 – 21:54 JST!! This will be their first time on the show ^^


  • TV Guide magazine:

They will talk about what/who they’re in unrequired love with [cr: @ihavebeensober]

[cr: @tama0274347701]


  • TV Life magazine:

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[PIC] 180810 Tohoshinki’s Autograph for “Curlplex Obihiro” from their Curling Mission for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD

Tohoshinki challenged curling for their “The Gold Mission R” for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD! Below is their photograph for the “Curlplex Obihiro” where they filmed the mission. There are photos of the jumper Changmin borrowed because it was cold and the stick he used.

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[VID] 180725 BIGEAST Fanclub – MOVIE: THE GOLD MISSION R Unpublished Videos Collection vol.3

unpublished footage from the gold mission r on their last winter magazine dvd, 3rd and last part ^^




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