[PIC] 180810 Tohoshinki’s Autograph for “Curlplex Obihiro” from their Curling Mission for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD

Tohoshinki challenged curling for their “The Gold Mission R” for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD! Below is their photograph for the “Curlplex Obihiro” where they filmed the mission. There are photos of the jumper Changmin borrowed because it was cold and the stick he used.

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[VID] 180725 BIGEAST Fanclub – MOVIE: THE GOLD MISSION R Unpublished Videos Collection vol.3

unpublished footage from the gold mission r on their last winter magazine dvd, 3rd and last part ^^




Bigeast Official Website,
Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
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[INFO] 180711 「THE GOLD MISSION R」Unpublished Footage to be Revealed in 3 Parts!!

Unpublished footage of「THE GOLD MISSION R」to be revealed on the Bigeast website in 3 parts~
Check out more of the「THE GOLD MISSION R」from the Bigeast 2018 WINTER Magazine, as we wait for the release of the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine!

■Release Schedule
・7/11 12:00
・7/18 12:00
・7/25 12:00

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[HQ-PIC] 180315 The Signed Tohoshinki Polaroids for “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018 (Released on 180228)

Tohoshinki were featured in “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018, released 180228. Three magazine buyers are to enter lottery (applications end 3/27) to win a signed polaroid as a special present~







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[VID] 180309 Tohoshinki Making and Comment for “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018 on Official YouTube Channel

Tohoshinki were featured in “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018, released  on 2018/02/28. You can order the issue at Amazon Japan: here (on kindle as well here)~

Previously revealed making and comment videos are now posted on VOGUE Japan official YouTube Channel~





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[Trans] Tohoshinki for “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018 (Released on 180228) (Part.1)

Tohoshinki were featured in “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018, released 180228. You can order the issue at Amazon Japan: here (on kindle as well here). Below are translations of the first parts of the interview~ ^^

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating this interview \ (*>ω<*)/


Opening at the Sapporo Dome in November last year, Tohoshinki completed their own Five Dome tour “TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2017 ~ Begin Again~” at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on January 21. Even though they had nearly two years of hiatus, they were able to bring in total of 780,000 audiences to the tour.

There always is a reason for why they are so popular for very popular group/artists. We wish to know the origin for why Tohoshinki are so much loved by their fans.

Do you like to support someone who works really hard? Or do you like someone who pretends to be cool? All the fans who come to Tohoshinki live concert prefer the former. It is totally different that someone is cool and someone who tries to be cool. The origin of popularity of Tohoshinki, Korean artists, is because that they keep doing their best and keep challenging themselves, and they show us the super cool stage with all their mighty.

CM: I think everyone gives us support just because we are perfect/at our best. I believe that everyone supports us because they love to see us doing all our best on our stage, even though we are not perfect, we do all our best to death.

They run around, dance and sing in the red ocean that is created by pen lights of audiences cheering them. Including the encore, they perform 3.5 hours.

YH: I can die on stage.
To proof that this is not just a saying, YH runs as fast as he can in the large venue (Dome). At the end of their concert, they walk every corner of the venue to take audiences deep bows. What they show to their audiences are, “the way of their livings”, where they convey all their souls.

The fans of Tohoshinki are very patient. They’d waited for their return quietly so they burst their happiness/excitement when they can share such feelings in the same venue. During the two years of hiatus, Tohoshinki held film concerts without them.
CM: I heard that many people went to film concerts even we were physically not there. I think that we should repay their feelings, they care about the two of us and they miss us so much. During these two years, my gratitude to them has grown much stronger.

YH: We have experienced two turning points in our career. Even we encountered some unexpected troubles/difficulties, our fans believe in Tohoshinki and here, they are still with us. We have been climbing up the ladder together with our fans, so I really cherish such bonds/connections to our fans. They are our best friends. To us, all our fans are our pride and our fans thinks we are their pride. Our relationship is not just about fans and artists. Our fans are the third member of Tohoshinki. Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 180228 Tohoshinki Making and Comment for “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018

Tohoshinki were featured in “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018, released  on 2018/02/28. You can order the issue at Amazon Japan: here (on kindle as well here)~

The making video and Tohoshinki comment video have been revealed today on the main website and previews shared on the magazine SNS accounts (they posted in English, too)!


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