[Non-Fanacc] 170326 Changmin was Seen Visiting Yunho at the 26 Division Camp in Yangju~

It seems that Changmin went to Yangju and visited Yunho at his division camp \(*^ w ^*)/!!!


OP went to visit his/her older brother at 26th division today and saw Changmin with Yunho!! Said both kept talking and Continue reading

[Instagram] 170323 Changmin Joins our Leader in Experimenting with Filters on Friends’ SNS Accounts~

First Yunho, and now Changmin! the TVXQ trying cute and amusing filters through friends’ SNS series continues! this time Changmin seems to have tried face swapping with Siwon and a lady acquaintance!

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[Non-Fanacc] 170314 A Super Junior Fan’s Friend Spotted Changmin and Siwon Playing Basketball~


Non-fan’s friend went to a childcare centre near Continue reading

[Instagram] 170312 A Successful Fan Got to have Selcas with the Nice Hyung Changmin~

a successful fan who was out when he encountered Changmin!!


successful fan😅😅 really really Continue reading

[PIC] 170309 Changmin, Looking Handsome Even in Blurry Photos, with Siwon and Another Policeman~


A Japanese author (?) posts photo of changmin (with siwon) who seems to be an acquaintance with a friend of hers- a national korean rugby player. {t/n: she doesn’t really state the connection clearly in her tweet but I’m guessing it’s that.}




In English via @snxy,
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[Fancam] 170308 Changmin Singing in a Police Promotions Unit Performance for a Middle School

It’s unclear whether this is recent or not, but here is a video of Changmin covering again M.C the Max’s No matter where (어디에도) in a middle school event ^^





Fancam by 갓에핑핑팬 via @snxy,
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[Trans] 170309 Due to TVXQ’s Absence due to Military Service, SM’s Results Faces a Decline… Operating Profit 43.15% ↓

Due to TVXQ’s absence due to military service, SM’s results facing a decline…operating profit 43.15% ↓

Due to the artistes in the agency that are in the midst of fulfilling their military service, KOSDAQ (Korean stock exchange) -listed entertainment company, SM’s results have faced a decline. Continue reading