[INFO/PIC] 171222 東方神起 had an Exclusive Interview with for NTV’s “Zoom in! Saturday” #Reboot

Tohoshinki had an exclusive interview with NTV’s morning show “Zoom in! Saturday”, where they mentioned a secret story from their MV filming. It seems it will be revealed this Saturday.

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[VID] 171202 東方神起 / 「Begin ~Again Version~」MUSIC VIDEO(Short ver.)

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[VID] 171124 東方神起 / 「Reboot」MUSIC VIDEO(Short ver.)

Tohoshinki’s new SINGLE「Reboot」, to be released on 171220, which will come with a Music Video for both of its tracks “Reboot” and”Begin ~Again Version~”!!

The short version of Reboot music video is revealed!






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[PIC/VID] 171114 Covers and MVs of OCN Drama Meloholic (2017) Original Sound Track – Part.1-4

Below are the covers and music videos of OCN Drama Meloholic (2017) Original Sound Track – Part.1 (11/06), Part.2 (11/07), Part.3 (11/13) and Part.4 (11/14). The following singers have been announced to do the ost on new articles back in 171107 [cr: @snxy]


OCN Drama Meloholic(2017) Original Sound Track – Part.1:

  • Martin Smith(마틴스미스) – Season Comes Again(그때의 온도)



OCN Drama Meloholic(2017) Original Sound Track – Part.2:

  • Park Jimin(박지민) – Say I Love You(괜찮나요)

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[VID] 170929 [STATION] WHAT’S BEHIND? #U_KNOW 유노윤호 ‘#DROP’ and #MAX 최강창민 ‘#여정 (#InADifferentLife)’

Behind the scenes of their MVs, check them out!!

Also on naver: 1 and 2, and V Live: 1 and 2.

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[VID] 170929 [STATION] #MAX 최강창민 ‘#여정 (#InADifferentLife)’ Music Video is Now on YouTube!

Changmin’s ‘여정 (In A Different Life)’ MV is now on YouTube!! Let’s start watching!!


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