[Eng Sub – janieTVXQ subs] 170929 WHAT’S BEHIND? #U_KNOW ‘#DROP’ and #MAX ‘#여정 (#InADifferentLife)’



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[VID] 170929 [STATION] WHAT’S BEHIND? #U_KNOW 유노윤호 ‘#DROP’ and #MAX 최강창민 ‘#여정 (#InADifferentLife)’

Behind the scenes of their MVs, check them out!!

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[VID] 170929 [STATION] #MAX 최강창민 ‘#여정 (#InADifferentLife)’ Music Video is Now on YouTube!

Changmin’s ‘여정 (In A Different Life)’ MV is now on YouTube!! Let’s start watching!!


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[Trans] Lyrics of #U_Know Yunho’s #Drop and #MAX Changmin’s ‘#여정(#InADifferentLife)’

Lyrics translations of both of Yunho and Changmin’s station solos by @aminotvxq ^^!
{p/n: we have italicised any originally-English words in the song}


Yunho – Drop Lyrics (English Translation)

Drop it low
The future is behind the veil yet
Though I can’t see it yet

The era of furious life
The generation that inherited only parched land
We’ve turned a blind eye,
kept our mouths shut,
thrown courage to viciousness
And the consequence is
as we can see, as we can expect
Let’s bust it down, on this bare land
we’re starting from scratch once again

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[TVXQ! SNS] 170928 Yunho at #MAX Changmin’s ‘#여정(#InADifferentLife)’ MV Filming Site~

our boys supporting each other ㅠㅠ!


Changmin who suits the glow of the sunset is a perfect picture~^^~


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[VID] 170928 [STATION] #MAX Changmin 최강창민 #여정 (#InADifferentLife) Music Video is Released!

Changmin’s In a Different Life MV and song has been released!! Below are links to the music videos~



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