[VID] 181107 #東方神起 #Jealous MV in the Ending Credits of NTV’s “Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen!”

Tohoshinki Jealous MV was played in the ending credits of NTV’s “Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen!”



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[Instagram] 181102 Changmin in Toho Dancer Lina-san’s Post on 東方神起 Jealous MV Filming

Toho Dancer Lina-san, who is married to Toho dancer 50 who (choreographer of Jealous’s dance), shared photos of Toho dancers at the filming site of Tohoshinki’s Jealous.

She posted a photo of her husband posing with her and the other female dancers, then posted the “actual” scene with Changmin from the MV filming XD


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[Eng Sub – @ihavebeensober] 181031 JIJI PRESS Making-of Video: “Mature Sexiness” for MV of 東方神起 New Song Jealous


JIJI PRESS Making-of video “mature sexiness” for MV of new song


Original Video:

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[Instagram] 181017 A:WE design 2018 project: K-POP MV TVXQ “The Chance of Love”


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[VID] 180910 東方神起 / NEW ALBUM「TOMORROW」SPOT (60/30/15sec.Ver), Featuring MV Teaser of (Asu wa Kuru Kara) 明日は来るから ~TOMORROW Version~!!

Check out a short MV Teaser of (Asu wa Kuru Kara) 明日は来るから ~TOMORROW Version~!! The TOMORROW version seems to have been filmed in a similar setting as the old one as the two dressed in white and were on a helipad on top of a building~ > w <

The teaser can be watched at the end of the 60sec album teaser



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[PIC] 180822 Bigeast Staff Report: Tohoshinki’s Surprise Appearance at Dance Workshop in Kanazwa High School!

Bigeast staff sharing cute photos of Tohoshinki’s surprise appearance at dance workshop (lectured by Toho Dancers SONNY and 50) in Kanazwa High School ^^*

According to the report, the workshop was held on 180821~

They also did We are T pose with the ~50 students  ♪ > w <!



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[PIC] 180726 Behind the Scenes of the Music Video Production for TVXQ’s The Chance of Love and Love Line Music~

Check out how some the of CG scenes were filmed posted as gifs! also revealing the dates of the filming~


The Chance of Love:

Date_ March 28, 2018

2D – JK,KM





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[PIC/Trans] 180725 Bigeast Staff Report: #東方神起 First Single in 2018 #Road has been Released Today!!



Hello All Bigeasts!

Today July 25th, Tohoshinki released the first single of 2018, “Road”. This single album includes Yunho and Changmin’s solo songs. Yunho has his Drop in Japanese ver. and Changmin has “In a Different life”, respectively. Changmin wrote the lyric of this song in Japanese for the very first time. There are three types of album covers so I guess it is hard for you to pick one ^_^.

The MV was shot in the magnificient natural landscape. We were lucky because the weather was fantastic and were able to capture the great view of nature. The two of them really enjoyed the view of Obihiro for the first time and said, “We are able to fully enjoy the nature and this is a very relaxing place~!” They took a lot of pictures. Continue reading