[INFO/Trans] 180715 東方神起 New Song Jungle as Theme Song for JP Drama “Itsuka Kono Ame ga Yamu Hi made”+ Tohoshinki’s Comments

A new Tohoshinki song will be released!! The song titled “Jungle” will be used as the theme song for upcoming Japanese drama “Itsuka Kono Ame ga Yamu Hi made (Someday Until This Rain Stops)”, which will start airing on 4th August at 11:45pm on Fuji TV!


Below are translations of Song description and Tohoshinki’s comments on the news~


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[Partial Trans] 180707 TVXQ! Press Conference for TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome in Hong Kong Today!

Today, the TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome in Hong Kong will be held at 7PM at ASIA WORLD EXPO – ARENA!

At about 5PM (Hong Kong time), the press conference for the concert was held for about 22 minutes and was broadcast live!

Below are translations of parts of their answers! they promised some activities (?) for Thai fans *_*! and Changmin commented on reading fans’ instagram posts ^^

You can watch the full video now at the live link: here.



English Translations by @cheeruby ():

  • Yunho: there are a lot of fans who waited at the airport, and TVXQ felt so thankful bcs the fans waited for them (question is in Chinese) [cr: @mayamin26] Continue reading

[Fancam/Fanacc] 180630 Yunho at Son Hojun (and Yoo Yeonseok)’s 4th Funation Project “Coffee Friends”~

Yunho went to support Hojun and Actor Yoo Yeonseok’s joint monthly charity funation (fun+donation) project “Coffee Friends” (read about it here)! Yunho even wrote the menu board > w <


Below are videos and fanaccounts!


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[INFO] 180625 Confirmed: Yunho to Appear on MBC’s “I Live Alone” for the Second Time! Broadcast Time TBA

It’s confirmed *_*!!


  • Yunho has finished filming for I Live Alone.
  • to include both his Seoul & Gwangju lives.
  • After the TVXQ episode in March, this’ll be a 180degree different side of his daily life.

[cr: TV Report via naver]


  • – official –
    3 months after the TVXQ episode of I Live Alone, Yunho has been confirmed to have finished his repeat filming for another I Live Alone episode. Date of broadcast has not been decided yet.

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[Trans] TVXQ’s Interview for Magazine “VOGUE JAPAN” – July Issue 2018 (Released 180622) (FULL)

TVXQ had a 14-page feature for Magazine “VOGUE JAPAN” – July Issue 2018 (released 180622), which can be ordered from Global market: here (temporarily out of stock) and Ktown4U: here.

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating the interview \ (*>ω<*)/


[cr: @uncommon_yh]




Interview Translation by @janieTVXQ (TVXQ are Yunho and Changmin):



The Great Showman, U-Know Yunho

“FM” to “Freedom”
I really liked the army. Of course, I wouldn’t go twice, for fear of those memories being tainted. (laugh) The pure high school boy got a different colour after going to the army. I became looser especially. I guess it was because there was a lot of time to think in the army. I had been keeping U-Know Yunho and Jung Yunho apart until now, but I felt, how would it be if I started to merge the two? Since TVXQ has a strong mysterious image, I also tried to show the “FM” (T/N: Field Manual) side of me. Now, times have changed, and I think it will be okay to approach the public as the free Jung Yunho off the stage. I was worried since I didn’t know how people will react to it, but my motto is “Let’s work hard”. I thought that even concepts like this would be recognized if I work hard at it in my own way. After I showed my real life through a few programs, I heard, “Jung Yunho has this side of himself?” It felt so freeing. Of course, still, I am strict on myself when I’m on stage. Because I am the age and have the experience to be professionally responsible. Aside from that, I’d like to continue to be easily approachable.  Continue reading

[SCAN/Partial Trans] TVXQ for Magazine “VOGUE JAPAN” – July Issue 2018 (Released 180622)

TVXQ had a 14-page feature for Magazine “VOGUE JAPAN” – July Issue 2018 (released 180622), which can be ordered from Global market: here (temporarily out of stock) and Ktown4U: here.

Below are scans of the magazine as well as translations of the captions/quotations~



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[VID/Partial Trans] 180524 Yunho for MBC’s “Dunia: Into the New World” Press Conference

MBC’s “Dunia: Into the New World” Press Conference was held on the 24th at 2PM (KST), and broadcast live on V Live. Beside interviewing the cast, a new trailer was played~




The full press conference broadcast is available on v live : here (incomplete English subs as of now).

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