[Trans] 180112 DAM CHANNEL TV「東方神起」 Web Limited Video




YH: Hello Everyone! We are
YH&CM: Tohoshinki.
YH: Please enjoy watching our web video that is released for the first time now.
YH&CM: Enjoy!
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[VID/Partial Trans] 180109 Actor Han Jaeseok’s Phone Call to Yunho on MBC’s Video Star

Actor Han Jaesuk was Yunho’s co-star in Meloholic~




Official on 비디오스타 naver channel: here.



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[Trans] 180108 U-Know Yunho for 2018 UL·OS Moisturizer Making Film



  • 2018 UL·OS Moisturizer Making Film


Hello, this is the site where the filming of the ULOS moisturiser advertisement is taking place. I am TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho who has become the new model. It’s nice to meet you. This time’s advertisement has the concept of (being) “engineered for men”. What do you think? Does everyone find it okay? Being the new model and also to let everyone know about the good points of ULOS, I will talk about several things. Firstly, simply by applying it in the morning, without being greasy or oily, it remains moisturising the whole day. Although this part is its key point, it isn’t just this either. Continue reading

[Trans] 180101 Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt” EP Featuring a Cassiopeia had the Highest Viewers Ranking on its Time Slot~

On 171231, KBS’s Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt” featured a cassiopeia to talk about her TVXQ fan lifestyle.

The episode has the best viewers’ ratings for the time period!


-only TVXQ-related parts translated-

In any case, if one was going to become a fan, the let’s-become-fans-happily-TVXQ-taku’s {t/n: TVXQ fan or TVXQ otaku} receipt of pure love itself led with the best viewers’ ratings. Continue reading

[Trans] 180107 Tohoshinki’s Smile Message for bayfm78 “YAMAZAKI Smile Dish”


Tohoshinki’s Smile Message for bayfm78 “YAMAZAKI Smile Dish” Radio Show





YH: Listeners who are tuning into Yamazaki Smile Dish (bayfm78) and Ms Miki Sakai, a main personality of this show, hello, this is Yunho of Tohoshinki. Continue reading

[Highlights] 180104 U-Know Yunho for UL·OS “Engineered for Men” Advertisement; Making Video Release on 180108



  • On the 8th through the ULOS FB, the making video will be revealed. The video will show the earnestness and professionalism of Yunho from start til end & through a self-camera, be able to feel a sense of intimacy by seeing his healthy skin up close.
    From the 8th until the 15th, leave comments on the ULOS product of your choice and like the FB and 9 people will stand to win a signed product with Yunho’s signature.

    [cr: medipana]

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[Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview for Japanese magazine 「SPUR」- February issue 2018 (Released 171221)

Tohoshinki were featured in Japanese magazine 「SPUR」- February issue 2018 (Released 171221) with the theme「homecoming」! You can order the magazine from amazon japan: here (kindle is available but doesn’t include Tohoshinki’s pages :/, only in the physical copy).

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating this interview \ (*^ω^*)/




{p/n: full translation of Tohoshinki’s interview itself, i.e. doesn’t include editor commentary}

SPUR Special Long Interview TOHOSHINKI
Yunho and Changmin talked about their “Precious time and Feeling of love”.
~After we had been separated, we understood the importance of each other.~


Q. Your fans and SPUR had been so looking forward to your return! First of all, can the two of you tell us how you were during the two years?
YH: Yes. Prior to the two years, I worked as Yunho of TOHOSHINKI but in these two years, I spent some important time as Jung Yunho to look back myself. I thought over the path that I took while working very hard. I also thought about the new path leading to my future as a human being, Jung Yunho, as well as Yunho of TOHOSHINKI. And thinking about these things made me excited about my future!
CM: For me, it was the period of a new turning point. The environment that I was in was completely different from where I was previously and it was really hard because I had hard time for getting used to that kind of life and sometimes I felt inconvenience. On the other hand, I was able to do something that I could not do well previously. Like reading a book or keeping my journal. I think after all it was a good experience for me to challenge myself in many aspects. Continue reading