[Twitter] 170110 SOLIDEMO’s Mukaiyama Takeshi Names Tohoshinki as Artists he Wants to Work With

Mukaiyama Takeshi is a vocalist from SOLIDEMO, Tohoshinki’s junior group in avex, and seems to be a big fan of our boys! He linked in a tweet to an article in which he named Tohoshinki, the Gospellers and Backstreet Boys, respectively, as the artistes he wanted to work with the most.

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[Trans] 170102 TVXQ to Release a New Album and Comeback After They are Discharged this Year~


TVXQ to release a new album and comeback after discharge



Firstly, U-Know Yunho who enlisted last 2015 will be discharged this coming April. In basic training, U-Know Yunho got chosen as “Best Recruit” which showed his exceptional ability, and  in his current posting as Continue reading

[Trans] 161227 Heechul Talks about How Yunho, Donghae, TRAX’s Jungmo and Jay Persuaded him to Stay with SM




Heechul said originally, he had prepared to debut as TRAX’s main vocal and not as an idol trainee but at the time, he had a small conflict with an SM official over their differing musical Continue reading

[Instagram/Headlines] 161222 Hong Jinyoung Shared a Video with the “World’s Cutest Soldier”!!

Yunho with Hong Jinyoung, a trot singer and an actress. Check out the video below! He looks so adorable with these filters > w <


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[Headlines/PIC] 161221 News Report on Yunho’s Performance for the 2016 GyeongGi-do ROK-US Holiday Concert

our sergeant Yunho performed on the 21st (7pm) at the Uijeongbu Arts Centre for the 2016 Gyeonggi-do ROK-US End-of-Year concert. Below you can find the press photos and headlines~




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[Trans] 161221 TVXQ!’s Discharge Next Year Topping SM’s Comeback Plans for 2017~

Various news today reported the big three plans for 2017, and for SM, TVXQ’s comeback from army comes on top

Below is an excerpt from Soompi’s translated news:

SM “TVXQ and Super Junior to be discharged from the military, re-establish the golden lineup”

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